Luis Miguel Screwup In Child Support Case

9/23/2013 8:06 AM PDT

Luis Miguel -- Screwup In Child Support Case


Note to process server:  All Mexicans don't look alike.

Luis Miguel was about to perform at a concert in Bakersfield, CA last night, when a process server was locked and loaded to serve him with papers in a child support case.  Luis was in a limo when another dude got out and the server lunged.

The video is terrible, but you can hear the dude say he's not Luis.  His name is Daniel.

Problem is ... the surprise was spoiled and the process server was ordered to leave ... but before his exit he planted the papers on the windshield of the limo.

Luis' ex, Telenovela star Aracely Arambula, has been after the singer for not paying child support for their 2 kids. 

It seems Luis is not too keen on the justice system running its course, because he's making it hard for confused process servers.

FYI ... under California law ... service on a windshield is valid if the subject is inside the vehicle and the process server announces what he's doing in a clear, loud voice.  We don't hear the process server say anything, so service is dicey.