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Bruce Jenner


... In My New Movie Role!!!

12/4/2013 11:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


There's a reason Bruce Jenner threw on some  blue lipstick ... his favorite Kris Jenner wig ... and shaped his eyebrows perfectly -- the guy just got a NEW MOVIE ROLE, TMZ has learned.

Jenner scored himself a part in the upcoming flick, "The Hungover Games" ... which spoofs "The Hunger Games" and "The Hangover" ... along with other films like "Ted" and "Django."

As for Bruce's role -- he plays one of the weird futuristic "Hunger Games" play-by-play announcer guys ... alongside former NFL star Hank Baskett.  No word when the film will be released.

It's not Bruce's first acting gig -- he's been in all sorts of stuff including, "CHiPs," "Murder She Wrote" and "Can't Stop the Music."  Memba the crop top????


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aww how nostalgic I remember Bruce's old face....♫♪memories like the corners of my mind♪♫....

321 days ago


Bruce has been a parody for years. He went from being a respected athlete to a wimpy freak. This role seems to be perfect casting but I don't think it's a parody at all - it's too realistic to his real life.

Bruce has always been much more feminine than that calculating pimp he's married to.

321 days ago

Iris Myandowski    

please - thats from his own personal stash

321 days ago

Nobody Special    

Seems The Kardtrashians like gay men, as they are 'safe'. The mother picked Bruce and Kim picked Kangay.

321 days ago


Why does this just seem to natural? Strangely I'm not in the least bit surprised!

321 days ago


What IS this world coming to??? The most reprehensible people have wealth and fame. His wife prancing around with a big bow on her head.Followed by her entourage.
TMZ doesn' t dare publish THOSE photos.!!! No photos of KIM either. What gives with that ?? TMZ only
barbecues the associated males of the bunch!! Who prevents the photos & why?? Kris Jenner must own TMZ & Harvey Levin~ lame.

321 days ago


Harvey-come over here and clean up the vomit on my rug, right now !!! OMG !!! GAG !!!

321 days ago


he looks like Adam Lambet

321 days ago


The hairdo and makeup, appear to be a deliberate parody of Kris Jenner. So bizarre~ wonder if she agreed to this mockery? Or is it revenge?

321 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...Thankgod Bruce got out of that Calabasas gaudy materialistic trap and has reconnected with his down too earth sons...and his daughters and Khloe are active with him as they should be...Kourtney is just busy trying too be about family in her protective orderly fashion...poor scott...just saying...and well ..and Kimbo busy with her knew money perch family charade wih Dumya....don't worry Kris,,..soon you will be all alone in ur big empty house and can get ur groove on...don't forget the lube and ur panti liners....gaaaaawd

320 days ago


Still better looking than Kris

320 days ago


The urges are getting to strong for Bruce to resist now, which is why he fled to Malibu. No private 'me time' away from the cameras to play dress up.
I bet this isn't his first public foray into public cross dressing. He has probably taken some chances already. Sooner or later a cop is going to pull in over in the middle of the night in a full length dress and makeup and charge him with something to get a classic mug shot, or a queen he dresses with will out him for cash. Lamar will be thanking him profusely.

320 days ago


Forgot to mention that the dead giveaway that Bruce did his own makeup is the upper lip. Bruce doesn't have one nor does he have a steady hand.
It looks like Bruce had chest hair around the time he was wearing the cutoff nutters with a BELT and crop top. I would bet my bottom that every stray hair on his body - including pubes have been lasered off, just like his facial hair. The brows have been shaped for years. Now he's letting his hair grow to an ungodly length. God help his poor teenage daughters when he decides to flip the switch.

320 days ago


Theres 3 minutes I'll never get back

320 days ago

Double Bubble    

Bruce is the only one in that whole clan who has done anything to have "celebrity" status. I hope that movie actually does well because he's the only one who deserves to be in front of a camera..Those other clowns are irrelevant.

320 days ago
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