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Hilary Duff


And Clearly Divorcing

1/10/2014 12:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Hilary Duff and ex-NHL star Mike Comrie have just announced they've separated ... and it's pretty obvious divorce is just a matter of time.

The couple says they "have mutually decided to an amicable separation" and will "remain best friends and will continue to be in each other's lives."

26-year-old Duff and 33-year-old Comrie were married in Aug. 2010 in Santa Barbara ... and Hilary gave birth to a baby boy,  Luca, March 20, 2012.

Hilary's mom, Susan Duff, tells TMZ, the couple has already decided on joint custody of Luca.  Susan says she loves Mike but sees the breakup this way, "They're better friends than a married couple."

A rep for the couple says they are dedicated to parenting their son together.

Hilary just tweeted saying, "Mike and I are sitting here, we are so appreciative for all of your kindness & well wishes."

She continued, "Not an easy day but we're getting thru it together."

Hilary and Mike were most recently spotted together on New Year's Eve.



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Stop with the bs. If you can be "friends" you can be married. Some people give up so easily.

284 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

Did anyone really think this would last? I assume her attraction to him was his family apparently is very wealthy. Once he retired, got fat, and was underfoot all day, I guess that was it. Sad there is a child involved though.

284 days ago


Although I'm not surprised to hear about another Hollywood divorce. It's like the divorce capital of the world.. However, I wonder how much they really tried with therapy, etc... It's so easy to walk out of a marriage when you're a celebrity. Expect to hear two more big break-ups: 1. Carried Underwood and her hockey husband (sorry I forget his name). Too many times they're on the road, things get lonely, the separation takes a toll on a person's psyche.

284 days ago


She's been cheating on him for YEARS

284 days ago


:o WOW! That's one that I didn't see coming! My intuition was wrong I had a feeling we would be hearing that she was pregnant again!

284 days ago


I love how this chick can be cute one minute, pretty the next, and smoking f'n SEXY after that. She's got it all. Perfect female! And she's so sweet.

284 days ago


So sad she was the onl one who dudny go crazy!

284 days ago


My daughter will probably be saddened by this news. (I guess)

284 days ago

Cindy J    

Wow. Seemed like this couple flew under the radar, too.

284 days ago


So sad to hear this news... But it's one of the most things we do hear about all da time ..celebrities and divorce / brakeups

284 days ago


It is so obvious she's not attracted to him that's the real reason. End of story

284 days ago

bring back recent posts    

" they are better friends than being a married couple"....gawd...I hate that term...seems too be the latest in Hollywood...just a thought...why did u marry then?????....what went down hill...the sex or money problems...never mind...doesn,t matter..just saying,...anyways...best of luck with young child and being friends while u move on into new relationships...poor kid

284 days ago


Five for fighting

284 days ago

Pillsbury Pancakes    

Big shocker, with 3 fingers. Lemme guess- they fell madly in love, went on emotionally charged vacations, met each others family over the holidays, engaged to be married, had a wonderful wedding enjoyed by all.... Then she started expecting things of him, withholding sex. Nothing he did was good enough and he started to ignore her and call her out on her Sheizer. "But I'm Hillary duff!" She would cry. "I don't care if you're Michelle Obama, if my wife doesn't get on her knees and STFU once in awhile, I'm out!" Next thing you know, lawyers are involved...

284 days ago


Stuff like this usually happens after having a baby.. It's sad but it's the truth, you would think welcoming a baby would brung a couple tighter and stronger than ever but if doesn't.. And a lot of it stems from Him bring a man and his tistosterone raging but being a women and a mother especially a stay at home mother it's hard work!!! Yes a AVERAGE man goes out and works 8hrs 9 including lunch and brings home the $$ but they don't understand WE WORK 24 HOURS A DAY and at night we're TIRED and EXHAUSTED and we just want to go to bed, I'm not saying this is Hilary's problem, homegirl probably has a live in nanny who wakes up with her kids in the middle of the night or takes them from her when you just can't handle them anymore when they press your buttons to the max (you parents who are stay at home parents know what I'm . Talking about) I don't know her, but it's true! Unless you nab this incredible guy who gets it and when he gets home takes a load off of his wife and totally helps out the mom regardless because he's a genuine good dad and loves spending time with his children, but it's US who wakes up with the kids I. The middle of the night because he needs his sleep cause he needs his sleep, it's us waking up constant and checking in the kids when they're suck, it's us constantly cleaning andum not talking about just huge kitchen or the dishes.. It's the bathrooms, laundry, bedroom and theliving room and making food.. & if y have more than 1 child forget about it.. You have homework, sports and making sure they clean and that they clean up after then selves... It doesn't stop, and then it's the same thing the next day.. I not saying a women's a prune after having a child but I would say a women's more tired, their priorities do change ( your not about your lover, he's not the center of your world like he use to be.. , your lover doesn't come first like before.. Your child does.. And most men are very selfish, and don't understand and they are the ones who want to be BABIED, and of course children take up a lot of your attention and men can't handle that!!! And vise versa a lot of dads come home and pay all of their attention to their baby and the mom gets jealous., but the hardest in my experience is if you want your marriage to succeed and your family to last regardless if who stays home or both work you got to work together and the one that does stay home has got realize how much the other does and is grateful and appreciate what the other does.. You may not think so but it does mean a lot to the parent that stays home.. And I don't know maybe I got it all backwards or wrong.. But in my eyes after having a baby really tests a relationship, I always heard that, but once I experienced it I knew what everyone was talking about!

284 days ago
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