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Justin Bieber

Arresting DUI Officer Has Big Credibility Problems

2/20/2014 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Miami Beach cop who claimed he stopped Justin Bieber last month because he was drag racing has been called on the carpet numerous times for misconduct ... TMZ has learned.

Officer Steven Cosner wrote in his police report he observed cars driven by Bieber and Khalil in the middle of a drag race -- at speeds between 55 and 60 MPH.  TMZ broke the story ... the GPS tracking system shows in the middle of the so-called drag race, the maximum speed of the cars was 27 MPH.

We're told Bieber's legal eagles believe Cosner is lying, and now they have some firepower.

TMZ has obtained numerous Miami Beach PD internal affairs documents, which show Cosner has been accused of misconduct 15 times -- from 2001 to 2012.  Of those, Cosner failed to show up for court hearings 5 times.  In each case he was reprimanded -- 3 verbal warnings and 2 write-ups.

Our sources say ... Bieber's lawyer will raise the issue ... Cosner may not have shown up for court because he may not have wanted to be placed under oath.  In other words, if you lie under oath you can be prosecuted for perjury.

On another occasion in 2006 the PD says he committed 3 offenses -- violating the rules of "courtesy and respect," "Off duty/secondary employment," and "unlawful compensation."  For those violations he was suspended.

In 2007 Cosner was accused of offensive conduct/language.  For some reason the allegation seems to still be "open" in that case.

And in 2011 Cosner was written up for sleeping on duty.

As for the remaining 7 cases ...Cosner was exonerated by Internal Affairs.

Cosner's record could create problems for prosecutors if the DUI case goes to trial.


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and cops wonder why they dont get the respect they deserve

252 days ago


If I had to depend on t he officer's credibility or Bieber, I will go with the officer. For all if you throwing the police under the bus, call Bieber next time you or a family member is in danger.

252 days ago


Let's play what if here. Lets say your son or daughter gets pulled over. The officer said he was speeding and had a beer in his or her hand. So he or she got arrested let say he or she is 19 year old. You hire a lawyer who got gps evedince to say you son or daughter wasn't going over the speed limt. Let said the officer estimated the speed and he got mix up and estimated to high of the speed. Let said the officer has a interaffair record. You son or daughter doesn't have anything on his record. Who will you believe the officer who has a record for lying to the interaffair or your son or daughter. Now answer truthfully.

252 days ago


It's going to come down to the traffic stop being legal or not. If the traffic stop not legal all charge should be dismiss. In less they plea Justin down to reckless driving and driving with out a licsense. I can see him take that plea deal. I am just stating the facts hear they have no rader readings while Justin has a GPS saying he was only going 27mph It hard to argue over a computer device plus he blew a 0.014 that under the 0.02 legal imt for under age florida has 2 legal limts. People over 21 year is 0.08 people under 21 0.02 look it up.

252 days ago


they should train cops like military. to be morally good on the job and respectful. Cops are just ahole who screw people ever andrarely ever help

252 days ago

Yu Lee    

............... but TMZ never has CREDIBILITY problems! hahahahaha! LOL LOL LOL

252 days ago

Yu Lee    

The real reason TMZ is mad at the cops --- TMZ first broke the 'EXCLUSIVE" scoop - but now most the charges are dropped & TMZ is stuck with the "BIG CREDIBILITY PROBLEM" ............. karma is a bitch, isn't it......... hahaha! LOL

252 days ago


I wonder if this prosecutor will take a all or nothing approach and put this cop on the stand where his credibility will be ripped to shreds by Roy Black and his high powered team? That is assuming that the judge does not throw out the entire case due to lack of probable cause for pulling him over in the first place.

252 days ago


Guys I thought this name sounded like I heard the name before oh my god I did a little reseach. He was a Polk county sheriff in Iowa who got caught stealing baseball cards from a convinalce store and sell them on ebay for money. He got caught on camara but since they didn't have any evedince expect for that day. The prosecutor never file any charge because he plead out and got to keep his law enforcement licsense. He left the polk county sheriff in 2007 when he got a Job down in Miami beach for that police department. It looks like trouble maybe heading their way.

251 days ago


I'm not a Judge but If I was one here what I would do

First I take a look to see if the police have any Rader reading to back up the officer story at the time of the stop not before the stop. If they do not then I will have to ask the officer to come up and testfry under oath what he did and how fast he was going as well. Then I will see if the Police got a warrent to do a blood draw because he not a legal resident of florida and base on the law I have to make sure that both side said it was Ok first. If Justin bieber tells me they didn't have a warrent and they still did the blood draw I would throw that evedince out base on florida laws. Then It come down to the Police report the surievallance video. By the look at the survievallance video he wasn't speeding or Drunk I drunk person would be hitting that SUV and then the Police report the two words I would look for is estimated and approximated because the mean the same thing as Guessing and base on the Evedince I have now I would Say Justin Drew Bieber is not Guilty. Do to no rader evedince and Justin bieber has a Computer device as a Judge you are taught to trust a computer device instead of the officer words. My Dad is a Judge. That the two words he looks for Estimated and approxicmated. On the police report all Judge usely look for that.

251 days ago


Either Justin bieber gets love or hate.
He CEARLY does not get love from all you haters.
That just means bieber will always get hate.

You guys are just jealous he’s more famous and owns more money then you’ll ever see in your life time. Justin bieber has awards and money to claim his success. Whatever he does is clearly not dum. JB is smart. He’s famous, your not. He has evidence to support his success. Leave him alone! <3

This cop just wants to ruin JB’s life because he’s jealous! The cop should be fired and not allowed to work. He just wanted to be the guy who send Justin Bieber in jail :-))) And maybe a promotion **** you stupid cops! Now you go to jail!

251 days ago


Guys this case is confusing the h#ll out of me. They are confusing me with this bullsh*t. If the charge were drop why are they going to trail over DUI stuff. Some else Doesn't make sense to me either Please Explain. How can they drop the charges for the reason for the stop but not Drop these DUI charges something doesn't smell right to me. Is the mayor looking at a run for governor of florida or not. They should just drop the charge a save face and Just said well Their was to many errors in the Police report and We decide it better not to waste taxpayer money on a court case which their going to lose any way. it been proven he wasn't speed and he was to be arrested he was to be give a ticket and release.

251 days ago

Yu Lee    

TMZ has written several articles on the arresting officers credibility problems --- is the state attorneys office pretending not to be aware of this? Obviously all charges should have been dropped against Justin Bieber! Therefore contrary to what HATERS are saying --- that Justin is being treated leniently --- He is actually being treated very harshly, being forced into "play" bargains for no reason other than public perception, should we say "misperception" ???

250 days ago
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