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Charlie Sheen

Smokes Peace Pipe with Brooke Mueller

3/17/2014 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0317_charlie_brooke_peace_wm_tmzThere's nothing like a common enemy to unite enemies .... just ask Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller

The ex spouses -- who have been at war for months, with hideous superlatives thrown back and forth -- are "friends again" ... thanks to newly-minted arch villain Denise Richards.

Charlie and Brooke hosted a party for Bob and Max Saturday, and by all appearances got along great.

Charlie Sheen threw the shindig at his house for their twins' 5th birthday ... and planned it with Brooke and fiancee Brett Rossi -- it was very wholesome ... bounce house and all.

As you may recall ... Sheen and Mueller have been in a legal tug of war royale over custody ... Charlie accusing Brooke of screwing up the kids by doing drugs while she was pregnant.

Charlie is on a tear now against Denise because he feels she's not giving him enough access to their girls.  Brooke hates Denise ... possibly because she's threatened that Denise has been the go-to mother when Brooke went in and out of rehab.

One big happy family.



No Avatar


The world will be a better place when Charlie Sheen finally ODs

165 days ago


Sure, they are all kissy, kissy until she goes off on a bender of some sort or he does. Pathetic druggies, the both of them.

165 days ago


Those boys are FAS crazy

165 days ago

Joe the plumber    

This has been should crawl under a rock and die!

165 days ago

Joe the plumber    

Great environment for his kids: the tweaker ex- wife, the porn star fiancee, the loser drunken dad... lovely picture! Can't wait for the instagram family pic!

165 days ago


Wow. She took care of your kids because you couldn't. Nice way to repay her.

165 days ago


Sadly, her girls are being punished; he's not long for this world, me thinks.

165 days ago


If someone wrote this script it would be laughed out the door as more unrealistic than Hot Tub Time Machine!

165 days ago


This story is pointless the only new information you have revealed here is that Brooke and Brett planned the twins birthday party together. And really who gives a ****.

165 days ago


So Denise bends over backwards to take care of their children when they are incapable/unwilling to do so ... and they hate her ??? Freak'n idiots. Charlie, dude, you are a talented guy but pull your head out of your ass.

165 days ago


hopefully they get some bad heroin and both overdose and die.

165 days ago


Those two have a lot of nerve being mad at Denise after all she's done to help them out. She took in their damaged kids when Brooke was too messed up to care for them and Charlie didn't want to take them, and yet she's somehow the bad guy? Charlie is like a child who throws a tantrum every time he doesn't get his own way. Denise and the girls are probably better off without that assh_le in their life.

165 days ago


The world is tired of his stupid games and his new ho is playing him like a fiddle, he treats child support like an award he gives to dogs, he couldn't care less about the happiness and wellbeing of any of his kids. You do as you are told and he will pat you on the head and give you money, say no to him and he will insult you and take away the money and drag you round the courts.

brooke has been a good girl she has relented and allowed the ho that is manipulating charlie right now to see the boys. the ho is praising brooke for this and calling herself stepmom.

Denise is the enemy because she can see right through the ho's act, she doesn't want the woman anywhere near her kids so she can play stepmom to them too in hope that she can get charlie to see what a great mother she'd be.

within a year she will be ex wife number 4, with 75million of his money because she's convinced him not to get a prenup and 55k a month in child support.

A fool and his money are easily parted and her evil, bossy, manipulating will leave those kids even more damaged and bring yet another sheen baby into this worldfor the sake of cash.

165 days ago


Denise and her girls are better off being away from Charlie,Brooke and all there drama it's always something with those to lowlifes I just feel bad for those boys

165 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

Under the loosest definition of a superlative I suppose your description could pass. Truth be told, I'm not quite surprised that you pretty much misued the grammatical term, but I am surprised that you even knew it.

165 days ago
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