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Justin & Selena

The Couple That Segways Together

1/2/2014 3:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have segued from separate to together ... at least for the afternoon.

Take a look at this pic.  Our Calabasas spies tell us Justin and Selena were just spotted tooling around The Oaks -- where Justin lives -- on their Segways. 

The two haven't been spotted together for months, and it seemed Selena was done with him.

Justin is clearly showing her who's boss ... leaving Selena in the dust at a mighty 12 MPH.



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Geez, TMZ, what's happening to you, have you let everyone off for two weeks for the holidays? I have NEVER seen this site so slow in forever. Why the hell don't you have anything up about weddings that happened New Year's Eve, stars outtings for New Years? Have the Karstoogians hit rock bottom and are all laying in the gutter, nothing about them? One SMEGGY story and she was in NYC and NOT invited back to the TURBANATORS gathering in London this year? WOW...I guess the tide in turning for the garbage reality stars and the washed up, never to be agains HUH?????

294 days ago


The little wimp keeps his bodyguard closer to him than his date. He must constantly be worried about getting jumped.

294 days ago


You know the funniest thing about this article?

"Your SPIES" You mean Justin's telling you were to take a picture.

294 days ago

Soda pop    

That selena will be tore apart by Hollywood she's fragile as chicken eggs

294 days ago


What ever happened to 'safety first'? I don't see helmets, knee pads, gloves, or mouth guards. Just what kind of role model are these two trying to be? And one more thing, if I were retiring from a business that has it's roots largely in the Southern California area I'd move far far away from there.

294 days ago


I thought this no talent hack retired? Shouldn't he be wearing a lime-green leisure suit and living in a condo in The Villages?

294 days ago


Her face is amazing. She may have one of the cutest faces on the planet.

294 days ago


Selena, you need to leave that turd in the dust. Do you really want the father of your children to see him pissing in a bucket on the internet? You can do so much better. Leave the ghetto trash behind and go find a real man.

294 days ago


This is stupid. JB's been molesting all of his OLLGs on stage recently. No one cares about either one's publicity stunts. But i feel bad about Selena Gomez's recent diagnosis of lupus, that's just terrible. I'm not a fan of hers. i am a fan of Justin's although he does a lot or appears to do a lot of stupid stuff for publicity. Selena needs to stay home and take care of herself. Justin can do what he wants but needs to start getting noticed for doing something smart and not pretending to like a girl who isn't that attractive (Selena Gomez) she looks like any average thin girl but with a weird face, stop smoking weed, stop being over-sexual in pictures and with shirtless self photos, stop writing over-sexual songs, stop reading every negative comment about himself on twitter and YouTube (he doesn't care that much about what the media says about him but he does care what the public thinks about him so he constantly reads fan and hater comments) he should also consider going to college and not think he'll be famous forever...everyone needs something to fall back on and having a degree helps. a lot of wise actors and musicians have accomplished that. they're smart and know you can only really rely on yourself in the future.

293 days ago

Jessica lovesyou    

She must really have self respect lmao hahaha

293 days ago


He's going to bang her, good luck with the aids Selena, he banged a Brazilian whore that looked like you, your next.

293 days ago


Needs to play in traffic together!

293 days ago

The Man They Call Louis    

What is Selena still doing hanging out with this Tool?...

293 days ago


Who cares.

293 days ago

all about the money    

Hmmm...might confirm some suspcions, He is out with a girl, yet is leaving her behind and riding side by side with a male friend. I always knew going topless and saggy pants were not just a fashion attempt.

293 days ago
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