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Gloria Gaynor

I'm Not Homophobic

Just Really Religious

1/25/2014 12:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0124-the-abbey-weho-instagramGloria Gaynor requested no shirtless men be in her line of sight during her performance at a gay bar Thursday night ... but not because she's homophobic -- her people say the singer is just deeply religious.

The "I Will Survive" singer took a trip to the Abbey in West Hollywood -- a gay mecca -- and performed her new song ... but the gig was delayed when Gaynor insisted managers remove all go-go dancers from the room.

The place is known for it's scantily clad men in speedos ... but Gloria's people say the 64-year-old diva was just protecting her image -- and it had nothing to do with the strong possibility the men were gay.

In fact, the rep says Gloria is an equal opportunity offender ... and makes an effort to never take pics with shirtless men OR provocatively dressed women.

Check out the picture at the Abbey.  You could make the argument it's kinda religious ....



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Can TMZ go 2 seconds without crying about something being "homophobic", nobody is "afraid" of sissies by the way

249 days ago


I believe her. She's an older woman who grew up In a different period it's not a big deal. It's not a "gay" thing it's a bunch of shirtless men thing that might make her feel uncomfortable. No story here.

249 days ago


Maybe she needs to think about the people who actually made her famous.. what a simple brainwashed twit, they should have booed her out of the venue..

249 days ago


Biggest compliment of my life...a go go dancer in a speedo was mimicking my dance moves on stage. My best gay guy friend was like, "Don't turn around, but you're very popular right now." Ah. Memories. That was two kids ago.

249 days ago


She knew where she was playing, she knows who her fans are, but does not want to be seen with them in photo's what a hypocrite, go sing in church where you will be more comfortable..

249 days ago


I agree she's probably not homophobic, unless she was somehow clueless to what kind of club she was playing. I respect that she doesn't like people being too scantily clad (you CAN be gay without gyrating in next to no clothing).

That said, I wouldn't agree to be a guest in someone's house and then give them a list of house rules. Regardless of who reached out first to book a gig there, Gloria's people should have asked questions, and taken a look at the venue, which surely includes some photos from events and/or a description of venue highlights, and sorted out this issue beforehand.

249 days ago


Tmz and Their gay agenda lol

249 days ago


Straight bars have dress code, she performed at a gay club and asked for men to keep their shirts on. She's straight, she's attracted to men. Its not about sexuality its about respect. She's religious and performing in a gay club, what more of a demonstration of tolerance do you want? Did you want her to perform in a rainbow coloured snuggie?

249 days ago


Gloria (Gay)nor -- I'm NOT Homophobic ... Just Really Religious............I HEAR SHE IS BISEXUAL

249 days ago


I take it she never goes to a beach or pool ? And the sissy comment if you saw my gay ass in a dark alley you would crap your pants . Princess we are not all twinks I'd take them over you as well . Only closeted guys like you talk like that deflect much ? Blue Ugly ..

249 days ago


Grrr homophobic two-hit wonder. Bitch, if you don't like shirtless men or provocatively dressed women, don't take bookings in gay bars. Go perform in a ****ing church and stay there... and don't forget take down all the homoerotic crucifixes with the naked hippie with a six pack on them. P.S. Gladys Knight's version of 'I Will Survive" is better anyway... and she's not a JACKASS.

249 days ago


I don't buy this "she's an old lady from a different generation" bull**** either. Grace Jones is 65 (a year older than her) and she certainly has no problem with the Queer/Trans community. **** you bitch!

249 days ago


She's a loon like that Donna Summer Ok for gays lining pur$e and Bank account Don't let them be who they are at a paid event?

249 days ago


There goes Harvey the Home crying again.

At 1.7 percent of the population,who cares what they think!

249 days ago


She can do and or say anything she wants. She has one of the top 3 'gay identified' songs ever. I wouldn't want to see a lot of half naked men either (women are another story of course). She's performing at a gay club, so she's obviously not homophobic. Money talks, but not that loudly!

249 days ago
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