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Paul Walker's Will

$25 Million Estate

Curious Language

2/4/2014 12:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Walker was worth $25 million when he died and there seems to be some possibility of a family conflict ... this, based on new documents obtained by TMZ.

We've obtained a copy of Paul Walker's will. Walker left his entire estate -- $25 mil -- to his 15-year-old daughter Meadow. 

Paul's dad -- the named executor -- filed Paul's will with the court.  Paul's dad has petitioned the court to appoint Paul's mother -- Cheryl -- guardian of Meadow.  What's more, Paul's dad wants Cheryl to be the guardian of the $25 mil. This is exactly what Paul wanted under the will.

Now Meadow lives with her mom, Rebecca Soteros. If Paul gets his last wish, grandma will become Meadow's guardian. It's unclear if Rebecca approves, but it's definitely strange that Paul wanted his mom to be guardian since Meadow lives with Rebecca.

A court hearing is scheduled for later this month.



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Damn my heart goes out to the family. Paul was great at what we did. His best movie was The Skulls RIP.

264 days ago


1st off, I am not suggesting really or accusing anything, I do however sincerely just hope and pray that his wishes are 110% honored. If He and She were close friends, than she will make sure that she honors his wishes also, 110% out of the utmost respect and Love for him. It would be really nice to see a surviving parent be that Loving, honest and respectable. In what I personally have seen over and over in Family court case, one after another, this so often and way to often, is not the case. What a great and Loving example she has the option to set, for plenty of American Women and other surviving parents to follow, the ball truly is in her court

264 days ago


Wow he didn't leave any money to either parent. They must not have been very close.

263 days ago


He should of left a little to each parent and his siblings. This is going to create a fight for the money. The biological mother will fight to keep custody since there is 25 million at stake. Paul mother will fight for the 25 million. This is going to get nasty!

263 days ago


I think it means that his mother is appointed financial guardian.

263 days ago


Sounds like a war is about to start....its always the money and never about the welfare of a child or living family member.

263 days ago


In the long sceme of things, why didn't he think of his daughter before he lived so wreckless!

263 days ago


Paul knows his baby's mama better than any of us do. He may have felt that she would take the money and misuse and misappropriate it. There is a reason why he wasn't with her. He had a baby with her when he was 25, he has grown a lot and matured a lot since then maybe she hasn't. I'm NOT going to advocate for her simply because she is a woman as I am. Paul knowns his own mother. The woman who raised him.

263 days ago


Wasn't his daughter living with him for the last year? Maybe it was her desire to stay in CA and to not have to go back to Hawaii. The daughter's mother may be perfectly okay with this. I love all the stupid comments from people who no nothing about the details of the will other than the $25 mill goes to his daughter. Any decent lawyer would help you craft the will to protect the assets and the daughter in light of potential future issues and to name guardians for different things. Geez...

263 days ago


It's not strange. Clearly he does not want the mother to get her hands on it. The girl left her mother to live with Paul, which is odd for a girl, so something was up.

263 days ago


This is not about custody. This is a legal matter concerning the will and who will have guardianship of her trust until she reaches the age of majority (21) which looks to be her grandmother. The executor carries out the wishes or executes the will. Paul expressed that he wanted his father to have that role. He is doing what he's suppose to do...file with the court. Now, the court will appoint the grandmother as guardian of the estate or trust that is set up in Meadow's behalf. She'll make sure that it's managed properly until Meadow reaches 21 and then it will be turned over to her unless there's a provision that she can only take control at a later date (sometimes 25). It doesn't have anything to do with custody. Two different topics here and TMZ needed to do a better job reporting as such. They make is sound like one and the same and it's not! The mother retains custody unless the family (ie grandparents) petitions the court for custody of the minor child. There's no smoke or fire in his will! Just one dreamed up by someone not doing their homework.

263 days ago


I don't see anything weird at all about him having his Mom be guardian of the money. With the 15 year old living with her Mother this would mean if she wants anything there would be two people getting together, the mother and grandmother, to decide if its in her best interest. She won't be able to minipulate her Mother, some kids do that. I think Paul knew exactly what he was doing when he made the will out this way.

263 days ago

Jay Love    

I don't see ANYTHING strange at all about the wording of this will and the way Paul Walker wanted his money dealt with in the case of his un-timely death? the executors job is to file the will, and to handle closing out the deceased's estate and make sure the assets are divided up as per the will, his appointing his wife Cheryl the grandmom the gaurdian simply means she would be the gaurdian of the MONEY, not the childs activities? the mom is still the mom and still her gaurdian over everything else, but they will have to go to grandma whenever they need money until the child is of a certain age, which is the right thing to do. you don't give a child 25 million bucks to blow, or the ex-wife control of that money to blow as she wishes??

263 days ago

Jay Love    

I concur with what others have said and myself...its the handling of the MONEY and the trust until the child is of age, not who has custody? one huge point I make is this ex-girlfriend, or wife, I am not sure if they ever were married, the executor needs to be trust worthy as its been seen before where trusts have been manipulated not for the benefit of the actual child, so this man knew exactly what the hell he was doing and he should be respected all the way!!

263 days ago


Its not strange. I believe he ment he wanted his mother to be guardian of the monies, which is not strange in a divorce.

263 days ago
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