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Justin Bieber

Double Cup Cover Up in Calabasas

1/30/2014 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber's party pals are trying to hide evidence of their sizzurp abuse ... and TMZ has the photo evidence right in Bieber's backyard.

As we first reported ... the skate ramp at Justin's place was tagged with a styrofoam cup and the words "double cup" -- a clear reference to Bieber's use of sizzurp, aka lean ... a mixture of codeine cough syrup and Sprite.

But now the double cup painting is GONE ... almost. 

The pic of the skate ramp (above) was taken yesterday -- and "double cup" is nearly covered completely by a skateboard someone placed on the ramp. 

Compare it to the pic taken last month (below) ... where the words are bold and obvious.

Nice try guys.



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Hey Harvey, here is someone to bitch about, can't deport him either....
sizzurp, wtf, why do you make things up

265 days ago

boo boo    

That's funny, they covered it up with a skateboard so people will think he's not on the lean AND ALSO skates. Betcha if you look at that board you will find: grip tape in tact, no scratches on the graphics, no wear and tear on the trucks, perfectly smooth wheels. Basically a brand new unridden board.

265 days ago

Mike from Jersey    

It's just a skateboard on top of the cup and words.

X17online is peddling BS, and I suppose TMZ paid to use this photo.

TMZ Editor - FAIL!

265 days ago

scuzzy zip    

That is the ugliest grafitti I have ever laid my eyes on. They must be stoned out of their minds all of the time.

I'm a unbelieber

Which police force do you think will nail his ass first??

265 days ago

The Zombie    

It's messed up that they're flying a helicopter around a dude's yard to take pictures of his half-pipe. Or does TMZ use drones now?

265 days ago

jedd wilson    

tmz has got a boy crush,thought you were bad when you hid in the bushes at paul walkers have gone way beyond excess with the beiber stories.

265 days ago


It wasn't in his system when he got tested, so there goes another Big TMZ Theory.

265 days ago


Don't these losers have jobs?

265 days ago


This graffiti is just REALLY BAD! Can someone who knows what they're doing please comment on this? TMZ PLEASE PUT A SIDE BY SIDE COMPARISON UP OF GOOD VS. BAD GRAFITTI. I drive by good 'wall art' daily in LA and some of it is truly inspiring. This stuff looks like a nine year old on flu meds did it.

265 days ago


Stop using the phrase "sizzurp aka lean" call it one or the other. You don't say, pot aka weed or cocaine aka nose candy. Its some silly little "drug" rappers and wiggers do, of course I don't know why getting high on cough syrup is cool. Feels like i'm back in middle school and everyone talking about drinkg a bottle of nyquil of get ****ed up

265 days ago


See that little orange rectangle looking thing with a smiley face? That is most likely a xanax bar. TMZ? Shouldnt it be TMJ for TOO MUCH JUSTIN? Give us all a break and please find someone else to talk about. Everyday just gets worse and worse. Also he was xanned out when he got arrested. Gotta do better TMJ.

265 days ago


you see the little orange square thing with the :-) on it that is most likely a xanax bar. These kids are eating xanaxs like candy and they prob dont even remember half of the **** they do. Anyway TMZ or shouldnt it be TMJ (TOO MUCH JUSTIN) give it a rest. The ramp looks like some 6 or 8 year olds got them some spray paint. Got Miley right on though. Nobody cares about the little punk jackass anymore.

265 days ago

Xianne sign a bill to deport justin Bieber

265 days ago


I'm so glad everyone that's judging this young man has made no mistakes when they were young. I don't condone all that he has done but some of the people that's making harsh comments about him and signing petitions to deport him are ridiculous. I'm pretty sure we all have done dumb things when we were his age. This young man was probably sheltered as a child and now that he's a young adult, he's doing what some (not all) young kids do. Act up. Deport him though? really? what if you were deported or your kid were deported because you made stupid choices as a kid. I know he has a lot of kids looking up to him but he should not be a role model for our kids( nor any other celebrity), we as parents should be.
I just think that we are so quick to judge people for the exact same mistakes we (not all) made as young adults. Coke head Lindsey can get chance after chance, Charlie Sheen beats women and he's a crack head and yet he gets chance after chance but Deport Justin because he smokes weed and drinks. Makes sense. Like I said, I'm so glad everyone lives in glass houses, since they are throwing stones.

265 days ago


Isn't this considered stalking?

265 days ago
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