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Justin Bieber

Cops Claim of

Drag Racing Doesn't Hold Water

1/25/2014 3:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0124-justin-bieber-drivingMiami Beach cops claim Justin Bieber was drag racing at the time of his arrest Thursday ... but the facts seem to show the allegation is MADE UP ... because we've learned they were actually UNDER THE SPEED LIMIT in the middle of the so-called drag race.

According to the police report ... cops spotted Justin and his buddy Khalil drag racing at around 4 AM.

The police report says ... an officer observed the 2 vehicles reaching speeds between 55 and 60 MPH.

Now the problems.  

Cops say they noticed the "drag race" on the 2600 block of Pine Tree Drive.  Cops were traveling in the opposite direction so they made a U turn and pursued the cars for 15 blocks.

Mind you ... Justin was driving one of the fastest race cars around -- a Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 Spyder.  Khalil was driving a Ferrari 16M.  Cops claim 2 SUVs in Justin's entourage actually blocked off traffic to give the 2 a clear path.  

So how could a 15-block drag race in those cars reach speeds of ONLY 60 MPH?


TMZ has learned ... the place where Justin and Khalil rented the cars attached a GPS device that also tracks speed. 

The GPS clocked both cars at 27 MPH at the 3500 block of Pine Tree Drive ... smack in the middle of the so-called "drag race."

There's only one time they ever broke 50 MPH and that was long before the pursuit started.  When Justin and Khalil left the club, one car was briefly clocked at 52 MPH and the other 47 MPH. Both drivers slowed down pretty quick and 5 blocks before cops noticed them they were going 34 MPH in a 30 MPH zone.   Blocks later, they were steady at 27 MPH.

 So it seems cops goosed the facts to justify the stop.

And that's not the only problem with the police report.  TMZ broke the story ... Justin's blood alcohol level was .014 -- a barely measurable amount.  Yet cops claim Justin reeked of alcohol both at the scene and at the police department.



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So in other words, bieber paid the police and county, state whatever off. So they filed a bogus claim saying the report was wrong.

269 days ago


nice on digging deeper and sticking to what you stand for, which is truth. this kid doesn't deserve to be crushed in the media just bc he's rich and douchey sometimes. He's gonna turn it around.

269 days ago


Where is his Mom?

269 days ago


TMZ is for sale to the highest bidder.....just look at the Krapdashian and Bieber stories....and why us TMZ allowed to try the case before all the facts are in?...the doooosh was driving stoned and now TMZ wants him to be found innocent.....BOYCOTT THE KRAPDASHIAN AND BIEBER. LOVERS TMZ.,!...

269 days ago


Regardless of the minimal amount of alcohol in his system, it showed he was drinking underage...breaking the law. This little bastard is not some innocent.

269 days ago

Double Bubble    

Bieber is Well done whiteboy, well done.. He must be so proud of himself by getting jacked up and harassed by the cops (for apparently nothing now) ... I guess all that hard work of hanging with the brothers really paid off..

269 days ago


Next to be dropped will be the resisting arrest charge. Once the traffic surveillance videos are looked at the arresting officers will be put on suspension. They said he flunked the field sobriety test which is doubtful.
Biebs is guilty of Jolly Rancher breath and renting hideous race cars that he can only coast in. Nothing more.

269 days ago


Hmmm, very strange article. I'm not sure if you guys have been following these slew of post by TMZ, but they have all of a sudden had a change of heart in media bashing Justin's head into the ground. Wonder who called you guys??? Who is powerful enough to get you guys to call off the bad press you been giving him...

269 days ago

The Ron    

He still admitted to smoking pot and taking pills all day, just the call in the neighborhood about drag racing was good enough for the stop.

269 days ago

paul a.    

Lots of people and media outlets owe JB and his father lots of apologies!!!!

269 days ago


appears that right Black is trying to try this in the press. We don't know that there's any truth to what TMZ is posting or not. I would prefer that court cases be tried in the courts.

269 days ago


Not a Bieber fan tho but I had my doubts about the arrest. I knew the cops were still angry over the egg stuff so they were going to screw him over anyway

269 days ago


Thank god I never jumped on the bandwagon of the crucifixion of JB. Like I said bfore young kid with black friends therefore he must b bad. Haha who's laughing now he should sue the miami pd n tmz for slander.

269 days ago


If this is all true about the drag racing, that may just save Bieber and his friend. If the stop wasn't justified, then whatever happened afterwards is probably invalidated. HOWEVER the DUI would still count against him, because 1-He ADMITTED to police officers that he was on weed, pills and had been drinking prior to his arrest.
2- He blew a .04% which is below the legal limit, but the legal limit does not apply to minors. I'm not sure what Florida's underage drinking laws are, but if they have a no tolerance policy, or a percentage for minors that is below .04%, then he is most certainly still at risk for getting a DUI. DEPENDING on what the results are from the stopping incident.

269 days ago


You people are just as to blame for false reports as the PD is.

Bunch of hacks.

269 days ago
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