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50 Cent's Baby Mama #1

He Hasn't Seen His Teenage Son in 2 Years

1/9/2014 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0108-50-cent-son-getty-instagram50 Cent's teenage son feels like he's been replaced by the rapper's new baby -- saying he hasn't seen his dad in nearly two years ... in fact, he didn't even know he had a half-brother until TMZ broke the story.

Marquise Jackson's mother Shaniqua Tompkins tells TMZ, the last time 50 Cent saw 17-year-old Marquise was May 2012, several months before 50's second child Sire Jackson was born.

We're told Fiddy hasn't even spoken to Marquise since the two had a very public falling out in January 2013 over text messages.

The fight stemmed from a botched visitation attempt -- 50 claimed he showed up to Marquise's house in Atlanta to visit, but Marquise refused to answer the door, and the texts that followed were brutal ... including messages like, "F**k you stop texting me" and "I don't have a son anymore."

Now Marquise feels abandoned ... because 50 is showering Sire with attention and hasn't bothered to reach out to Marquise.

As for 50, his rep tells TMZ, "50 is saddened by the attention-seeking tactics of his son's mother.  He remains a proud and supportive father and feels blessed to have two sons."  A source connected to 50 says the woman hasn't worked since 2002 and this is ultimately a money grab.

As we reported, 50 recently posted doting photos of Sire on Instagram, but quickly removed them out of concern for Sire's safety.



No Avatar


You are not helping this teenager by posting this. Not cool.

290 days ago


Repeating the cycle, shame on you Fiddy Cent

290 days ago

boo boo    

How embarrassing for that kid. 50, you don't punish your child by abandoning him because of text messages.

290 days ago

Clyde T.M. Nestra    

Sounds like "check book" parenting to me. Tough luck, Marquise, but this is the hand you've been dealt. I hope your mother loves you and that you feel it.

290 days ago

There's a problem here    

Fiddy, Shaniqua, Marquise, Sire. If those people have a pet they probably named it Dave or Tom. Who the fcuk makes up those names?

290 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

Kimmodes herpes think he pulled them so his other son didnt see it since hes ignoring him. but dont worry. As the culture has shown as soon as he knocks up the next gutter slut he'll forget all about this current baby too. Its the vicious baby moma cycle. They all need something more permanent in theri life like Kimmodes facial herpes for sucking wang

290 days ago


If I had a ton of money, I would fund a scientific study showing the rate of parents of illegitimate kids visitation based on names. La Sonia vs. Jane. I wonder what the stats will reveal?!

290 days ago


Don't worry, Marquis...the sire will abandon Sire, Jr., then Sire, Jr. will grow up and abandon Sire III. The circle of thug life.

290 days ago


Yeah id probably cut off all contact with him he's also another spoiled brat and his mother who hates 50 was the main influence in his life no thanks this is the same woman who claimed he was the one that burned down their house and this is the same woman who said her son needed 20 pairs of sneakers to go back to school the boy originally asked for 50 because another kid had 50 man just go listen to the conversation he sounds like a materialistic spoiled brat that child's mind is poisoned against his father there is nothing 50 can do or say to change that best thing to do is stay away before he ends up in young jeezys shoes he might say something or do something that he most likely picked up from his mother like calling him a "cheap ass deadbeat" and it might set 50 off and he sends his son through a wall its the worst thing when an ex wife or girl friend who is bitter and vindictive raises your children you'll never have the relationship you want with them they will be brainwashed against you

290 days ago


50 cent must be all about 50 cent. What a shame.

290 days ago


He will do the same thing to sire one day when he realizes that sire does not obey his every command.....sounds like he is a control freak........children has emotions too fifty.......they can get angry and make decisions....he did not open the door to let you in so u abandon him????

290 days ago


U are the parent....u should be the one reaching out to your son.......u are rich so u think u can manipulate him into being submissive by ignoring him??...nice parenting skills

290 days ago


Take cay yo keeds.

290 days ago


No father with his right senses will abandon his child.Most of these problem are caused by the baby mamas.

290 days ago


50s gone to 10 in my book. A total loser. You can tell a man's worth by how they treat their kids and exes.

290 days ago
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