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The Game

Joining Forces with Gang Leaders

To Pay for Boy's Funeral

12/4/2013 12:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rapper The Game is raising money to pay for the funeral of a 7-year-old boy killed during a shooting in L.A. this week -- a crime that's suspected to be gang-related -- and the irony ... Game tells TMZ, he's getting financial help from the city's top gang leaders.

Game called in to "TMZ Live" moments ago, explaining he heard about Talib Pecantte's death this morning on the news and decided he wanted to do something for the victim's family ... especially since it happened so close to Christmas.

Game tells us he's already raised $7,000 to help cover the boy's funeral expenses -- but the crazy part, Game says a huge chunk of that money is coming from top-ranking L.A. gang members ... rival gangs too ... Crips, Bloods, and Latin gangs alike.

Game says he doesn't have a goal in mind ... he's just gonna keep raising money until he can't raise any more. He also says he's speaking to rival gang leaders about instituting a cease-fire ... at least during the holidays.

It's not the first time Game's got involved in charity -- the guy has a seriously incredible track record of jumping in to help families in times of tragedy ... like when that 6-year-old was shot in September ... or the house fire in Ohio.


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James R. - Los Angeles    

Money collected from gangs??? Blood money. Drug money. Money from illegal gun sales and other vices. Hopefully the parents won't accept it.

320 days ago


That's great that he's helping but why in the hell do we have to live in a scoeity that this is the reality??? Clean up the streets, get rid of all the losers that think they're bad aSSes by shipping them off to somr remote place where they can kill eachother off and work on making it a safe place for all these INNOCENT children, enough is enough!!

320 days ago


So I guess this justifies the senseless acts of violence committed by these idiots.

320 days ago


there needs to be a total cease fire not just during the HOLIDAYS give me a break people getting shot continually and its the Innocent that are dieing this needs to come to an end what happened to good old fashion fist fights to handle issues i guess they are all just to afraid to go toe to toe and have to hide behind bullets give us all a break what a joke!!!!

320 days ago


Very nice this is being done. Now how about Dr. Dre paying for the funeral of a teen shot five times in the back when a thug tried to srpteal the jpkid's new head phones. Kid's body is still in the morgue cause the family can't come up with $2700. To bury him.

320 days ago

Kev the Realist    

Yesh this is crap. It is simply blood money,. If they really care then stop the rampant violence in LA.... No sympathy for all of these LOSERS.

320 days ago


This is like a "double-edged sword", like the TKS dude referenced. At the end of the day,...if Game has as much "pull" and power on the street like he's reppin', then I'm sure Talib's mom would GLADLY refuse ALL $$$ raised by Game/the gangs, in exchange for those who took her baby's LIFE!! At the end of the day, that's BLOOD MONEY that Game's raising!! If Talib's momma takes a SINGLE, RED CENT of it,...for WHATEVER REASON, then in reality,...she's saying that Talib's LIFE & DEATH was worth the final total amount raised!!! I wouldn't touch that 'ish with a TEN FOOT POLE!!! Find my baby's KILLER(S), and I'll be indebted for LIFE!!!

320 days ago


Oh so he is helping to pay for it with other people's money? If this rapper can quickly dole out $$$ for bling, cars, booty, and whatever else makes his world go around, then he can certainly afford to simply write a check. That way, the gangs will not have a chance to brag about their charity work.

320 days ago


silence as always from al and jesse

320 days ago


Even when they have the money to get away from the ghetto, thug lifestyle they just keep going back to it. And they wonder why the majority of their race is disliked.

320 days ago

david 183    

How about opening some Youth Centers. So theses kids can have positive influence. That way you don't have to pay for these damn funerals.

320 days ago



If you REALLY gave a Crap, then STOP the GANG BANGIN and making it like it's COOL, when it's DUMB....
Like YOU Loser Game and your 'Pretend' Thug Low Lifes.


320 days ago


NOTHING YOU DO will EVER rub the dirt off yourselves, you filthy slimy PIGS!

320 days ago


Latin Gangs??? WTF this dumb ass is a media whore , No latino gang in L.A is going to give money to bury that kid its all about racist when it comes to gang banging in L.A... Game is full of crap ... Gang Leaders???? Yea right ...

320 days ago


Put them in the army and out of the country let them see how it's really like to fight and be out there in a battle zone then killing innocent children and taking their life away.

320 days ago
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