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Ex-Baylor Volleyball Player Allegedly Gang Raped By Football Players

5/17/2017 8:57 AM PDT
Breaking News

More vile allegations involving the Baylor football team ... this time a former Baylor women's volleyball player claims she was gang raped by a group of football players in 2012. 

The woman, who identifies herself as Jane Doe, has sued the University -- claiming she was "brutally gang raped by at least four and, according to some reports, as many as eight, Baylor football players." The woman notes Art Briles was the head coach at the time. 

In her suit, the woman claims she was at a party when she was "drugged" by football players -- picked up and carried into one of the football players' truck.  

She remembers being taken to a bedroom where she was "lying on her back, unable to move and staring at glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling as the football players took turns raping her."

The woman claims she remembers hearing the players yell, "Grab her phone! Delete my numbers and texts" ... in an apparent effort to get rid of damning evidence. 

In her suit, she claims at least one of the players took nude photos of her during the gang rape. 

There's more ... after she reported the incident to the Baylor counseling center, she claims the Baylor football team sought retribution. She claims several players broke into her apartment and ransacked her room, stealing money and other belongings. 

The woman claims she reported the burglary to the Waco PD but no charges were pressed. 

She claims the football players continued to threaten and harass her until she left the school in 2013. 

The woman is seeking unspecified damages. 

Baylor has issued a statement saying, "The alleged incident outlined in the court filing occurred more than 5 years ago, and Baylor University has been in conversations with the victim’s legal counsel for many months in an attempt to reach an amicable resolution."

"As this case proceeds, Baylor maintains its ability to present facts -- as available to the University -- in response to the allegations contained in the legal filing."'

"The University’s response in no way changes Baylor’s position that any assault involving members of our campus community is reprehensible and inexcusable."

"Baylor remains committed to eliminating all forms of sexual and gender-based harassment and discrimination within our campus community."

A$AP Rocky Home Hit in Armed Robbery ... More Than $1 Mil Taken

5/17/2017 5:41 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

12:10 PM PT -- TMZ has learned the suspects got into the house through an unlocked window and A$AP's sister walked in on them. 

A$AP Rocky's crib got rolled Tuesday night by armed robbers ... TMZ has learned.

The incident went down around 11:30 PM and, according to law enforcement sources, 3 male suspects knocked on the door to his L.A. home. When a woman answered, they pulled a gun and forced their way into the house.

We're told the men grabbed the woman and took her around the house while they scooped up a ton of loot -- about $1.5 million in jewelry and other property.

They also took a safe, but left it on the sidewalk for some reason before bolting in their getaway vehicle.

We're told the woman is a relative of A$AP, who was not home at the time. She was not tied up and it appears she was not injured.

Our sources say it looks like this was not a random hit, but rather the suspects targeted the rapper.

To that point ... late Tuesday, A$AP posted a video showing one of his buddies dropping a ton of cash into a bill counter.


Zack Snyder It's Too Late for 'Pirates' ... But There IS a Way to Stop Hackers

5/17/2017 7:45 AM PDT

Blockbuster director Zack Snyder has an idea for Hollywood to avoid another film getting hacked -- like the new 'Pirates of the Caribbean' flick -- but it's gonna require embracing LOW tech. 

We got Zack -- who's currently working on "Justice League" -- at LAX Tuesday right after hackers said they'd release 'Pirates 5' on the Internet if Disney didn't pay an enormous ransom ... in Bitcoin, no less. 

The Mouse House says it won't pony up, but Zack's already thinking about how to keep his huge movies safe. And if that plan doesn't work, he says it's up to fans to do what's right.

White House Latest Fence Jumper Has Experience

5/17/2017 7:06 AM PDT

It's like the movie "Groundhog Day" at the White House -- the latest person to try hopping the fence also attempted a breach just one month earlier ... TMZ has learned.

According to police documents, the woman who was busted Tuesday is 34-year-old Jessica Rhea Ford of La Vergne, TN. Cops also caught her near the south fence on April 16 after recognizing her as a person of interest to the Secret Service.

During Tuesday's arrest ... Ford was caught as she was seen scaling the White House fence, but was stopped before making it over. She also cut her hand on the way down.

Cops say she's known to have tried getting on White House grounds "on numerous occasions" ... and had previously been ordered to stay away.

Add Ford to the growing list of fence jumpers this year, and some of the others are also repeat offenders.

Elle King Husband Busted for Domestic Violence Weeks Before Their Split

5/17/2017 1:00 AM PDT

Elle King's husband was arrested after they had a violent altercation about a month ago -- when we had no idea they were married -- but she chose to let him off the hook, criminally.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the incident went down April 23 at Elle and Andrew Ferguson's L.A. home. We're told they were arguing when Ferguson grabbed her by the throat with both hands, tossed her on a bed ... and said, "I'm gonna f***ing kill you."

We're told cops found scratches on Elle's neck and marks on her arm. Ferguson was arrested and booked for felony domestic violence. We're told his side of the story was that he threw Elle to stop her from hitting her head on a wall.

Elle later told cops things just got out of hand while they were partying, and she did not wish to press charges. The D.A. ultimately declined to move forward with the case ... however, the arrest adds context to the singer's surprise breakup announcement.

Elle posted a pic Monday, revealing they'd secretly married back in March 2016, and were going to have a big ceremony on April 15, 2017. Elle admitted skipping that to go to a Eagles of Death Metal concert instead. It's unclear if the fight, 8 days later, was related.

We've reached out to Elle, but no word back.

Chelsea Manning Released from Prison with Strings Attached

5/17/2017 6:08 AM PDT
Breaking News

Chelsea Manning just walked out of prison 28 years early thanks to Barack Obama ... but she'll have to be on her best behavior since she's still technically a soldier.

Manning -- who had her prison sentence commuted by Obama before he left office -- is in the middle of appealing her original conviction in a military tribunal ... so she'll remain on active duty with the U.S. Army while that plays out. The process could take years.

You'll recall ... Manning pled guilty to leaking classified intel to WikiLeaks and was serving a 35 year sentence. She attempted suicide twice while behind bars after coming out as transgender.

Because she's still on active duty, Manning will be subject to military rules and punishments if she commits a new crime ... which could include something as minor as trashing her old bosses.

In other words ... Chelsea's gotta lay low until she's discharged. And the only way that'll happen is if she drops the appeal ... or waits for an official decision in her case.

After being released early Wednesday morning, she posted her first pic to IG and said in a statement ... "After another anxious four months of waiting, the day has finally arrived. I am looking forward to so much! Whatever is ahead of me is far more important than the past. I’m figuring things out right now – which is exciting, awkward, fun, and all new for me."

Ted Bundy's Lawyer Zac Efron as Killer Could be Epic ... If He Does it Right

5/17/2017 12:50 AM PDT

Zac Efron taking on the role of Ted Bundy is such dead-on casting, it could be the role Zac is ultimately remembered for ... according to the man who defended the infamous serial killer.

John Henry Browne, Bundy's lawyer in the '70s and early '80s, tells TMZ ... Efron's background as a charming heartthrob gives him an edge tapping into Bundy's persona -- the smooth talking, good looking guy who seduced young women.

That's the easy part, though. Browne says Zac's real challenge will be capturing the Bundy's "essence of evilness." He says if Zac can nail that, it would be such a departure ... it could make his career.

The lawyer says he had meetings about turning his book, "The Devil's Defender," into a TV series ... and Efron's name also came up then. 

As for which Bundy flick will be better -- Efron's "Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile" or Mark Harmon's 1986 TV movie, "The Deliberate Stranger" -- Browne's picking Zac.

But only because Harmon's script kinda sucked.

Chris Soules Enters Not Guilty Plea Early ... To Avoid Court Spectacle

5/16/2017 2:39 PM PDT

Chris Soules might have just saved himself from showing his face in court for a while -- he entered a plea of not guilty on paper, instead of in person.

Chris filed a written plea Tuesday, waiving his right to an arraignment in open court. He pleaded not guilty to one charge of leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death. 

Chris was arrested in Iowa last month after he left the scene of the fatal crash with a farm tractor. Prosecutors say he bought booze before the crash.

Interesting delay tactic, but one way or another Soules WILL eventually have to show up in court.

White House On Lockdown After Another Fence Jumper

5/16/2017 2:13 PM PDT
Breaking News

The White House's on lockdown after someone jumped a fence Tuesday afternoon.

The area outside the White House was cleared after an individual hopped the bike rack along the north fence line on Pennsylvania Ave. ... according to the Secret Service. They report the suspect is now in custody but the White House remains on lockdown.

The White House has been hit by a series of fence jumpers ... some lingering on the grounds and going unnoticed by the Secret Service.

Tuesday's incident had law enforcement scrambling.

Blac Youngsta Surrenders to Cops Over Young Dolph Shooting

5/16/2017 11:19 AM PDT
Breaking News

Blac Youngsta turned himself in to cops investigating a shootout that targeted Young Dolph.

Youngsta and 2 other men surrendered Tuesday in Charlotte after warrants were issued for their arrest. The shooting went down back in February as Dolph was riding to his concert. More than 100 rounds were blasted into his SUV. No one was injured, most likely because the vehicle was heavily armored.

Young Dolph told us back in March ... he thought Youngsta was targeting him in a jealous rage. He also said the $300k he dropped to bulletproof his SUV was the best money he'd ever spent.

Can't argue with him on that one.

Ex-'Deadliest Catch' Star Wanted in Phoenix Drug Case

5/16/2017 10:39 AM PDT

Jake Harris failed to show up in court to face drug charges, so now he's a wanted man ... TMZ has learned.

The former "Deadliest Catch" star was already facing 2 felony drug possession charges when he skipped a hearing Friday in Phoenix. According to court docs, the judge immediately issued a bench warrant for Harris' arrest.

We broke the story ... Harris was busted last month after he took off with his friend's car and was found the next day with Xanax and crystal meth.

Jake left the "Deadliest Catch" cast back in 2012.

Chiefs Rookie Patrick Mahomes Robbed By Tiny Man ... Cops Make Arrests

5/15/2017 9:52 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

K.C. Chiefs rookie Patrick Mahomes II was robbed at gunpoint in Texas on Friday by a tiny bad guy who stole the QB's wallet ... but don't worry, cops believe they have the suspect.

The 10th pick in the '17 NFL Draft told police he and 3 friends were returning to a Smith County home after a baseball game when a car pulled into the driveway next to them and a man demanded their belongings. Mahomes told police he believed the man was carrying a gun. 

Mahomes says he and his friends cooperated with the demands and the suspects fled the scene. Cops were able to track down 2 males -- 34-year-old Michael Blake Pinkerton and Billy Ray Johnson, 58 -- in their vehicle and were taken to jail.

According to jail records, Pinkerton is 5'4" and 128 pounds. 

For comparison, Mahomes is 6'3", 229.

Cops say Mahomes' wallet was recovered.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Sports the incident didn't appear planned and the suspects had no idea who they were robbing.

Pinkerton was booked on aggravated robbery and held on $50k bond ... and Johnson was booked for evidence tampering and drug possession. Cops have not recovered a gun.

We also spoke to a rep for the Chiefs who tells us they're "aware of the situation, and thankful that Patrick is safe."

David Hasselhoff's Daughter Arrested for DUI Passed Out On L.A. Freeway

5/15/2017 8:34 AM PDT

David Hasselhoff's daughter, Hayley, was arrested for DUI in L.A. over the weekend after cops say she passed out behind the wheel of her Mercedes while driving on the freeway.

According to the police report obtained by TMZ, the 24-year-old 'Sharknado' actress was driving her white Mercedes Benz on the 101 freeway around 4 AM when the car came to a stop on the Fallbrook off-ramp.

Witnesses called 911 ... and when officers arrived they found Hayley passed out in the driver's seat with her foot on the brake.

Responders were able to wake Hayley and got her to roll down the window. Officials quickly got control of the car and got Hayley out of the vehicle.

Cops say Hayley reeked of booze and bombed a field sobriety test. She was arrested for DUI and was taken to a nearby hospital to be evaluated.

Once she was medically cleared, she was taken to a nearby jail where she was booked.

Hayley is an actress and model. She was a cast member on the ABC Family show "Huge" and appeared in "Sharknado: The 4th Awakens."

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