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Split Triggered By Antics with Miley

2/27/2014 9:42 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Robin Thicke'
s marriage fell apart when he dry humped Miley Cyrus on stage before a national audience ... humiliating his wife.

Sources connected to the couple tell TMZ ... Paula Patton felt "utterly disrespected" when Robin virtually simulated sex with Miley the night of the VMAs.  We're told after the performance Paula got into a blow-out argument with Robin, telling him he insulted her before a huge national TV audience.

What really pissed Paula off is that the performance was a total surprise.  Miley improvised the raunchy part without warning, but Robin played along ... and that enraged Paula.

Sources say Paula went nuclear when she saw pictures surface of her hubby at one of the after-parties grabbing a woman's ass ... virtually digging inside.

We're told things never got better after that.  They argued constantly and Paula was furious Robin continued to party at clubs with various women ... pictured at times getting very cozy.

It reached the point of no return last week -- at least for Paula.  As we reported ... Robin is pulling out all the stops to change her mind, but we're told she wants out of the marriage.



No Avatar


I don't blame her! Good for her -- I hope she continues to stand up for herself -- and not cave in!

147 days ago


Miley is out of control. This isnt entertainment it is porn. Do we need to see Miley bent over with her tongue hanging out of her mouth? Miley!! put your tongue back in your is NOT sexy.

147 days ago


She sure did not seem to mind the crude display with whore Miley. She joked about it to Arensio Hall on his low rated night time talk show.

147 days ago


Went to his concert tonight. He did an AMAZING JOB. People need to understand they are humans just as we are and go through the same issues we do. They're just in the public eye. He admitted his wrong doing and also said he's gonna take some time to better himself. It wasn't all begging.

147 days ago


Who the hay is Robin Thicke...? Okay, the dude in the Beetlejuice suit, I can tell that much, but...who?! I saw "Thicke," and all I could think was Alan, who didn't seem likely given the headline.

Argh, those pics are so hard for me to look at. That thing in front of him looks truly vile. x.x Oh, well...I'm sure I don't really give a care who he is, anyhow!

147 days ago


I cant even imagine losing a wife like Paula Patton to Smiley Virus. Smiley is a ****ing pig who needs to get the **** out and die.

147 days ago

Cheryl Ann    

I'm not for slut shaming, but she acts like a slut, and it's a shame. Hopefully, her brain kicks in at some point. Honestly, between her and Justin, they don't have half a brain between them.
Young, fame, fortune and no parents to be found=Disaster

147 days ago


sexy lady :))

146 days ago


I don't blame her. If he didn't have the common decency and respect for his wife to tell that little tramp to back off, then he deserves what he got. I'd dump his butt too. Let him go after the little trampette.

146 days ago


Robin is a non talent. He is where he is because of his dad. And HE is a terrible actor. Miley is classless.

146 days ago


I have nothing negative to say about Robin. I don't know anything about him..
All I know now is, I WANT Paula, as I did when I first laid eyes on her a few years ago. So now is my opportunity.

If anyone reading this knows her, I humbly ask you to introduce us. She will not be disappointed.

146 days ago


Had it been Paula doing the nasty, Robin would have been long gone! But, males seem to think they have a different standard than women. Move on, Paula. He's a loser.

146 days ago

Shrley M. Kerman    

Miley is one disgusting pig who belongs in an insane asylum, along with the media, who keep throwing her cheap, vulgar pictures at us. I wouldn't want to be seen even in a room with her. No decent man will ever marry this sicko!

146 days ago


Miley has become so disgusting I can't stand her. Her behavior is offensive and so sluttish I'm surprise they didn't throw her off the stage . She apparently thinks so little of herself that this type of behavior doesn't phase her. That people still find her anything but that surprises me. Instead our children are holding her up as some great being of example of freedom of expression. Where are our true American Idols going for our kids? As for this MARRIED "man" who shows no shame or discomfort in returning her disgusting behavior, he's not worth it. Any married man, that would act like that on a stage would have lost me too. His true character would be in question if this was so easy for him.

146 days ago


This MARRIED man made a CHOICE on how to respond to her disgusting antics. He could have had the respect and been the envy of every woman in the world if her had shown some shock , taken offense for her behavior, and not encouraged her with his returned antics. What a show it would have been IF he had actually said NO!!! Instead he chose also to to degrade himself with HIS response. Any respectful man, married or not, would have been considered a prize worth keeping if he had chosen to behave like a honorable man. But don't worry girls , there Are still some out there.

146 days ago
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