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Kate Major

DUI Dash Cam Video

Lots of Crying, But No ABCs

3/18/2014 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Major
's DUI arrest last week began with a big lie, ended with her in cuffs, and featured A LOT OF CRYING in between. 

As TMZ first reported, Major was busted for driving under the influence near her home in Florida following a blowout argument with boyfriend Michael Lohan.


The newly-released dashcam video begins after officers have pulled Major over and begun questioning her. When asked if she had been drinking ... Major flat out says no. As TMZ first reported, Major's BAC was .243 ... more than three times the legal limit in Florida.

Right when the officer began to conduct his first field sobriety test, Major began to break down crying.


Major was then given a walking test, which she seemed to do well on ... only the officer had not told her to start walking yet. 

Then came the alphabet test ... which Major struggled with MAJORLY. She absolutely could not get past the letter V.


Once Major was done failing tests, the officer placed her under arrest and the waterworks began again BIG TIME.

Major was in court this morning where a judge ordered her to go to an in-patient rehab facility. When she gets out, she'll be forced to wear a tracking device. 

Major will be released from jail some time in the next day or so, once she posts the $16,000 bond.


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Hope the baby wasn't in the car.

199 days ago

bring back recent posts    

I'm shocked TMZ hasn't gotten their mitts on her inside the jail taking a pee yet. Disturbing it actually could still happen,and btw on another note, where is Kanye's mug shot from his case that got settled yesterday?isupposehe paid TMZ off NOT too post it.

198 days ago


Simply put, this family is a mess and it's clear that a prerequisite in the Lohan family is being a drug addict or alcoholic. They are co-dependent upon each others addictions here and Hollywood should cut them loose. Giving them opportunity to earn income is like putting a gun in their hands. Being broke would save them because the money only facilitated their substance abuse..

198 days ago


She's not famous, why is this even on your site. She had a baby with a guy who's kid is a celebrity. It's ibvious she has a problem & I hope she gets the help she needs but she's not a celebrity.

198 days ago


I don't understand why anybody would drink and drive? Are u stupid? Get a cab or even Lyft a ride it's cheaper! But please don't drink and drive. I am not rich but I would rather pay the extra $50 than go to jail, get harassed by cops, have my liscense revoked. U have enough money to drink then spend a little extra on ur and everyone else's safety. Dummy.

198 days ago


Don't ever lie to a cop. It only will hurt you more. My father in law was one and if you lie, they will add every other charge they can.

198 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

Jon Gosselin dodged a major (yes, pun) bullet with that bitch. What a hot mess. I thought it was hilarious that on the second try she sang the ABC's but still couldn't get past V. I also thought for testing out at a .243 she stood upright quite nicely. Relax, relax, relax ... loved the cop.

198 days ago

liberal racist    

do they train police to be a@sholes in cop school?

198 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

Dash cam video? Really? When do we get to see her piss in the jail cell toilet?

198 days ago


Look to me she needs to talk to someone. I really have been filling her story to much. Another cry for help.

198 days ago


Hahaha I went lad year. And my grandchild goes ever year. Thanks T M Z hahaha you just scared have the work. Lol just playing love u guys HAHAHA.

198 days ago


You recall awhile back Mikey Lo was trying to "teach" (or preach) to Lilo. And didn't seem to understand why he wasn't 'getting through' to her. & this is his friend? Why does it see to be the people that know the least that try to 'teach' others? (Not talking about real life teachers) But everything from celebs to the goofs on the Real Housewife shows , to the clowns you know well. It's always the, let's say dimmest & most troubled bulbs that try to teach the others. In this case I strongly suspect Mikey was a major part of Lilo's problem. Now this little drama ... seriously some folks have no real picture of themselves.

198 days ago


TMZ you are certainly in michael lohan back pocket, he leaks you personal information abt daughter and you do him a favor of making sure his girl friend is vilify in the press. You need to look at the common denominator in his relationships and how the women end up: Dina, Kate both turn to drugs and alcohol when dealing with him not to mention the train wreck of a daughter.

198 days ago

Colonel Nudge    

a tracking device?...... is she a russian spy????......

198 days ago



198 days ago
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