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Philip Seymour Hoffman Death

Cops Did NOT Arrest Dangerous Heroin Supplier

2/6/2014 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Cops did NOT snag the drug dealer who was allegedly selling dangerous heroin to Philip Seymour Hoffman ... sources tell TMZ.

We know the informant -- who armed cops with the info they needed to get a search warrant -- claimed Hoffman had 2 principal heroin suppliers. We're told the informant said Robert Vineberg was the main guy, but when he would run out of heroin Vineberg would send a guy named Max Rosenblum to get more smack from someone down the street.

As we reported, Vineberg was arrested in Tuesday's bust and has been charged with felony heroin possession with an intent to sell. He pled not guilty. Rosenblum has been charged with misdemeanor cocaine possession.

As for the "dealer down the street" -- he was not arrested.  The informant claims that dealer was selling low-grade, very dangerous heroin.  The informant says he came forward because he believes Hoffman may have been using the stash from the dealer down the street when he died.


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But the JOURNALISTS at TMsleeZe told us yesterday they did arrest him !?!?

155 days ago


He has no one to blame for his death except himself.

155 days ago


I'm guessing about 20+ stories until someone else dies.

TMZ: Too Much Zhit.

155 days ago


Why should they?

155 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

Stitches pending

155 days ago


TMZ wait you said they caught the guys. My heads spinning & hurting with all these truths and untruths. OkTMZ you got me. I cant keep up with this crappy Un-newsworthiness! Your confusing everyone.

155 days ago


Unless you catch him selling the Heroin, all you have is a drug dealer ratting on another drug dealer. All Heroin can be fatal, I'm sorry to say this but the only one who killed PSH, is PSH.

155 days ago


Of course the rat would not give up a high level dealer if he wants to live. What's a jazz musician going to do.

155 days ago


Tmz lies again... You have an entire staff and not one fact checker. You people are morons.

155 days ago


"The informant claims that dealer was selling low-grade, very dangerous heroin"

Isn't all heroin "very dangerous" ?

155 days ago


Wouldnt be surprised if the informant is a drug dealer, ratting out his compition to help his business...

155 days ago

Mr Barcliff    

Its easy to get on a computer and say what WE THINK and HOW WE FEEL. Some of our comments are personal, while some sympathetic to peoples wrongs and rights!!!! Who we are as people is somewhat predetermined....insert here the insults i'll expecting and disagreeing......insert more im dumb and an idiot.... insert more mean thoughts and comments!!! That said and out of my fellow humans, people are subject to environment! Do we decide to be religious or black or white or any race? Do we decide to be poor or rich when were born? Philip Seymour Hoffman lived an ENTIRE LIFE we are clueless to. Was he depressed, did he lack self esteem was his self esteem low did he love himself(explains why he died as he did and NEVER stopped despite having kids, if one doesnt love him/herself, its impossible to truly organically love others and no offense can be taken when unloved by anyone who doesnt love themselves)? We are judging a person we dont know!!! This belongs to his friends and family who knew his struggle, who knew why he fell when we can see how he failed at all. All we see is the fame/$ but, if we use our minds we ask,"what was going on in him were he couldnt see how blessed and special a LIFE he has" and thats what I do for stars who have issues, call me a fool but, remember Martin Lawrence in L.A with a gun saying,"there trying to kill me" and how he almost died from over heating while trying to lose weight to fit in, in Hollywood!! LIFE is hard, even if were rich and famous or just rich. Yes, rich people dont struggle to pay bills(if living responsibly) and dont have to worry if they will eat tonight or tomorrow but, they get cancer and lose loved ones and deal with begging friends and family and being talked bad about and find it hard to find folks who love them for them! They arent perfect and to think they are is a failure on those who judge them. I just ask myself, how many times do we have to see a star die like this before we figure out that there not bad people, there just unhappy! Theres NEVER been a price to be placed on HAPINESS and Peace of mind, there priceless and LOVE TRUMPS all 4/Fame. LEt Philips family and friends and kids hear us be understanding cause Philip Hoffman could be our cousin or uncle or brother or son or friend. Be kind and give LOVE, something Philip must have felt he lacked in some way!!! LGNM

155 days ago


Good he's was a grown man he said himself he knew the ballpark he was playing in

155 days ago


Cops should give the heroin supplier a key to the city for helping get rid of these nasty junkies. It is people like Philip that make our streets unsafe because his addiction fuels the drug trade.

154 days ago


Question: Where did the opium/heroin that led to Phillip Seymour Hoffman's death come from?
Answer: Afghanistan

Question: What percentage of the worlds opium/heroin production came from Afghanistan prior to US liberation in 2001?
Answer: 3%

Question: What percentage of the worlds opium/heroin production come out of Afghanistan today?

Answer: 97%

Question: Who are the REAL drug dealers?

154 days ago
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