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Darren Sharper

Judge BANS Him from Nightclubs

And You Can't Be Alone with Women

2/20/2014 3:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Darren Sharper has just been BANNED from all nightclubs and bars PLUS he's not allowed to be alone with any new women ... so ruled a judge who just announced the terms of Sharper's bail in his L.A. rape case.

The former New Orleans Saints superstar -- sporting a grey suit with no tie -- just appeared in L.A. County Superior Court and plead NOT GUILTY  to allegations he drugged and raped two women in L.A.

The judge set Sharper's bail to $1 million and set a series of strict terms, which were actually proposed by Sharper's lawyer:

-- Sharper is to remain in L.A. County
-- Sharper was ordered to surrender his passport
-- Sharper must stay away from nightclubs or bars or any other establishments where alcohol is the primary item for sale.
-- Sharper may NOT be alone with any female he did not know prior to October 30, 2013.

During the hearing, prosecutors claimed they have evidence which shows Sharper had gone through 70 pills of Ambien in 65 days.

FYI -- prosecutors allege Sharper would use Ambien to spike the drinks of his victims.

He's due back in court on April 15.

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The 70 pills of ambien in 65 days is nothing. I have insomnia and took a ambien every night. I had a script. Sometimes I would take a second if the first didn't work. I had a script and went back and forth between that and somnote(chloral hydrate). The chloral hydrate pills were much stronger, but because of that my dr wouldn't give me then all the time.

209 days ago


Btw, I was on ambien two years straight. That is 1 pill every night for two years. It is not considered a big deal for someone with severe insomnia. What happened to the morphine. I read it was a shot with morphine and ambien. Morphine is much harder to get. You can make heroin with morphine.

209 days ago


If the best they have are the ambien pills they have a very weak case. Some people do need to take 2 in a night so 70 in 65 days is actually a good record. And if you were too drug someone to the point where they would be knocked out than you would need at least 5 or more and that's assuming it 10Mg or stronger. Not saying that he is innocent just not strong evidence if the ambien is the main key.

209 days ago


Good for the judge on his ruling, but how are they going to police him being around women he knew prior to oct.2013?? Not saying he should be around any new women, just wondering how will they know?

209 days ago

Big Mark 91    

Ambien didn't do **** to me, I had to take 2 or 3 a night

209 days ago


It's racism.

209 days ago


Ambien is Ambien until you mix it with Alcohol, then its a crazy euphoric high which lowers inhibition, among other effects ..never remember what you did the night b4

209 days ago


Ambien CR is what you need. Ask your Doc

209 days ago


He took a bunch of hoes back to his house didnt pay them and they feel like they shouldve been compensated so they pulled this or maybe one of them wanted a relationship with him and was mad when all he wanted was sex or maybe she was mad when she couldn't Get pregnant so one cried rape and the others followed because they want attention and money I've noticed a lot of people in todays society are attention starved and will do anything and say anything to get attention I've also realized a lot of women cry rape and a lot ilof innocent men are in prison for a crime they didn't commit and they were convicted with no evidence but just accusing someone of rape can ruin their life no matter what a bunch of people will always believe you're guilty you could have a video that showed every second of you life from the day you were born to the day you were accused of rape and they'll still believe you're guilty as usual he's automatically guilty because he's a male but instead of prosecuting these people making false rape claims they let them go because it "discourages rape victims from reporting rape" no it doesn't what it actually does is encourage women to falsely accused someone of rape because they know there is no consequences if they were to get caught so because of all of that I don't automatically believe women who claim they were raped

209 days ago


Hide your wife hide your kids

209 days ago


Only a true sex offender would be accused of these rapes from multiple women in multiple locations. Guilty as charged!!

209 days ago


Raise your head high brother lol ...You should be ashamed! What a fantastic opportunity you had a you blew it !

208 days ago


N iggers are nothing but se x pigs. white power!!!!!

208 days ago


N iggers are se x pigs

208 days ago


If this was me or you we would be sitting behind bars, he gets to walk around free?

208 days ago
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