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Luis Miguel

Using Wealth To Dodge Daddy Duties

Claims Baby Mama

4/12/2014 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Luis Miguel
has dodged his responsibility to his kids by hiding behind gates and bodyguards ... playing a cruel game of catch me if you can with his flesh and blood ... according to his baby mama.

Aracely Arambula filed legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- in what has become a 2-year ordeal to serve him with legal docs in their child support war.

Arambula -- a Mexican soap opera star -- claims Miguel is like the Road Runner ... gleefully dodging process servers, most notably in front of a TMZ camera at a 2013 California county fair.  Luis claims service wasn't legal, because the guy never came face-to-face with him.


Arambula says she was given an anemic offer of $15K a month in child support for their 2 kids -- ages 5 and 7 -- yet in 2009-10, she says he raked in $24 MILLION for his concert tour alone.

She wants $60K a month minimum, but he went radio silent last year and now he says he's moved from California to Florida so she has no legal right anymore to drag him to court.

Arambula outlines the lengths to which she's tried serving him, only to be thwarted by Luis' massive gates protecting his Bel Air home.

Luis wants the case dismissed because he was never properly served.  She's saying he's a terrible dad for using that excuse not to support their kids.


No Avatar


What an embarrassment he is..

197 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Bi-curious.... He's saying, "give it to me in the rear."

197 days ago


I don't understand why doesn't he just pay her. He can afford it. But then again, he had a daughter he never saw for 20+years. She can definitely take care of her kids. She should just move on... Focus on the kids.

197 days ago


If this is true, he's pond s***.

197 days ago


What a loser

197 days ago

Roberik 22    

Greedy b-tch! I'd have been happy with the 15,000 a month. That's a lot of money. And in Mexico, that would go go a long way. Some people...

196 days ago


I LOVE Luis Miguel's music, but he's kinda weird...

196 days ago


What a dick!!! She should take the 15K, its better than playing "catch me if you can" with him.

196 days ago


I'm all for men paying child support but some of these women get greedy. $15k per month should be enough to raise 2 children, but she's requesting an amount that most people don't earn in a year. Child support was meant to support the children, not so she can live an extravagant lifestyle.

196 days ago


Deadbeat Dad..

196 days ago


Cheap `>

196 days ago


Oh yeah. He's a real winner

196 days ago


How could anyone possibly survive on 15k a month.

196 days ago


Come on, she's not as rich as he is but she is a millionaire herself and she's trying to force him to spend time with his kids so I don't think this is about greed, it's about principle. This woman is having to raise THEIR children on her own, therefore, he should fork over about half of what he makes until they're grown. Maybe if you hit 'em where it hurts people would think twice about walking out on their children because knowing they're doing irreparable damage sure isn't stopping the asshats!

I hope this waste of space (I won't call him a man because he's NOT) gets exactly what he deserves. If he walks out on his children just because he no longer wants to be with the mother then he should have to pay and pay dearly! He has a daughter he refused to even acknowledge until she was grown and now he's walked out on two small children. He's disgusting and it's disgusting that all of this is so widely known, yet he still has fans who worship him!

196 days ago


What really amazes me every time is these men don't get it that the women are looking for the 18 year paycheck. Then they don't even wrap their stick and dip it in women who no doubt have been just about around the world with their legs thrown over their shoulders in search of the payday, not only impregnating them but taking away who knows what to infect the next whore. S

196 days ago
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