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DJ Zedd

Zee Views at My New Mansion Are Zick

12/22/2014 12:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

DJ Zedd HomeDJ Zedd's mostly famous for one hit here in the U.S. -- but that was more than enough for the guy behind "Clarity" to snatch up his own baller Hollywood Hills home.

Real estate sources tell us the deal was closed earlier this month for $3.9 million ... about half a mil less than the original listing price. 

The 3,443 square foot pad boasts 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, full security system, and of course ... the new must-have accessory -- heated salt water pool.

Dude knows how to drop the bass ... and a whole lot of dough.

Wes Scantlin

My Name is Mudd

In the Home Ownership Dept.

12/20/2014 12:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1219_wes-scantlin_tmzWes Scantlin has gone after a neighbor with a buzz saw, and a cop was injured while responding to a flood at his home ... now the home of bad luck is going on the auction block.

The Puddle of Mudd singer -- whose group sold more than 7 million albums -- is behind on his mortgage and the bank is tired of sending him notices. So the bank foreclosed on the house and it plans on recovering the mortgage balance -- more than $375,000 when the property is sold.

Scantlin bought the house for $1.7 mil back in 2005.

The auction is set for next month.

Beyonce, Jay Z

Lose Bidding War for Epic L.A. House

12/18/2014 3:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1218_beyonce_jay_z_beverly_hills_home_launchA 35-year-old Swedish video game programmer just got the prized house that Jay Z and Beyonce also wanted ... TMZ has learned.

Our real estate sources tell us ... Markus Persson plunked down $70 million cash for a 23,000 square foot palace in Bev Hills.

Markus can afford it ... he sold his company, Mojang -- which created the video game Minecraft -- to Microsoft for $2.5 BILLION.

As we reported, Beyonce and Jay Z visited the house multiple times and made an offer but Markus beat them out at 70.  

The other winners ... realtors Branden Williams and Ben Bacal who get a big fat commission check.


Lindsay Lohan

I Won't Live in L.A.

But I Love Visiting

12/17/2014 7:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan vowed to never again live in L.A. ... and days later she's here.

Lindsay crossed the pond and skipped NYC -- where she plans on living with her sister Ali -- and blew into L.A. Tuesday night.

We thought she might be here to perform some community service to fulfill her probation, but we've learned that's not the case. So the only real thing left is to party.

And you thought the storms were rough. Welcome back, Lindsay.

Lindsay Lohan

I'll NEVER Move Back to L.A.

12/14/2014 11:47 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

1214-lindsay-lohan-tmz-01Lindsay Lohan has sworn off the City of Angels ... and it's possible she's finally got her head on straight.

LiLo told the Guardian her time in the U.K. has been eye-opening ... and made her realize the L.A. nightlife scene helped trigger her downward spiral -- so she says she'll stay in the U.K. for good.

The 28 year-old says, "I won't live in LA again, hell no."

"I can go for a run here on my own," Lohan explains ... adding, "I do every morning, early, and I think how my friends in New York would still be up partying at that time. I needed to grow up and London is a better place for me to do that than anywhere else.”

United Kingdom, she's all yours.


Doc Rivers

It's Time To Clean House ...

And Grab A Cool Million

12/13/2014 12:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Doc Rivers Home
Clippers' skipper Doc Rivers would prefer a NBA Championship but he'll settle for a boatload of cash ... he just scored an easy million after unloading his L.A. condo a year after buying.

Rivers picked up the swanky Beverly West pad for just over $5.5M last year and 15 months later ... he passed it off for $6.5M.

He could go coast to coast in these sprawling digs -- it's 3,813 sq ft. with access to a salt water pool, and fitness center, and throw in 2 parking spots ... for the 3-point play!

Rivers opted out for an upgrade ... he put the cash toward his new $8.2M perch, up in the bird streets of the Hollywood Hills. 

Coach just keeps on winning.

Lady Gaga

I Just Gave My Dad

Control Over $24 MIL Malibu Pad

12/7/2014 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1205-lady-gaga-house-launch-fix-splash-3-1Lady Gaga trusts her dad and knows in her heart he would never betray her ... which is why she has relinquished full control over her first home ... an insane $24 MIL spread in Malibu. 

Joseph Germanotta now has power of attorney over the 6-acre estate. He can lease it, sell it, take loans against it ... pretty much do anything he wants, as long as it's in her interest.

Gaga went on Howard Stern recently and explained she runs her financial transactions past her dad for 2 reasons ... she trusts him more than anyone else, and he doesn't charge her for advice.

Germanotta -- who owns a restaurant in NYC -- could pull a Jamie Spears. Move to L.A. and start a catering business.


Jay Z & Beyonce

All They Want for Xmas ...

Is This Sick Bev Hills Mansion!!

12/5/2014 6:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0916-jay-z-beyonce-beverly-hills-home-launch-v2-3Jay Z and Beyonce -- the King and Queen of NYC -- could be California dreaming by Christmastime ... they're on the verge of closing a deal for an insane mansion, listed for $85 million.

According to TMZ's real estate sources Jay and Bey are the front runners in a bidding war on the 23,000 square foot palace in Beverly Hills -- and in the most UBER exclusive part of BH. 

We're told there are a total of 4 offers on the pad -- listed by real estate maven Branden Williams -- and the Carters aren't the only celebs interested. 

Our source says Beyonce, Jay and the seller are "just a few million dollars apart" on the price. They've already visited the home six times.

The deal's expected to close by Christmas for right around $70 million! Stuff that in your stocking.


Justin Bieber

I'm so Transparent

... In My New House

12/5/2014 9:38 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

1205_justin_bieber_glass_house_launch_2 As the saying goes, people who live in glass houses ... now including Justin Bieber.

We've learned Biebs has moved into a landmark house near Beverly Hills ... one that was built recently but has captured the interest of architectural aficionados.

We're told the house is renting for just shy of $60K a month. He can afford it.

As we previously reported ... Justin moved out of his BH condo this week -- to the delight of his neighbors. Justin turned the building upside down.

The house is big enough so the ragers won't disturb nearby residents ... it's 6,537 square feet with a 7 car garage, 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms.

We're told it's a short-term lease which, when it comes to Justin, is about all people can take.


Quit Bugging Me!!

Critters Eat Out Mansion

12/5/2014 12:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Avicii HomeAvicii is kicking out his roommates -- several hundred thousand of 'em actually -- as he shells out serious cash to deal with a termite infestation in his sick Hollywood Hills mansion.

According to our sources, the DJ's in the middle of a $350,000 overhaul -- to repair damage from the wood-lovin' insects, and from water damage. We're told the 7,000 square foot home needed new walls, decks and roofing because the original waterproofing was jacked up. 

Avicii also decided to convert part of his garage into a living space with sick views of the city.

Fun Neighborhood Note: Avicii lives near Robin Thicke, who we're told has been bitching about construction crews making it tough for him to get through the street ... in his Porsche Carrera.



Justin Bieber

Bev Hills Neighbors Rejoice

Ding Dong, The Biebs Is Gone!

12/4/2014 12:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber MovesIt's been rainy and gloomy in LA all week, but it's all sunshine and rainbows for the residents of a Beverly Hills condo ... because Justin Bieber has finally moved out!

Bieber officially cleared out Monday. An email had circulated among tenants, suggesting a party when the day came that Justin was a memory ... so Saturday night should be crazy at the condo.

Biebs has terrorized his neighbors since he signed the lease back in June. 

June 24 -- Days after Bieber settled in neighbors are already complaining

July 3 -- The building hires extra security 

July 21 --  Cops called to the condo six times in one night for Bieber-related problems

July 29 -- Cops show up to tell residents how to handle Bieber

October 15 -- A Bieber homecoming party is busted up by cops

We've heard Bieber is looking to rent an L.A. home, but so far nothing's in cement.


Chinese Family to Kardashians

Feng Shui You!

12/3/2014 3:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A Chinese man -- considered the Asian Ryan Seacrest -- has filed a lawsuit alleging the Kardashians trashed his house in the worst way -- they told America it had bad feng shui.

Jianxiang Huang and Li Weihong bought the house in Calabasas in 2012 ... right next door to Kourtney. They left it vacant and asked their realtor to maintain it until they eventually moved in.

Fast forward to last August, when Jianxiang returned to America to find the house in what he believed was shambles -- there was oil on the backsplash, metal bowls were not stacked properly, sugar and salt were "significantly used" and there were even Pittsburgh Steelers slippers in the closet!

Jianxiang sued his realtor, and dropped a BOMBSHELL ...  a neighbor told Jianxiang his house was on an episode of "Keeping Up the with Kardashians" in January, when Khloe was looking for a home to escape the Lamar drama. Cameras were rolling when the fam trashed the house, saying it had bad feng shui.

Jianxiang was humiliated, saying in his lawsuit 2 million people worldwide -- plus his neighbor -- saw the Kardashians bring great dishonor to his house.

He's suing the realtor for all sorts of things, including "aiding and abetting a trespass." The Kardashians were not sued.


Blake Griffin

Reveals Man Cave

Many Questions Arise ...

12/3/2014 10:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1203-blake-griffin-man-cave-instagramBlake Griffin shared a photo of his "man cave" ... and now we have a ZILLION questions. 

BG posted the photo Tuesday night with the caption, "Man cave night. 3 games on + several intense ping pong matches."

Where do we begin????

-- DirecTV or cable?
-- Is that a touchscreen remote on the trunk?
-- Why does he have a $100 TV stand from Best Buy?
-- Is that a PS4 on the second shelf? Is that a gaming camera on the top shelf?
-- Why is the couch centered with the TV on the left and not the big TV in the middle?
-- Is that a cordless phone on the right box? Who has a landline anymore?
-- Why wasn't he watching the Mavs/Bulls game? It went to double OT!!!!
-- Does audio only come through the big TV? Can he play audio from whichever TV he wants?
-- Is that a pool cue rack behind the guy playing ping pong?
-- Where's the stripper pole? 
-- Can we come over?

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