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Mia Farrow

Woody Molested Dylan

And He Knows It [VIDEO]

2/4/2014 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Woody Allen and his lawyer may be painting Mia Farrow out to be a spiteful bitch for alleging Woody molested her daughter ... but Mia is on tape explaining how Dylan freely opened up about the sexual attack and she says Woody knows in his heart exactly what he did.

Farrow spoke exclusively with Rosanna Scotto -- WNYW Fox 5 anchor -- back in 1992, just after winning a bitter custody fight.

Farrow explains ... when Dylan started opening up about the abuse she spontaneously grabbed a camera and videotaped it.

And ... Farrow explains how she told Dylan that her dad was now her sister's "boyfriend."


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Mia is nuts but so is Diane Keaton. The allegations are just too detailed. As for Mia finding the naked pics of Soonyi when she was 19...I mean, my God, you know he was grooming her for years! It's not like he came up to her at 19 and said "take your clothes off." Woody is not some back alley trailer trash pedophile. He dated ditzy women who have no credibility and then thought he had died and gone to heaven. Why don't he and his ex girlfriends DAUGHTER have any kids that are NOT Asian? Why two GIRLS? Why not any bio kids? The questions are endless.

263 days ago


This is SO 1992. Move along. It's 0ver 20 years behind us. No story here. None!

263 days ago


Maritzka: no, Allen did NOT pass a lie detector test. That was a lie promoted by his defense attorney but no one has ever seen any evidence of the results of the test. This is a very common lie and ploy promoted by defense attorneys, as they know that a lie detector test is not admissible in the court of law.
Funny how you don't mention that both the prosecutor and the judge believed there was abuse

But don't let the real facts get in the way, pal. Shame on you many times for your attacks.

263 days ago


Look at Mia Farrow....when you have to struggle to this spectacular low to have even one person remember the fact you are still alive, you're a sad, pathetic individual.

263 days ago

News Flash     

I love Mia Farrow and always will. I hope I live to see the day that Mia gets to spit on Woody Allen's grave.

263 days ago


1) Woody marries Soon-Yi when he was 56 and she was 21.
2) Mia marries Frank Sinatra when he was 50 and she was 21.
3) But Woody is accused of being a child abuser and Soon-Yi as a victim.
4) Selective vendetta by people who see women as helpless and always victims.......

263 days ago


who, who and who?

263 days ago


I happen to believe it.... he's ****in creepy.. always has been... weirdo too

263 days ago


I really think Ronan is Woodys son. If you look at pics from him before he became a man he was hideous. He ended up looking just like his mom in Rosemarys Baby. Lucky for him. Also, Mia is not that bright and nobody would ever call FS stupid, but he lived by his wits and instinct, not his intellect. I believe Ronan went to college around 14, that has to come from Woody. A pedo, but brilliant. That's prob one of the reasons Ronan hates him so much, the humiliation and anger at sharing his blood. You can run, but you can't hide.

263 days ago


Woody Allen employed very good publicists when this first came to light 20 years ago, and it is clear from reading these comments that they are hard at work again. Do not be fooled. A 28 year old grown woman has confirmed that Woody Allen molested her when she was 7 years old. Meanwhile, Woody Allen is speaking through lawyers only and using the same arguments he used 20 years ago. But she's not 7 anymore. #ibelievedylanfarrow

263 days ago


A twenty-seven year old supposedly recalling a couple of events 20 years previous when a 7 year old.... Highly unlikely, unless there have been 20 years of constant embellishment or accusation made by her mother - a bitter has-been with no future and is so upset that Woody is getting awards and acknowledgement she can never receive herself.....

263 days ago


You'd have to be familiar with this kind of betrayal.

To know the horror Mia and her children have all known.

You'd have had to be called:

"Bitter, wacky, spiteful, vengeful, nuts..."

Six or seven thousand times.

Like she has, like Mia has.

Like I have.

It's almost hard watching or hearing news reports.

Because it brings my own nightmare back.

People that, as Mia states here:

"Know in their hearts..."

People whose attitude is basically, "Prove it a-hole."

I'm just as proud of Ronan as I am Mia and Dylan and the others -

Cuz he could have been a switch-hitter, as was my sis.

Rallied behind Woody and for the cash.

But Ronan said, no, I don't need your cash or anyone else's -

"I'll make my damn own."

Woody reached surrepticiously out to Dylan.

Sending pix under an assumed name.

Attempting to influence that aspect.

Of this never-ending nightmare.

It's not unlike Mia's (arguably) greatest role.

"Rosemary's Baby."

Where everyone but Mia is on ...

Mia being portrayed as crazy, confused, inept.

And hiding behind the few left supporting them.

Woody and my own perps.

Kids don't lie - and neither does Mia Farrow.

She has the strength of the Bible's Samson.

Has won this.

263 days ago

News Flash     

Liberal Hollywood loves to promote and protect child preditors

263 days ago


One of the most fascinating things on the planet.

Is watching perps go about the business of grooming.

This wild, excited look perps get on their face.

As a child appears to be going along with that perp.

Sucking, sucking...

That's why they call me The-Sociopath- Whisperer.

I've been studying them up-close an entire lifetime.

Oh, and as far as the best doctors on the planet go.

The best of the best psychiatrists (Dr. Paula F. Eagle)?

The best of the best psychologists? (Dr. Phil McGraw)?

They're UN treatable -

A complete waste of time and money.

Marked by a complete/utter lack-of-Conscience.

Front row seats at Knick games.

WITH one of the compliant victims.

Who said, gee, I can do pretty well with this guy!

"Screw the woman, father and family who loved me..."

You'll be paying for this all of your life, Soon-Yi.

This treachery, this act of back-stabbing/throat-cutting.

You belong with my sister.

Conscience-less adults ...their hand out at all times.


263 days ago


For all you non- believers,I hope you never go through it.
As I've said for a long,long time,I never addressed my abuse untill I was an adult.
Then I was strong and old enough to go after my abuser and the people who looked the other way.
Could she be lying? Sure.
I'm just saying it resonated with me.
Walk a mile in my shoes.
It ain't pretty.

263 days ago
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