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Dog the Bounty Hunter Fugitives Wanting Shelter for Hurricane Irma ... Should Go to Jail!!!

9/8/2017 6:46 AM PDT

Dog the Bounty Hunter's got ZERO sympathy for fugitives seeking shelter as Hurricane Irma heads to Florida. He says throw 'em in the pokey ... however, there's a huge BUT.

We got Dog with his wife, Beth, leaving Craig's Thursday night in WeHo and we asked him for his take on a Florida sheriff warning fugitives they'll be jailed if they seek shelter as Irma levels its way to FLA.

For those who don't know what the Polk County Sheriff's Office said ... "If you go to a shelter for Irma and you have a warrant, we'll gladly escort you to the safe and secure shelter called the Polk County Jail."

Dog agrees ... but only to a point.

Martin Shkreli Government Wants Him in Jail After Threatening Hillary Clinton

9/7/2017 7:44 PM PDT

Bad boy and convicted felon Martin Shkreli may be heading to jail way sooner than he thought, because the United States government wants to put him behind bars NOW, after threatening Hillary Clinton.

The Justice Dept. just filed docs, obtained by TMZ, which states Shkreli, who is out on $5 million bail pending sentencing for securities fraud, has engaged in a "pattern of threats and harassment that warrant his detention pending sentencing." Government lawyers want his bail revoked, NOW.

The last straw was Shkreli offering $5,000 to anyone who would "grab" some of Clinton's hair during her book tour. Government lawyers say Shkreli has a huge social media following who would take the challenge seriously, and as a result the Secret Service has been spending money and using resources to deal with the threat.

The lawyers also note Shkreli has harassed 2 women, notably a journalist who shunned him, to which he responded on Twitter, "If I'm acquitted I get to f*** Lauren Duca."

The judge has not ruled on the government's motion.

Donald Trump Trust Ethics Attorney's Wife Busted Having Sex with Jail Inmate

9/7/2017 4:19 PM PDT
Breaking News

Teresa Jo Burchfield, whose husband is an ethics attorney for President Trump's business, allegedly got caught banging a Virginia jail inmate.

53-year-old Burchfield was arrested Tuesday in a parking lot next to Fauquier County Jail. Deputies say she was in the backseat of a car having sex with a 23-year-old inmate. The inmate was a trustee, meaning he was allowed to do work outside the jail. Cops say he had cigarettes, clothing and "workout" supplements which he allegedly got from Burchfield. 

Teresa's husband is Bobby R. Burchfield, who was retained in January as an ethics advisory for the Donald J. Trump Revocable Trust.

Mrs. Burchfield was booked for delivering unauthorized articles to a prisoner -- a misdemeanor -- and released on a $5,000 bond.

'AGT' Winner Landau Murphy Jr. Off the Hook In Dom. Violence Case ... For Now

9/7/2017 1:59 PM PDT
Breaking News

"America's Got Talent" champ Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. won't face charges at this time for allegedly hitting his baby mama with a golf club ... TMZ has learned.

The domestic violence case against the season 6 winner of 'AGT' was dismissed without prejudice Wednesday ... meaning the case could still be reopened pending further investigation and discussions with the victim.

As we reported ... Landau was arrested in July for misdemeanor domestic battery and assault after an alleged brawl with his GF at the time, and was accused of striking her under her eye with a club.

Murphy says he is no longer in a relationship with the woman, but the 2 have a child to raise and "we both want our son to realize that his parents love him."

The 'AGT' winner also says he despises domestic violence, has campaigned against it and helped raise money for its victims ... and will continue to do so.

Usher Tells Judge The People Suing Me in Herpes Lawsuit are Liars

9/7/2017 9:35 AM PDT

Usher just fired back at the 2 women and a man who claimed he exposed them to genital herpes ... and he says it's all BS.

Usher's legal team just filed a response to the California herpes lawsuit. He denies everything ... specifically, their claims he had sexual contact with them, and the claim he exposed them to herpes. 

One of the women, Quantasia Sharpton, said in a news conference with her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, she did not contract herpes when she allegedly had sex with him after celebrating her 19th birthday at an Usher concert ... but she claims he exposed her to the STD.

Usher, through his lawyers Laura Wasser and Zia Modabber, also raises an interesting argument ... the 3 plaintiffs can't win because they have "unclean hands." That means he's alleging they did something wrong, although he's not specific.

And there's this ... Usher claims the 2 women and the man don't have a legal claim because anything Usher might have done was unintentional. The intimation ... if he had herpes, he didn't know it at the time.

And finally he says if he did have sex with them they "assumed the risk" ... again, the intimation is that they assume the risk of contracting an STD.

Manson Family Killer One Step Closer to Freedom

9/6/2017 3:45 PM PDT

The youngest member of Charles Manson's murderous family went before a parole panel for the 21st time ... and took a big step toward being released.

Leslie Van Houten -- now 68 years old -- was granted parole suitability at a hearing at the California Institution for Women in Corona, CA Wednesday. That doesn't mean she's out, but it's a big step toward that.

There's a 5-month process in which all of her records will be reviewed and the file will then go to Governor Jerry Brown, who can either uphold the parole recommendation, reverse it or modify it.

She shouldn't get her hopes up ... last year the Board made the same recommendation and Brown nixed it.

As we reported ... Van Houten was equipped with a 13-page report saying she was immature and brainwashed by Manson as a 19-year-old when she stabbed and murdered Leno and Rosemary LaBianca.

Fellow Manson family killer, Patricia Krenwinkel, was denied parole in June.

'Boomer and Carton' Host Arrested By FBI In Alleged Ticket Scheme

9/6/2017 6:03 AM PDT
Breaking News

Craig Carton -- co-host of the popular 'Boomer and Carton' sports talk show on WFAN -- was arrested by FBI agents at his home in Manhattan on suspicion of running a concert ticket scheme. 

We're told the alleged scheme looks like this ... Carton and a partner claimed to have been operating a ticket business that promised blocks of tickets to big concerts. Problem is, it was all a lie (allegedly) -- they never had the tickets.

Carton is suspected of defrauding investors out of more than $2 million.

A spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney's office for the Southern District of NY tells TMZ Sports Carton is facing securities and wire fraud charges and he's due in court later Wednesday.

A rep for CBS Radio (which owns and operates WFAN) says the company is "aware of the situation and are cooperating with authorities."

'Ink Masters' Star Chris Blinston Arrested for Allegedly Strangling 13-Year-Old Daughter

9/2/2017 7:35 AM PDT

"Ink Masters" star Chris Blinston allegedly used both hands to choke his 13-year-old daughter so hard he squeezed off her airway ...  leaving her terrified and gasping for air.

Blinston's daughter told a therapist Blinston choked her Tuesday following an argument at his house during a custody visit. She told the therapist her dad strangled her twice Tuesday and that triggered a police investigation.

According to the police report -- obtained by TMZ -- the daughter says Blinston grabbed her around the neck and squeezed off her airway and was unable to breathe for 10 seconds. When he finally let go, she told him, "You just choked me, after everything that's gone on the past two days, you're choking me!"

According to the report, Blinston grew furious and again grabbed her by the neck and this time cut off her airway for another 6 to 7 seconds. The report also says Blinston called her cruel names -- including "mental skank." He allegedly told her if she told anyone about the incident there would be hell to pay.

When cops interviewed the girl they noticed marks on her neck, consistent with strangulation. The report noted that she's 5-foot-1, 110 pounds and Blinston is 5-11, 220 pounds.

Blinston was arrested on charges of felony domestic battery by strangulation. He was released from jail Friday after posting $6,000 bond.

Chris wholly denies all of the allegations, and says he looks forward to a full exoneration and intends to reconcile with his daughter.

MMA Fighter Sergio Da Silva Arrested for Robbing Bank

8/31/2017 3:45 PM PDT

MMA fighter Sergio Da Silva -- who fought at "Bellator 180: Sonnen vs. Silva" in June -- was arrested Thursday for allegedly robbing a bank in Queens, NY ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

Law enforcement sources tell us ... the 31-year-old is accused of single-handedly busting into a Citibank in Queens on August 24th and making off with thousands of dollars in cash. 

One source tells us the loot is estimated at around $50,000. 

We're told cops believe it was Da Silva who put on a ski mask and jumped over a glass counter in the teller area during the incident. He allegedly claimed to have had a gun and said he would shoot people. 

We're told cops were able to identify Da Silva by his fingerprints at the scene -- and tracked him down and arrested him Thursday morning. He lives right around the corner from the bank (same street). 

Da Silva is 6-9 as a pro fighter -- and has fought some pretty tough dudes including Aljamain Sterling and Matt Rizzo

'Pretty Little Liars' Star Gets Jail Time For Gun Dispute with Neighbor

8/28/2017 3:44 PM PDT

"Pretty Little Liars" star Brandon Jones will be doing some jail time after all in his gun case, but it won't be for nearly as long as it could've been ... TMZ has learned.

The L.A. County DA tells TMZ Brandon pled no contest Monday to one count of misdemeanor assault with a firearm in his gun case from last year and was sentenced to 180 days in jail.

We broke the story ... Brandon was originally facing 5 and a half years in prison for allegedly pulling a gun on a neighbor during an argument he got into with the guy.

Brandon was also sentenced to 3 years probation, 30 days of community labor and 26 anger management classes in the plea deal. 

Not even Andrew got it this bad on the show. 

Selena Gomez IG Hacked ... Bieber Nudes Posted

8/28/2017 12:31 PM PDT
Breaking News

Selena Gomez's Instagram account just got hacked ... and whoever's behind it immediately posted nude photos of her ex, Justin Bieber.

A post from Selena's official IG account went up Monday showing 3 paparazzi pics of Bieber flashing his penis ... with a caption that read "LOOK AT THIS N***A LIL SHRIMPY."

The alleged hackers included their IG handles and claimed they "run da scene."

The accounts appear to belong to 3 random Internet trolls who only have a handful of posts, and thousands of followers between them.

Selena quickly deactivated her account after the hack.

'Straight Outta Compton' Star 'Eazy-E' Actor Melts Down on Delta ... Where's My First Class Seat!?!

8/27/2017 4:15 PM PDT

6:20 AM PT -- A Delta official tells TMZ, the airline did NOT overbook. Mitchell was late to the airport and missed his flight, on which he had a first class ticket. Mitchell was flying standby on a later flight -- the flight in question -- and the only seat available was "comfort+." In other words, it was his fault.

The guy who played Eazy-E in "Straight Outta Compton" had a complete meltdown Sunday on a Delta flight ... because the airline double booked his seat.

TMZ obtained video of Jason Mitchell going insane after he realized someone was already sitting in his first class seat when he boarded the plane.

It's pretty wild -- you see Mitchell cussing out flight attendants and the pilot. He even calls him a "pussy" and then unleashes a bunch of "f*** yous" to everyone in earshot. 

Eyewitnesses say Mitchell eventually got off the plane, but not before cops had to get involved. Law enforcement sources tell us ... Mitchell was cuffed and detained when he finally left the aircraft, but Delta refused to press charges and he was released.

We've reached out to Mitchell's reps ... so far no word back.

Webbie Accuses Ex-GF of Trashing His Crib ... Calls Cops On Her

8/28/2017 12:40 AM PDT

Webbie says he's had another incident with the woman he's accused of beating up -- but this time she's the one facing a possible arrest ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us Webbie filed a police report this week, claiming she trashed his home and jacked some of his property. According to the report, Webbie and the woman had an argument which escalated to her causing thousands of dollars in damage in his GA home.

He claims the damage includes a $10,000 sound board and 2 iPhones worth $800 and $900. She also allegedly stole a $5,000 necklace and Webbie's van keys.

As we reported, Webbie got busted last month for battery and domestic abuse after he allegedly attacked her in a hotel room.   

As for the run-in at his house ... cops say she was gone when they arrived. They've interviewed her since then, but no charges have been filed yet.

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