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Justin Bieber

He'll Be Searched Indefinitely

By U.S. Customs

2/4/2014 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
's days of breezing in and out of the U.S. are over ... because we're told he will continue to be a target of U.S. Customs every time he comes back to the states.

TMZ broke the story ... when Justin flew into a New Jersey airport from Canada last Friday ... U.S. Customs searched his plane and then grilled him for hours, before letting him leave.  Law enforcement sources tell us ... Custom's flagged Bieber because he's on a Homeland Security watch list for his 2 ongoing criminal cases.

We're told Bieber is subject to the exact same treatment every time he leaves and then re-enters the U.S. -- a thorough search and then exhaustive questioning. 

It's very hard to get off the watch list once you're on it.  You can appeal to Homeland Security but the agency has broad discretion.  What's more ... if Bieber is found guilty or pleads no contest to any criminal charge, it will be extremely difficult for him to go under the radar again.

As for whether that will cramp his style ... Bieber sources say he just doesn't care.  As one person put it, "He's gonna do what he wants to do."


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Cool Papa    

Obama lowers the boom on the Biebs.

269 days ago


Yep. Airports are designated as ":Constitution-free zones". You have no rights there - especially when you're a foreigner. The police state is fully functional at airports.

269 days ago


I was once crossing the border and the customs officers asked if I had a police record. I said "Yes, Synchronicity."
They all had a good giggle and thanked me for the humour as they sent me on my way. I will NEVER forget that day...

269 days ago


Save money and disallow him to EVER enter the US.
Let the Nucks deal with his BAD SELF...

269 days ago


Big changes in how he will be dealt with by authorities from now on. Kind of like standing on quicksand.

The Bieber a$$h0le has been working really hard to achieve this and no one to blame but himself. Hey I'm smiling at you, sh!thead.

269 days ago


How about his entourage, eh? Cavity searches?

269 days ago


Cavity search time, Texas-style... "Agent Johnson, bring out the barbecue tongs, welding gloves, depth gauge, face shield, and one -- no, make that two quarts of power steering fluid, a pair of ear plugs... And set the iPod on Repeat, playing 'Stuck in the Middle With You.'"

269 days ago



269 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

This makes sense, because I think "what he wants to do" is have his anus repeatedly searched haha....

269 days ago

Dog And Pony    

Can't wait for him to try to sneak back into the country. When they catch him, and they will catch him, he'll go from the "don't trust him" list to the "see ya, sayonara, goodbye" list.

269 days ago

Gsharon 710    

TMZ, please remove the boob picture now.

269 days ago


Get rid of the little bastard already. Jesus!

269 days ago


This young man needs deported!!!

269 days ago

Nobody Special    

In 2010 The Angry Beaver had the world by the balls, he had LiL Gomez who pop'ed his Cherry and she was good for him. She helped double the size of his balls. Why he would want to go after stripper skanks when he can have young, clean and even independently wealthy girlfriends begs the question.

The Angry Beaver wants to be a Gangsta so bad, the silly Rapper Starter Kit with the Gold Chains, Baseball Cap worn Backwards, the expensive Rolex, wearing his pants low to show his small Lollipop Twink Butt, and his behavior throwing 75k at strippers to degrade the women, watching them pick-up the singles. He could easily just hand each of the girls 100 dollar bills and save them the humiliation of picking-up all that money on those filthy floors. Classy guys don't 'make it rain', they simply hand the money to each dancer and wish them well. The photo of the Beaver in front of the yellow Lambo holding his wrist, tells all. He wants to be a Gangsta Rapper.

When his Leased 1996 G4 is sitting on the ground cycled-up with the pilots inside, he has to pay the flight hours for the plane during a search. Time is time, once those 2 pilots are in the plane, the clock is ticking.

Every time his plane files a Flight Plan, They will be watching each & every Flight from now on. No more flying lbs. of weed around.

Since the Beaver is High All the Time, He is making Bad Decisions and it won't be long before they nail him on a Drug Charge. Then he's really done.

It's the end of the Beaves as we know it and I feel fine.

269 days ago


There chèers for US. Customs.Go get him.!.

269 days ago
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