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'RHOA' Cynthia Bailey

Possible Demotion

... For Kicking Porsha

9/1/2015 4:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0901-cynthia-bailey-housewives-TMZ-10Cynthia Bailey didn't even make it a full season, and she's already on the verge of following in Porsha Williams' footsteps -- as in, getting demoted. 

In the wake of the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" fight -- where Cynthia kicked Porsha -- production sources tell us show honchos are reviewing footage of the incident and weighing their options for discipline.

TMZ broke the story ... Porsha and Cynthia got into it while shooting a scene on a boat -- Porsha called Cynthia a bitch repeatedly ... until CB snapped and unleashed a kick

We're told producers want to see just how bad (or good, for ratings) the fight was ... and there's a possibility Cynthia could be demoted to the dreaded 'friend of the cast' title -- as opposed to full cast member. And yes, that would mean a cut in pay too.

As for why PW's neck isn't on the line? We're told there's no rule against antagonizing -- hell, that's the meat of the show -- but getting physical crosses the line.

This is old hat for Porsha ... who got bumped down after her epic Kenya Moore brawl. She's hoping to earn a promotion this season.


Master P's Wife

He's Tossing Me ...

Out in the Street!

9/1/2015 2:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0901_master_p_sonya_miller_tmz_instagramMaster P won't rest until his estranged wife is homeless, phone-less, and penniless -- according to Sonya Miller who is begging the court to force him to pay up immediately. 

Sonya says Master P pulled out the big guns last week in their divorce war ... by having security guards block her from entering the Calabasas gated community where she lives with their 7 kids. The issue is ... Master P pays the rent, but in docs filed last week ... Sonya says he's threatening to stop paying. She also says he cut off her cable service at the home, and her cell phone. 

There's more ... Sonya says Master P told her he was going to have her SUV repossessed ... which, she points out, would force her and the children to walk in the blazing summer heat of the Valley -- possibly aggravating her hernia and vertigo.

Sonya wants MP to start forking over some cash while they sort out the divorce. In the docs, she says her soon-to-be-ex is estimated to be worth $178 million ... but he's yet to pay a cent of child or spousal support.  


Jimmy Snuka Murder

Done In By His Own Autobiography

9/1/2015 1:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0901-jimmy-snuka-getty-01Cops say Jimmy Snuka has been lying about what REALLY happened the day his GF died for DECADES ... and his own autobiography helped convince cops he's the murderer.  

TMZ Sports has obtained documents from the grand jury that indicted the former WWF superstar ... which spells out why investigators believe he killed Nancy Argentino in 1983.  

Long story short ... cops say Snuka told investigators in 1983 that Nancy injured her head while the two were "fooling around" outside of their motel room in Allentown, PA when he pushed her and she fell, striking her head.

Fast forward to 2012 ... when Snuka published his autobiography, "Superfly: The Jimmy Snuka Story" in which Jimmy's story changes RADICALLY. 

In the book, Snuka says Nancy slipped and fell on her own while going to the bathroom at a rest stop. He makes no mention of an altercation whatsoever.  

Well, cops took notice of the extreme change in his story and reopened the case -- ultimately, determining there was enough evidence to prove Snuka laid a serious beatdown on Nancy, which directly caused her death.  

Snuka was arrested today in his NJ home. He has since posted bail. 

Judge Joe Brown

I'm Not UNlike Nelson Mandela

... After Serving Jail Time

9/1/2015 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Judge Joe Brown is celebrating his freedom after doing the exact opposite of hard time -- 5 days in a Memphis jail for contempt of court -- and lashing out at the court that sent him to the pokey. 

Judge Joe sounded off on TMZ Live today -- hours after his release -- accusing the Shelby County, Tennessee court system of widespread racism.  

Brown goes as far as saying black lives don't matter in Shelby -- but believes he's now in good company after his brief stint in lockup. Think ... mini MLK or Mandela. 

WWF Legend Jimmy Snuka

To Be Charged with Murder

... In Death of GF

9/1/2015 11:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news



12:30 PM PST: TMZ Sports has learned Jimmy has posted bail.


Former WWF superstar "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka -- a member of the WWE Hall of Fame -- will be charged with murdering his girlfriend in an incident that happened 32 YEARS AGO. 

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Anti-Fur Protesters

Manhandled and Booted

9/1/2015 11:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rihanna had a violent run-in with an old foe -- angry protesters interrupted the singer's perfume launch. 

Rihanna was at a Macy's in Brooklyn on Monday for the release of her new perfume line "RiRi" when the fur-huggers lashed out. You can see from the video -- security quickly steps in to remove the protesters but not before Rihanna took notice. 

This isn't the first time the singer has been criticized for wearing animal products -- she was attacked by PETA in 2012 for wearing snake-skin boots. 



In other news...

Lindsay Lohan: Drugged At Wedding

Lindsay Lohan claims she was drugged at a friend's wedding. Find out what she did while under the influence.


Ronda Rousey

Hell Yeah I'll Go to Marine Ball

... But There's a Catch!

9/1/2015 8:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Score one for the Marines!!!!

The ballsy Devil Dog who asked Ronda Rousey to his Marine Corps Ball -- in a video viewed more than 4 million times -- just got some great news ... SHE'S ALL IN!!!

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Taylor Swift

Mics Didn't Hear It & No One Smelt It

... So I Never Dealt It

9/1/2015 9:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MTV is saying a noise that sounded like Taylor Swift passing gas on live TV was just a faulty microphone ... but the impeccable timing of the toot makes that hard to believe. 

The sound happened while Swift was introducing her new music video "Wildest Dreams" during the MTV VMAs pre-show. 

So many things happened at the right time to make you believe Taylor squeezed it easy: her crouching at the same time as the toot, the open-mouth reaction and the wince on Karlie Kloss' face who was right behind Taylor.  

MTV claims their mics are so directional there's "absolutely no possibility" of them picking up a fart that loudly.

Still, we have to ask ... 


Kevin Gates

Cops Investigate Fan Kick

Charges Coming Down

9/1/2015 7:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


11:38 AM PT -- The Lakeland PD has filed a criminal complaint against Gates, charging him with simple battery. The case is now in the hands of the State Attorney's Office.update_grey_gray_barKevin Gates is learning ... brutally kicking a fan is a good way to get the cops crawling up your ass, and he's about to face criminal charges. 

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... police in Lakeland, FL are working with the State Attorney's Office and expect the rapper to be charged for the incident that went down over the weekend. Gates unleashed the kick on a woman who had tugged at his shorts. 

The woman was struck in the midsection, and went to the hospital. Based on the video alone ... it appears he severely overreacted.

It's unclear what the charge will be against Gates, but it's expected to come down sooner than later.

Gates also got into it with fans during a March show in Michigan ... but was not charged. 

In other news...

Kylie Jenner & Tyga Makeout Sesh Video

Their relationship is finally official and they aren't holding ANYTHING back.


Jay Z

Always Big Pimpin'

Just Don't Tell The Jury

9/1/2015 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0901-jay-z-tmz-02Jay Z raps about being a "pimp in every sense of the word" -- but in reality, Jigga wants to keep his fat pockets and criminal past under wraps when it comes to his court battle over "Big Pimpin'."

Jay filed docs asking a judge to keep his wealth from the eyes of the jury hearing his illegal sampling lawsuit. He's being sued by a man who claims Jay lifted an Egyptian composition for the 2000 mega-smash hit. In the docs, Jay Z says his bank account and rap sheet have nothing to do with the case.

The plaintiff claims Jay stole the tune, so that makes the rapper's criminal past relevant.

The judge is still deciding what he'll allow in court.


Justin Bieber

Cruising on the Board

In Bev Hills Ghost Town

9/1/2015 8:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber didn't have a care in the world as he cruised at high speed on his skateboard, in the middle of an empty Bev Hills street. 

Justin was just like any ol' skate rat as he zoomed past the TMZ Hollywood Tour bus at around 9 PM. 

The Biebs has developed mad skills on the board since we last saw him ... straight lining a steep decline into a parking garage. No worries about speed wobbles ... he's in control. 

Stopping is the hardest part and we don't know how he handled that, but he's definitely still alive.

In other news...

Rob Kardashian Reveals GREAT New Physique

He's baaaaack. Dude looks better than ever. Go, Rob!


TMZ Live

Kanye West:

I'm Running for President!

8/31/2015 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

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  • A Celeb in Hot Water over Her Thoughts on Hitler
  • Mark Cuban's 'Hoverboard' War Heats Up
  • A Rapper's Brutal On-Stage Assault against a Female Fan

TMZ's Bangin' Backside



9/1/2015 8:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0901_banging_backside_contest_art_promo2To celebrate the end of summer we are paying homage to the all mighty rear-end with our Bangin' Backside Photo Contest!

Click here to send in a photo of your moneymaker and you could score the $250 prize and some great gifts from TMZ! 

You could be sitting on a gold mine!

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