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Bieber's Lambo Girl

Walk of Shame

1/24/2014 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

elena Gomez can pound sand.  Justin Bieber's new girl stuck by his side in Miami the night after his DUI arrest ... and emerged this morning for a pretty epic walk of shame.

As we reported, self-proclaimed model Chantel Jeffries was riding shotgun in Bieber's yellow Lamborghini when he was popped for DUI.

And clearly, it was more than just a random hookup ... Chantel crashed with Bieber in his rented Miami mansion just hours after he was released from the pokey.

Meanwhile, Selena was out on the town in L.A., smiling and signing autographs for fans.



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Ron Fing Swanson    

This goof just made millions in exclusive interviews

180 days ago


Does this happen to be the same ho that a 9-1-1 call came in about a passed out broad at Justina's place? I'll bet it was and she wasn't passed out from drugs, she fainted from being banged by multiple subjects.

180 days ago

boo boo    

Someone tell this biotch not to wear sweats outside - that's just lazy.

180 days ago


She's a model?? She is a SKANK and maybe u gave the beav something that can't be cured

180 days ago

*_* JUST A FRIEND *_*    

This girl is nothing more than a professional groupie ...
!!! TESTIFY !!!

180 days ago


Is it just me or does Justina have a type with WHORES? Seems to me, she almost resembles the chick in Brazil (?) that turned out to be a paid escort LOL. Someone should explain to Justina Beaver, if you have to pay to play, YOU AIN"T HITTIN' THE THUG LIFE!!!!

180 days ago


And that girl has done her own set of crimes what a perfect match for Justin. Selena is smiling because she doesn't have to deal with that attention seeking a**hole! When Justin does bad things, he's doing it to get Sel's attention which obviously isn't working because being the mature one that she is, she's ignoring it and moving on. Go Selena! Bieber clearly doesn't know what being mature means which why he's doing what he's doing. I'll never be a fan of him until he gets fixed and even then if he comes back clean who knows what he'll do. He might start all over with drugs, alcohol, etc. and the fact that his delusional fans are supporting that is messed up. He could've injured someone while drag racing. He was putting innocent human beings lives in danger all because he was being a dumb ass drinking alcohol. Bieber will never be taken seriously until he acts like an adult which he's currently not judging by his actions and maturity. *shakes head*

180 days ago

david 183    

Sloppy sloppy all the way around. Now him and his boy could swap stories about banging the same slut. Good luck and hope he wraps it up before he catches something.

180 days ago


She's kind of tranny-ish, no ?

180 days ago



180 days ago


Cling on's: People who use your money fame and house for ho's and parties. Why? Because you're lonely, an idiot, and easily suckered. They'll blow sunshine up your skivvies, tell you how fab you are.. teach you how to be a hood rat.. make you a laughing stock, they'll laugh at you behind your back.. as long as you're paying for their party.

Newest cling on identified. She'll put out, play hostess, strut for cameras and use your sorry skinny ass for publicity to further her career. But hey, as long as you've got that vacuum effect going down stairs? You are too distracted to notice why she's really there.

Kid.. grow a brain cell. Want to be a man? Act like one. One who lets NO ONE take what's yours. Use you for their own entertainment.

That's the advice his parents should be giving him, rather than hand him a xanax, take him to a tiddy bar and clap as he rains future clingers with his funds.
His parents should be TRO'd.

180 days ago


Model , my a$$! You can tell by looking at her she a h0...and a ratchet tr@nny looking one at that!

180 days ago


which one has the most STD's

180 days ago


Chantel is an expert at the pen is tuck

180 days ago


That s what happens when you abuse drugs anything with two legs starts to look attractive as your brain cells burn out.

180 days ago
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