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Miami Dolphins Player

Stop Attacking My GF's Breast-Feeding Pic

3/5/2014 4:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0305_ash3nicole_instagramMiami Dolphins linebacker Philip Wheeler says his girlfriend is being unfairly attacked over a picture showing her breast-feeding their son ... and now he's calling for people to stop the boob hate, asap.

Wheeler's GF is model Ashley Nicole -- who recently posted a photo showing her son latched on to her right breast inside of their home. She included the caption, "Was on the way out the door but then mommy duty called... Everything stops for him! #breastisbest #natureisbeautiful."

Problem is ... not everyone felt the same way -- and social media erupted with people trashing Nicole for posting the pic in the first place. 

TMZ Sports spoke to Wheeler ... who says, "I wish everybody would just leave it alone" ... adding, "She's a model. She takes pictures for a living."

Wheeler pointed out that Gisele posted a breast-feeding pic back in December -- and was widely praised for it -- and doesn't understand why his GF isn't getting the same love. 

As for the pic, it's still posted on Ashley's Instagram page -- and we're told she has no plans to take it down. 


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People are idiots, they love seeing boobs but something natural like breastfeeding is somehow obscene.... grow up morons

232 days ago


guys leave her alone.she is a model he said

231 days ago


He is totally correct. Why people in the US sexualize breastfeeding is beyound me. It is not the case in the rest of the world. Nothing is more natural or healthy than breast feeding a baby. Ignore the weird, creepy cretins. You wouldn't want to know these people so forget what the say. They are IDIOTS.

231 days ago


It is a beautiful thing to see! Added plus she is hot!

231 days ago


You put a pic like this up, refuse to take it down, but it's everyone ELSE'S fault because they have an opinion?

Hey, dumbass.. DEAL WITH IT . Or, take it down. You can't have it both ways

231 days ago


She was the one who put it up for the whole world to see. Can't hate on people for having their own opinion on the matter.

231 days ago


I am 100% pro breast feeding. But she's being an exhibitionist, plain and simple. There is no need for that - you can feed your baby in public without having your breast hanging out for photographers. She gets off on it.

231 days ago


It has nothing to do with her breastfeeding.....look at the way she is holding the baby...first time mother or not she doing it wrong

231 days ago


haters gonna hate... it's a wonderful, beautiful thing she is doing, it's all the haters in this world that try to turn it into something nasty and dirty....

231 days ago


A normal breastfeeding picture is fine, but an attention whoring breastfeed picture is just annoying. She got the attention she wanted from posting it. Boo hoo.

Because all new moms gets dressed up and made up to stand around seductively while breastfeeding.

231 days ago


Stop taking pics of your wifes tits and putting them out in public.. we DON"T want to see her naked boobs.

231 days ago


did richie incognito see this yet????

231 days ago


i thi nk wheeler has to appear on the Maury show to see if he is the baby's daddy. the results are in........ he is NOT the father.

231 days ago


..there's so many ignorant idiotic people in this country..breastfeeding is the most natural and most human act that has existed ever since time immemorial!!! duh!!!...every woman in this country should embrace that...women in other countries are proud that they are able to feed their child through their own bodies...those who choose not to....i have no words but selfish...

231 days ago


If she was wearing a tiny bikini people would have commented on how hot she is and she would be showing waaay more skin than she is in this picture. It is a beautiful picture and she is doing one of the most natural, loving things any mother can do for her baby. She is giving her son perfect nutrition. Americans have oversexualized women's breasts and now are offended by a baby eating because of how popular formula has become. People need to wake up.

231 days ago
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