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Charlie Sheen

I'm Cutting Off Denise

3/19/2014 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0318_charlie_denise_tmzCharlie Sheen has gone for Denise Richards' jugular ... cutting off her child support and kicking her out of her house ... TMZ has learned.

Denise was getting $55K a month in court-ordered support for their 2 kids -- Lola and Sam.  We're told he only forked over half that amount for January and hasn't paid a dime in Feb or March.

As for the house ... as TMZ first reported, Sheen bought it for Richards back in 2011 so she and the kids would be close to him.  But we're told Charlie has told Denise he's selling the house and wants her out STAT.

Charlie is not hiding his contempt for Denise or the fact that this is retaliation.  Charlie believes Denise is keeping Sam and Lola from him.  Sources close to Denise tell us ... she can't just  race to give Charlie the kids when he feels like having them on a whim.  She also wants to be present when he has the children.

Our sources say Denise is getting her legal ducks in a row to go after Charlie in court.  Fact is ... when there's court-ordered child support, there's no such thing as a good excuse for not paying.



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She should take those kids and move to another country with them! That is the only hope she really has of protecting them. It'd be even better if she could move and take them to another planet, but unfortunately that cannot happen. Can you imagine what other kids say to and about those kids? I can't imagine that too many parents want their kids to associate with Sam and Lola. I seriously doubt any of them would ever feel safe allowing their kids to go over to Denise's house out of fear of what Charlie might do...considering he has posted pics of a grenade and a broken baseball bat as warnings to Denise for the whole world to see. Can't he see how much damage he is causing his poor children!?!?!? That guy is so incredibly highly likely to drop dead any day now from an overdose, considering his drug history, continuing drug usage and age. His victims (ex wives and girlfriends, kids, family and everyone else he has spent a lifetime destroying) will wish they could have a front row seat in hell to watch him burn!

219 days ago


Actually there sometimes is. If she isn't living up to her side of the visitation agreement, then he would have a case for withholding the payment. I'm sure we'll see how this pans out soon enough.

219 days ago


Someone cut off his mic! His constant druggie junkie actions are getting old. His kids should not ever ever have visitation unless supervised. Denise is the only stable person. Period.

219 days ago


Get him girl!!

219 days ago


$55,000 a month? My family of 5 lives on that a year. I honestly have a hard time feeling sorry for these two. For that much money a month she could have gotten a new house and set up funds so the kids would have been set for the rest of their lives.

219 days ago

Verdi e Amarello    

Charlie is a big time loser. No idea why his show, anger management, is still,on the air and completely confused as to why I clicked to read about his douch baggy ways. Ugh!

219 days ago

Take America Back!    

Horrid man. He needs to dump his whores and live a respectable life. Denise must have a hellish life dealing with that loser and thank God she is so committed to her children. I wish Charlie would get help for his demons and this ridiculous behavior would be just an embarrassing past. Poor girls must live with everything he publicly does. I recall feeling embarrassed in my teen years having my father pick me up from high school in jean leisure suits, puca shell necklace and flipflops. Yes Charlie Sheen much worse. Jacked up teeth, getting that hollowed out druggie look and pretty soon his body will begin failing him.

219 days ago

Best Mom    

Charlie is vile! I hope Denise slam dunks him in court! I hope when their kids are grown, they want nothing to do with him!

219 days ago


Explain to me why anyone (let alone kids) need $55k a month? Denise would have had zero career in Hollywood without Charlie, he always brought her on to guest on shows he was on, and she's only had one big movie role. Move her out of the house, reduce the child support payments, let her find her own house (and pay for it herself) and move a normal distance away, and then go about like adults when it comes to visitation.

219 days ago


Wow Charlie how could you stoop so f_cking low? Putting your kids on the street because you're mad at their Mom? What a joke. I hope the judge doubles his child support just for being such an assh_le.

219 days ago


He is so tiresome!

219 days ago


What a douche bag!! Well she knows what to do next time him and his crackhead wife need someone else to take court ordered custody of their crack babies! let the state find someone to care for them!

219 days ago


She should open a case with the CA child support division and they can garish his wages. That will go over well I'm sure. But at least she can collect for the past due wages and all future payments. It will help her take her power back.

219 days ago

bring back recent posts    

What a nasty man,his poor kids.

219 days ago


CS is s***...

219 days ago
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