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Justin Bieber

Bad Egg Caused $20K In Damage

1/13/2014 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0112_bieber_house_damage_tmzJustin Bieber's egg-throwing escapade Thursday night caused around $20,000 in damage, and the little punk hasn't even called his neighbor to apologize.

TMZ broke the story ... Justin was caught on video egging his neighbor's house, and when confronted the singer told the neighbor to f off and then hurled a few more unborn chicks.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... L.A. County Sheriff's deputies are fast-tracking the investigation and they told the neighbor he had to get them repair estimates by today.  We know the neighbor is locked and loaded with paperwork.

We're told the entire front of his house must be re-plastered.  To do the job -- which is especially expensive because it's Venetian plaster -- will cost around $15K.  There's another $5,000 in damage to the entry, including various doors that must be re-stained.

We're told neither Justin nor his people have contacted the neighbor with an offer to pay ... they haven't even called to say J.B. is sorry.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... the case will be referred to the L.A. County D.A. who could then file vandalism charges against the singer. 

Since the damages far exceed the magic $400 figure -- the case could be filed as a FELONY.



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toss the douche out of the country, once and for all.

292 days ago


Have we ever deported anyone back to Canada? That'd be just so right. A president that's been in office for two terms usually is never seen again. Maybe Obama will try to do a little for the morale of the country before he heads out the door.

292 days ago

Waka Waka Waka    

They ain't gonna file felony charges the distric attorneys office scared to pull the trigger

292 days ago


People think eggs are like water lol.

That **** is really corrosive and dries like cement are certain surfaces.

I hope Beaver has to as least pay for the damage. But a felony is even better.

292 days ago


Why did he do it anyways. Anybody tell me im curious

292 days ago

Ron Fing Swanson    

Bieber is a goof, but the neighbor should have opened a can of whoop ass on him.

292 days ago


LIAR! LIAR! PANTS ON FIRE! they are framing beebs and thats not rite! he's a grown man and he wood never ever do sumthing so childish n stoopid as this. he is focussed, dedicated and sprecial. wat a lame attempt this is to extort munny from him. dont lissen to the hype! LIAR LIAR PANTZ ON FIRE!

292 days ago


Talk about living the thug life. Let me guess..You will prob claim you egged Tupac to death. Is your new song gonna be a "lil twist" on young MC's bust a move, called, bust an egg. Btw Mr. Guy who looks like his diaper is well over do for a changing...5 year olds throw eggs, however I am belieber when I say this...they are not as dumb as you to get recorded. It's bad when even Barron Hilton is laughing at you..seriously though, please ask your mom to change your diaper..I know you are use to being a piece of sh^t but c'mon

292 days ago


I knew the damage would be in the thousands. I don't know what the district attorney will do, but the neighbor will have a great civil suit, although it will probably take years. I'm guessing the little turds reps will call on the neighbor and offer a huge amount of $ to make this go away. I hope everyone sticks to their guns on this. Would love to see this little creep convicted of a felony.

292 days ago


Soo is it just me or does that sound like recordings of Justin and it being played back so it sounds like him yelling at them?

292 days ago


Please please please arrest the little ****

292 days ago


Thank you Jesus..

292 days ago


So what Justin is worth millions...that's pocket change

292 days ago


White people y are you guys so evil?? Y do you want Justin to go to prison over this?

292 days ago


Who does he think he is. What an awful person to do this to someone else.

Sick of his Chris Brown attitude and sense of entitlement.

Abusive little jerk.

292 days ago
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