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Rappin' 4-Tay Busted for Burglary

10/12/2016 1:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1012_rappin_4-tay_facebookRappin' 4-Tay -- best known for his '94 hit "Playaz Club" -- was arrested for first degree residential burglary ... TMZ has learned. 

Sources close to the case tell us the rapper is sitting in a San Francisco jail, with his bail set at $112,000. Here's the thing -- his arrest went down Sept. 24th. He's been rotting behind bars since then. Details on the alleged burglary are still unclear, but we're told it's just the latest incident in a string of legal trouble.

He also allegedly took stuff out of a commercial building recently ... and we're told cops discovered 2 outstanding warrants when 4-Tay was taken into custody.

Story developing ...

Derrick Rose NO MISTRIAL IN RAPE CASE ... Judge Rules

10/12/2016 8:51 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

1012-derrick-rose-getty-02No mistrial in the Derrick Rose civil rape case ... the judge just ruled the case will move forward despite claims the accuser hid important text messages from the defense. 

As we previously reported, the judge scolded the accuser's legal team in court Tuesday for allegedly withholding texts that could've helped Derrick Rose's case.

The judge had previously said he didn't want to declare a mistrial because the case would likely be brought again in the middle of the NBA season and severely inconvenience him. 

But Rose's team did get a minor victory in court Wednesday.

Moments ago, the judge said the accuser's team didn't fully comply in her duty to provide evidence to the other side and will give Rose's team the opportunity to put the accuser back on the stand to grill her about the text messages in question. 

'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' Star Wanted By Cops For Skipping Luxury Car Payments

10/12/2016 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1007-karen-king-instagram-01"Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star Karen King has allegedly ducked car payments and the repo man for so long she's now wanted by cops.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... King bought a Maserati in 2014, but it's approaching 5 months since she's made a payment on it. We're told the repo man's been after her and the whip for months, but couldn't track her down ... so heading to court was the last option.

The judge signed a warrant for Karen's arrest late last week, but she's still MIA.

She's got a lot on her plate after getting arrested back in May for identity fraud. She could still get up to 3 years behind bars for that alleged crime.

Alberto Del Rio & Paige Knife Attacker Was Drunk Idiot ... Who Dissed My Girl

10/12/2016 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ex-WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio says he REALLY WAS attacked by a man with a knife last week -- saying things got violent with the "drunk" assailant when he talked smack to his GF, Paige.

There has been lots of speculation about Del Rio's story -- with no witnesses coming forward, suspicious looking stab wounds and no confirmation from police (despite ADR saying he contacted cops).  

1011-sub-alberto-del-rio-instagram-03But when we saw Del Rio and Paige in NYC, the wrestler shed a little more light on the situation

"It was an incident with a guy who disrespected my girl and I just got involved in a street fight. I got a little bit hurt, but thank God I’m fine right now." 

As for the doubters, Del Rio says the suggestion he would make up the story to cover something else up is "ridiculous."

There's more ... we also spoke with Paige about the fact she violated the WWE's wellness policy twice in 3 months and if she plans to return to the WWE. 

As for Alberto, he's been named president of Combate Americas -- a Hispanic MMA franchise -- and says he vows to be the "Mexican Dana White."


Jim Carrey's Lawyer Late GF Had No Contact With Mom Lawsuit is Another Sham!!

10/11/2016 12:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1011-cathriona-white-Jim-Carrey-INSTAGRAM-TMZ-01Jim Carrey's late girlfriend had a broken relationship with her mother and they were estranged for years ... according to Carrey's lawyer.

Marty Singer claims Cathriona White received a message from her mom a few days before her suicide that was so demoralizing ... Cat cut off all contact with her. He also says Cat was forced to leave home at the age of 15 because of the way her mom treated her.

Singer says the wrongful death suit filed by the mother, Brigid Sweetman, is headed down the "same dark path" as Cat's estranged husband's lawsuit ... which he refers to as a sham.

Carrey's lawyer says Sweetman is directing her grief and rage over the loss of her daughter at his client ... but it's just another attempt to capitalize on her death.


Kim Kardashian Robbery Costume Backlash ... 'Pathetic' & 'Disgusting'

10/11/2016 10:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1011-kim-kardashian-robbery-costume-COSTUMEISH-01Kim Kardashian will have to relive the trauma of the Paris robbery come Halloween, thanks to a new costume, which a ton of people are calling a "disgusting" cheap joke.'s "Parisian Heist Robbery Victim Costume Kit" includes a short white robe, black wig, "$4 million" ring, sunglasses, a gag and a rope ... all for $69.99.

The getup is as controversial as it is timely ... which explains the wave of negative product reviews:

- "What kind of sociopathic a****** makes someones trauma a f***** COSTUME?!"
- "You should be ashamed of yourselves you sick f***s. Hope you get robbed at gunpoint so you psychopaths know how it feels. Pathetic."
- "This is ridiculous. Are you going to have a Brock Turner costume with optional dumpster and passed out girl?"

Costumeish founder Johnathon Weeks tells TMZ ... he expected backlash, but pop culture's become a huge part of Halloween. This is the same company that did Cecil the Lion and Caitlyn Jenner costumes ... so this is just par for the course.


Kim Kardashian to Cops Thieves Were a Bunch of Amateurs

10/11/2016 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1004-kim-kardashian-tmz-11Kim Kardashian's robbers were rank amateurs ... and it showed from start to finish.

Sources close to Kim tell TMZ ... she told cops the robbers were extremely hesitant and tentative ... whisking her in and out of the bathtub, pointing a gun at her head ... walking away and then pulling the gun again for no apparent reason.

We're also told it seemed to Kim that the robbers were arguing over how to pull off the heist. Remember ... the robbers only spoke French.

As for the robbers mimicking cops ... we're told not even close. The uniforms looked like they came from a Halloween store.

The thieves used a garden-variety backpack to carry the jewels out. But they were extremely careless ... a $33,000 necklace ended up on the street as they made their getaway. And they left zip ties and duct tape behind.

Still ... they got away with it -- for now.


'RuPaul's Drag Race' Winner Mother Injured By Stray Bullet

10/10/2016 3:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

1010-rupaul-bob-the-drag-queen-and-mother-LOGO-01The mother of "RuPaul's Drag Race" season 8 winner was injured when a stray bullet pierced her windshield and bloodied her face as she waited in her car in Atlanta.

Bob The Drag Queen confirmed his mom, Martha Anna Caldwell, was taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries, saying, "It's a miracle that she's not only alive, but able to go home after a few stitches."

Cops tell us the shooting happened Sunday night when a gunman hopped out of a car and started shooting at another man. Caldwell sat in her car about a block away when one of the rounds struck the windshield ... causing glass and projectile fragments to strike her face.

Bob's pissed about the shooting and railed on what he calls Georgia's "lax gun laws." He pleaded, "This could have been you, or worse this could have been your mother."

Ex-NFL QB Marcus Vick Arrested Again ... Crack Cocaine Possession

10/10/2016 11:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details


update_graphic_red_bar12:10 PM PT -- According to a police report obtained by TMZ Sports, cops found a small baggie of "suspected" crack cocaine, a baggie of molly and some marijuana residue inside Vick's apartment.update_grey_gray_barMore bad news for Marcus Vick ... the ex-NFL QB -- and younger brother of Michael Vick -- was arrested over the weekend in Virginia on a drug possession charge.

Cops say they went to Vick's apartment in Newport News on Saturday after someone complained about a marijuana odor in the area. 

Police say the smell became stronger when Vick opened the door to his place. 

He let the officers come inside and search the apartment. Vick was taken into custody for possession of a schedule I or II drug.

The former Virginia Tech standout is already on probation stemming from an assault case earlier this year -- and could now face serious time behind bars.

In case you missed it -- Vick led cops on a CRAZY foot chase during the assault arrest. 

Kim Kardashian My New Security's Ready for Gun Battle

10/10/2016 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1004-kim-kardashian-security-tmz-getty-02Kim Kardashian wants to make it clear to anyone who's even thinking of pulling off a heist at her expense ... you could end up dead, because she's amping up her security to Presidential levels.

Sources close to Kim tell us ... her new security detail includes former members of the Secret Service, who will be armed to the teeth.  

There will be at least one team of 2 hired muscles (minimum) everywhere she goes. We're also told her car will be "armored."  

We're told after the Paris robbery Kim met with some ex-special force members from the Israeli army, ex-CIA agents as well as former Secret Service members. Kanye met with owners of 2 top security firms. 

As for Pascal Duvier ... he still has a job.

We're also told Kris Jenner is heavily involved in security meetings, and plans to get protection for KourtneyKhloeKendall and Kylie ... stat. We've heard nothing about Rob.

No word on Kim's code name.


Kim Kardashian Concierge Says I'm a Victim Too Staying Calm Saved Us

10/7/2016 7:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1006-kim-kardashian-paris-apartment-tmz-getty-02Kim Kardashian has no reason to feel suspicious of the concierge who let gunmen into her apartment this week ... so says the concierge himself.

The 40-year-old apartment gatekeeper has written an open letter to Kim, trying to assuage her doubts that he's simply a victim. Kim has made a point of saying the concierge remained almost too calm when confronted by the robbers.  

The concierge wrote, "Dear Kim: When you feel the cold steel of a gun at your neck, it is the moment when remaining calm can mean the difference of life or death, both our lives."  In the letter, published in Closer magazine, he ends with "I hope you are feeling better."

As we previously reported, Kim turned to the concierge and said, "Are we gonna die?" He responded in a calm voice, "I don't know."

The Game Gunfire Derails Concert

10/7/2016 5:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

update_graphic_red_bar9:00 AM PT -- Police believe the shooting was tied to local gangs, and not related to Game.

We're told Game was in his dressing room, sipping champagne when the shots rang out, and didn't have a clue about the chaos.update_grey_gray_barSomeone fired at least one shot Thursday at a Game concert ... and cops are coming up dry -- they can't even find a victim.

Game was scheduled to perform in Portland, Oregon, but during an opening act a shot rang out. Cops swarmed the arena but no one was shot. They checked local hospitals as well, but no victims turned up.

The venue was closed and Game never performed.

It's obviously interesting because of Game's feud with Meek Mill, but so far nothing suggests Meek or his crew were involved.

Also relevant -- Game's entourage was targeted 3 weeks ago in Miami during a driveby shooting outside the Fontainebleau.

Kim Kardashian My Bling Was the Real Thing

10/7/2016 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1006-kim-kardashian-ring-INSTAGRAM-01Kim Kardashian is no faker ... we found out the stolen ring at the center of the Paris robbery really was as advertised ... insanely expensive.

Kim showed the ring off frequently, and seemed happy that media outlets were setting the value in the millions. After it was stolen, Paris authorities said it was worth $4.5 million. 

Sources familiar with the case tell us ... Kim has already submitted an insurance claim, setting the value of the ring at an even $4 million. 

The insurance docs describe the ring in detail ... a 20 carat emerald cut stone.

According to the docs, 13 items were taken, with a total value of $5.6 million ... significantly less than the reported $10 million or $11 million. 


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