Bruce Jenner I'M A LIPSTICK WEARING WACKO ... In My New Movie Role!!!

12/4/2013 11:50 AM PST

There's a reason Bruce Jenner threw on some  blue lipstick ... his favorite Kris Jenner wig ... and shaped his eyebrows perfectly -- the guy just got a NEW MOVIE ROLE, TMZ has learned.

Jenner scored himself a part in the upcoming flick, "The Hungover Games" ... which spoofs "The Hunger Games" and "The Hangover" ... along with other films like "Ted" and "Django."

As for Bruce's role -- he plays one of the weird futuristic "Hunger Games" play-by-play announcer guys ... alongside former NFL star Hank Baskett.  No word when the film will be released.

It's not Bruce's first acting gig -- he's been in all sorts of stuff including, "CHiPs," "Murder She Wrote" and "Can't Stop the Music."  Memba the crop top????