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Justin Bieber

Arresting DUI Officer Has Big Credibility Problems

2/20/2014 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Miami Beach cop who claimed he stopped Justin Bieber last month because he was drag racing has been called on the carpet numerous times for misconduct ... TMZ has learned.

Officer Steven Cosner wrote in his police report he observed cars driven by Bieber and Khalil in the middle of a drag race -- at speeds between 55 and 60 MPH.  TMZ broke the story ... the GPS tracking system shows in the middle of the so-called drag race, the maximum speed of the cars was 27 MPH.

We're told Bieber's legal eagles believe Cosner is lying, and now they have some firepower.

TMZ has obtained numerous Miami Beach PD internal affairs documents, which show Cosner has been accused of misconduct 15 times -- from 2001 to 2012.  Of those, Cosner failed to show up for court hearings 5 times.  In each case he was reprimanded -- 3 verbal warnings and 2 write-ups.

Our sources say ... Bieber's lawyer will raise the issue ... Cosner may not have shown up for court because he may not have wanted to be placed under oath.  In other words, if you lie under oath you can be prosecuted for perjury.

On another occasion in 2006 the PD says he committed 3 offenses -- violating the rules of "courtesy and respect," "Off duty/secondary employment," and "unlawful compensation."  For those violations he was suspended.

In 2007 Cosner was accused of offensive conduct/language.  For some reason the allegation seems to still be "open" in that case.

And in 2011 Cosner was written up for sleeping on duty.

As for the remaining 7 cases ...Cosner was exonerated by Internal Affairs.

Cosner's record could create problems for prosecutors if the DUI case goes to trial.


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And yet we know the GPS records from a previous TMZ story that Bieber was doing insanely dangerous speeds the same day. Hopefully justice prevails for a change.

223 days ago

Larvey Heaven    

Stupid PIG needs to go back to the Donut Shop and leave Justin alone!
I have no patience for corrupt pigs! . .

223 days ago


The reason this jerk is still on the force? One word...Union!

223 days ago

Joe the plumber    

Who cares? Just nail the lil f.u.c.khead and let's move on. This punk's fifteen minutes are up! He costs more money than he generates, watch him doing infomercials pretty soon!

223 days ago


A cop with credibility problems? Never!!

(And yes, that's sarcasm.)

(And no, I'm not defending Bieber.)

223 days ago


Okay he lied, fire him and everyone involved with the corruption, then jail beibs for driving under the influence. Case closed..

223 days ago


Regardless, nothing will change the fact that Bieber is a little dweeb who constantly looks like he pooped his pants. Can someone please get that boy a pair of pants that fits?

223 days ago


You know what. Justin Bieber will bribe them all and soon we will be reading articles how it never even happened.
His net worth is $ 130 mil and he will end up buying the entire police station. No one cares about the ppl who he endangered that night.
It's money buying ''justice'' again. Just like in the ancient times.

223 days ago


all cops have credibility issues. guilty by association.....

223 days ago


Great. So celebrity justice will be served because of this shady cop.

223 days ago


News Flash TMZ proves Lil Beaver guilty...
Oops News Flash TMZ proves Lil Beaver is not guilty...
Nothing is TRUE...

223 days ago


He should have shot Bieber. A 'misconduct' more or less who cares? He could have done the world a huge favor!

223 days ago


Sounds like Bieber's lawyers are leaking internal police do***ents to smear police. Pretty sure no police are going to be interested anymore in keeping from the public photos of Bieber pissing in the station and being patted down -- those are public domain, after all.

223 days ago


People like that have no business being a cop. He should have been FIRED and barred from working in law enforcement ever again.

223 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

Only in Florida..

223 days ago
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