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Jake T. Austin

Stitches ... But No Snitches

11/20/2013 5:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Ex-Disney star Jake T. Austin WAS the driver of the car that crashed into 3 other vehicles early Tuesday morning -- but because of some swift and clever legal gymnastics by his lawyer, Jake may actually avoid prosecution ... TMZ has learned.

Here's the way it went down -- sources intimately familiar with the situation tell TMZ, 18-year-old Jake and a friend were driving in Studio City around 3AM when he crashed into the 3 cars.

Witnesses say Jake tossed a Ciroc vodka bottle out of the car, but before cops arrived at the scene, we're told Jake ordered an Uber (Town Car service) ... and he and his friend high-tailed it out.

Cops suspect drinking was involved, but there's no way Jake could be prosecuted for drunk driving because police never located him.  And, we're told, Jake denies he had been drinking.

But drinking aside, Austin is still in trouble for leaving the scene of an accident without providing identifying information ... which constitutes a hit-and-run.  But Jake's lawyer pulled off some legal acrobatics that could get Jake off the hook.

We're told the lawyer called cops at 4am and told them Jake was the owner of the car. Cleverly, the lawyer did NOT disclose the fact that Jake was the driver ... so as not to violate the attorney-client privilege, especially important because leaving the scene is a crime.

And here's where it gets really good -- we're told Jake has an iron-clad excuse for leaving the scene: he and his passenger were injured and needed immediate medical attention. In other words, they didn't have time to leave a note.

We're told Jake had an injury to his mouth, and went directly to the ER and received stitches.

And the coup de grace, we're told Jake's lawyer has made it clear ... the victims will be fully compensated ... so there's really no need to prosecute.

The legal maneuvering might have saved the lawyer a huge headache on multiple fronts -- he's also repping Jake after the kid's DUI arrest last month.



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Better Call Saul!

316 days ago


too bad the little t.wat wasn't killed in the accident

316 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

That little guy looks like another graduate of the Justin Bieber School of Questionable Masculinity.

316 days ago

the truth    

What a little *******...arrogance

316 days ago


Lawyer Harvey:

Stop fawning all over the other attorney...he really didn't do much 'clever legal gymnastics.' One phone call to the cops to confirm car ownership...big deal...they had the info anyway from running the plate.

The kid may not be in the clear on a DUI. Hospitals typically take a blood sample and check alcohol levels before treatment. Those results are available by search warrant or subpoena. We will see what the City Attorney decides.

316 days ago

Ruby Testarossa    

Th-e way this story is written sounds like the writer actually admires what the lawyer did. I am sure the lawyer is pretty pleased with himself. I wonder how pleased he will be if this alcoholic gets away with this stunt, continues to drive drunk (why not? there are no consequences) and then kills someone the next time - because there WILL be a next time. Perhaps you can interview the family of the murder victim and ask them how they feel about this "clever" lawyer.

316 days ago


I hate this little moist prick. DUI = pathetic pathetic. The fact that this little twirp also did a hit and run, he is lucky he didnt hit my car because he would be swimming in his puddle of blood!

316 days ago


It is good to be rich.

316 days ago


One law for the rich, another for the rest of us. If he was that injured, don't you think he would have called 911 for medical help instead of a limousine service. Maybe Disney should start purring a morals clause in these kids contracts.

316 days ago


Petulant and dangerous. Should have had more discipline as a child. Now he's a threat to himself and society. Hope he grows up and learns some respect. ...wait, this pretty much applies to President Barry Oblama too!

316 days ago


An agressive DA could bring charges, take witness statements over tossed bottle, interview car service, hospital staff, review medical treatment seriousness of injuries, interview friend, charges filed; & what does it say when a car service arrives/departs before cops show up?

316 days ago


so the goal is to break the law,and then mock the where is the news?................hope im around when the system stops working for the rich pricks..this is insane....2 dui in what 2 month[we know he did it,}....joke to use all as humans.....$ not god or man rule the world.

316 days ago


So once again the rich and famous get out of trouble. This lawyer is disgusting. How do they sleep at night with the nonsense they do for idiots like this brat? I say if he kills someone while driving drunk go after the lawyer too.

316 days ago


Kill all the lawyers...

A prime example of the 2 tier justice system - buy a big lawyer, HE buys your conviction with lies and connections. Hollyweird and politics bank on those Cucarachas to hide their indiscretions. Why do good cops let these snakes pull this stuff? (we know why the bad cops do - $$$)

316 days ago


Edit - he buys your innocence, not conviction...


316 days ago
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