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Charlie and Brooke

Twins May Move to Another Strange House

11/18/2013 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Charlie Sheen's vagabond twins may be moving yet again, because sources tell us their new guardian -- Brooke Mueller's brother Scott -- may be uprooting them to a fancy beach community.
We broke the story ... Scott Mueller intended to move into Brooke's home in the same gated community where Charlie lives, so the kids could stay in familiar surroundings and attend the same school.

Here's the problem.  Charlie is so fed up with Brooke, he wants her out of his neighborhood.  Charlie has the power to make her move, because he owns the house and he told TMZ he plans to put it on the market as early as today -- for $4.8 mil, which is what he paid for it.

Sources close to Scott tell TMZ ... if it looks like Charlie is serious, Scott will take the twins to his home in ritzy Manhattan Beach, approximately 20 miles from where they live now.  Scott has a daughter the same age as the twins, and he'd enroll them in her school in the beachside community.

As for Brooke ... it doesn't matter where Scott lands -- his home or the one she's in now -- the judge has clarified that she can't live under the same roof until she gets custody back.  So, as we reported, she's looking for a condo.

Brooke is currently allowed to see the kids for 3 days a week, with 2 overnight visits.



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Now it appears that Charlie wants nothing to do with his Kids. Charlie would have still had his kids in the neighborhood and Charlie Evicted his own Children. Denise if that is your definition of a Great Father, Maybe you inhaled too many of your Ex Husbands and Boyfriends Drugs Yourself.

338 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

I think its so great how you move the children around week to week. There should be no ill effects whats so ever. Its not like they have anger issues and violence issues already. lets keep making them be the new kids in school over and over. guardian to guardian. Their teen years should make for some interesting stories for TMZ in the future

338 days ago


Charlie that is what great fathers do when You Believe that they need physiological help. You Evict your Children from there home and Make them enroll in a new school with no friends. All so You Can keep having your COCAINE and HOOKER parties.

338 days ago

Tammy LM    

Charlie Sheen is such a spiled bitch. I can't believe how he's so vindictive that he would force his children out of their own home just to spite Brooke. Talk about a child. He's such a brat. It's no wonder he doesn't take care of his own kids. Martin Sheen appaerently never finished raising HIM yet! How disgusting to treat your own children that way. No wonder those kids have problems. I hope Scott is able to get the boys to a safer more stable place. Both psychologically and physically. I have zero to0llerance for drug addicts but if they really do want help and they really do make an effort to get themselves cleaned up and eventually DO clean themselves up, I applaud that wholeheartedly. I hope for the kid's sake Brooke gets herself cleaned up because it's clear even being a drug addict, she's got a better chance of straightening up that Charlie ever does. Sometimes you can fix sick.....but you just can't fix stupid!

338 days ago


Well I guess maybe thats proving that a previous report on tmz that he is seen by the judge as a self absorbed phony is true. It just sounds like a childish act of stupidity to me, if you think your children are in danger you'd want them close so you can keep an eye on them, maybe hire people to watch and film the house so you can catch some evidence that will help you get the kids back. Just sounds like a brat to me, I didn't get my own way so get out of my life kind of thing, thats a great way of showing you care and worry about the children.

338 days ago


Good luck to Scott if he has a daughter their age, considering the twins' history. They'll need very close supervision or else his daughter will get hurt. At this point, they really shouldn't be in a home with other children.

338 days ago


whole sorry ass pathetic family should be euthanized or at least neutered so they don't bring any more f*cktards into the world.

338 days ago

Lily Daisy    

It does seem like Charlie doesny care if he uproots his little boys but who knows, maybe they can start fresh without all the ugly memories of their surroundings in that "compound". As for Brooke's brothers little girl, putting her with the boys might be doing her a lot of harm. Hope he has a plan B when the going gets tough.

338 days ago


Give them to the goddesses.

338 days ago


Has anybody really talked with the children and found out what they want to do? Who they want to live with? I'm sure it would be a total eye opener.

338 days ago

Karvey Kardashian    

@Jordan, Sorry I couldn't reply to you at your comment, but tmz sucks at running a webpage. Funny that only a few years ago Denise accused Charlie of molesting their daughters, and even stated as much in court do***ents. The judge threw it out, as he should have because there really wasn't proof that he'd done it. Even more amusing is that he was trying to get custody to raise the girls with Brooke, whom he called "the best stepmom his girls could ever have." It seems as if all three of the parents, who are supposed to be mature enough to raise children, change their views on good parenting based on getting along with one another. You'd think if he really wanted to protect his boys he would keep them there to be able to keep his eye on them with Brooke.

337 days ago


What an idiot.

Bring these two children into your home with your daughter who is the same age --- without serious counseling and intervention, they won't last long there either.

337 days ago


WoW....TMZ has gone to shlt...**** you harvey

337 days ago


Wow what a mess Charlie has got himself into now. Scott Mueller is in it only for the money. Scott now gets to make $55K a month to watch two little kids! I can't believe Brooke screwed up so bad that she could lose this kind of monthly cash flow. The kids would do better some place else other than the Mueller family. I predict the boys will eventually be sent away to a boarding school like where Paris Jackson is staying that specializes in straightening out troubled kids. I think the boys need serious help and Charlie can afford the best treatment to help his boys.

337 days ago



337 days ago
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