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Chris Darden Hey Kanye, You Happy Now OJ was Freed?

3/11/2018 8:11 PM PDT

Chris Darden is incredulous Kanye West would dare sport a "Free OJ" t-shirt, especially now that he has flat-out confessed to the murders of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson on the Fox special.

Darden was on a panel that discussed OJ's belated mea culpa and he's livid at the naysayers who fought for Simpson's freedom.  He says the people who should have unbridled anger are the Goldmans and the Browns, but Chris's outrage is right there.

He says he saw Kanye on TV wearing the t-shirt and had words for him. And the words are on point and chilling ... "You freed him ... and look at what you freed." 

Simpson talked on the special about the murders, at first hypothetically, but then he lapsed into first person and it leaves no doubt ... even for the naysayers.  

Nick Gordon Arrested For Domestic Violence

3/11/2018 11:15 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

3/12/18 -- As of Sunday evening, Gordon has officially been released on bail.

11:37 AM PT -- According to the arrest report, obtained by TMZ, Gordon told cops his girlfriend refused to leave his residence after throwing a bottle at him and ripping his shirt. He claims she attacked him for no reason, and that she was "crazy." 

But according to Gordon's GF, per police, she picked up Gordon from a bar and that while driving back he allegedly struck her in the right side of her face several times. She also says in the report that he pulled her hair and told her he should make her crash her car. Once home, she claims they got into another verbal altercation.  

The arresting officer says he saw visible marks on the GF, and placed Gordon under arrest even though the woman refused to press charges.  Nick Gordon, who has been under the microscope for years in the death of Whitney Houston's daughter Bobbi Kristina, has been arrested for domestic violence.

Gordon was arrested by cops in Seminole, Florida for an incident referred to as "battery-touch or strike." It is listed as a domestic violence case. He posted a $500 bond, but has not been released as of yet.

As TMZ reported, Gordon was under scrutiny in connection with Bobbi Kristina's death in 2015.  There were allegations of domestic violence in the house just before she was found dead in a bathtub.

The investigation has never been closed. Gordon lost a wrongful death suit and is on the hook for $36 million to Bobbi Kristina's estate.

Gordon was also arrested in June, 2017 for domestic violence involving a new girlfriend, but the woman stopped cooperating and the charges were dropped

'AMW' Host John Walsh We Need a Mental Illness Registry For Would-Be Gun Owners

3/11/2018 12:07 PM PDT

The host of "America's Most Wanted," who also helped create a national registry for sex offenders, says the same system is needed for mentally ill people looking to buy guns.

We got John Walsh Saturday at LAX and asked what he made of Florida's new gun law -- in which the age limit to purchase guns was raised to 21 ... and teachers can now be armed.

He says it's a step in the right direction, but also thinks arming teachers is the wrong way to protect schools from potential shooters -- he wants trained pros on the ground instead.

Here's the most interesting tidbit ... John apparently believes a national registry logging people with serious mental illness needs to be implemented for would-be gun owners.

It's a pretty controversial take ... so we gotta ask.

O.J. Simpson Cuts to the Chase

3/11/2018 1:00 AM PST

O.J. Simpson talked about the slow-speed Bronco chase as if it was a victory for him, because judging from public opinion on the streets -- literally -- all he saw was support.

Simpson told his story to Judith Regan years ago, and it's now the centerpiece of the FOX special based on the book, 'If I Did It.'  

This clip is predictably gross ... Simpson, a supreme narcissist, allegedly was contemplating suicide, but when you hear him talk he was reveling in the show of support from people who somehow thought it was a good idea to cheer him on as he drove on the 405. 

It's almost like he was taking a poll ... whether people were buying what the media had been telling them all week long -- with blood going from the bodies to his bathroom at Rockingham, and a cut finger that matched a knife wound -- he was guilty as hell.

The show airs tonight on FOX at 8 PM. 

'Shark Tank' Star Daymond John I'd Cop Shkreli's Wu-Tang Album ... & Then Make You Buy It!

3/11/2018 12:41 PM PDT

One of the investors on "Shark Tank" says he'd shell out the dough to buy Martin Shkreli's rare Wu-Tang Clan album now that he's going to jail ... but there's a catch.

Our camera guy ran into Fubu founder Daymond John, who tells us he'd absolutely be willing to drop $2 million Wu-Tang album, "Once Upon a Time in Shaolin" -- but wouldn't just sit on it like Shkreli did ... he'd make his money back by selling it to the public. 

It's a smart business move -- the guy's on 'ST' after all -- but the record might not even be up for grabs in the long run. The feds say they'll seize Shkreli's property if he can't pay his victims restitution on the heels of a 7-year prison sentence in his securities fraud case.

One last thing ... you'll never guess which of the other 'Tank' investors are down with the Wu. It ain't who you might think.

'Black Ink Crew Chicago' Star Busted for Smoking Weed ... In High Style

3/11/2018 12:30 AM PST

One of the stars of "Black Ink Crew Chicago" got cuffed with his whole crew after a cop pulled them over because smoke was billowing out of their limo van.

Phor was arrested in Gary, Indiana last week -- along with 6 others -- and is now facing criminal weed charges.

According to the police report, an officer pulled over Phor's Mercedes limo after he heard loud music and smelled pot. The driver told the cop they were heading to a club in Gary, about 25 miles from Chicago, and said ... "Look bro, I have a celebrity in the back."

Unfortunately for Phor's crew, the cop didn't care, because the driver allegedly didn't have ID or registration for the vehicle and it stunk like weed ... so they were all taken into custody for weed-related offenses.

For the record, Phor shared his feelings on the arrest, admitting it could have been a lot worse ... but says he's not looking forward to his court date in May.

Tommy Lee Wants Son Brandon Prosecuted for Battery ... At Least, For Now

3/10/2018 1:00 AM PST

Tommy Lee is going forward with his criminal complaint against his son, Brandon, because he believes when you coddle a child who commits wrong, you ruin him.

Sources close to Tommy tell TMZ, Tommy wants the cops to keep investigating the battery complaint he filed against his 21-year-old son, and if he ends up getting prosecuted ... so be it.  

Tommy thinks his ex-wife and Brandon's mom, Pamela Anderson, is behind Brandon's fury ... when he punched Tommy so hard last Monday he was knocked out cold for a full 2 minutes. He's especially upset with the comment Pam made to TMZ ... "He punched him in the nose for all of us who he has hurt."

Tommy believes Pam egged Brandon on after Tommy criticized Pam on social media for going on a TV show and recounting the domestic abuse in their marriage. He thinks Pam put Brandon in such a fury, he went into Tommy's bedroom ready to fight. Brandon says he struck in self-defense.

And our sources say ... Brandon videotaped Tommy as he lay unconscious and laughed. Tommy believes Brandon sent the video to Pam as proof of performance. We're told Pam denies that.

As one Tommy source put it, the famous drummer believes, "You encourage what you tolerate, and he's not going to tolerate what Brandon did and that's why he wants the criminal case to keep moving along ... at least for now."

O.J. Simpson I'm the Victim Ron and Nicole Killed Me

3/10/2018 12:50 AM PST

O.J. Simpson continues to shock, because he blames the people he killed for metaphorically killing him.

It's actually hard to watch, but Simpson says Ron Goldman and his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, somehow killed him, presumably because their murders put him in a bad spot.

It's an amazing comment, given Judith Regan -- who published "If I Did It" with Simpson -- says Simpson's lawyer called her and confessed the murders to her, and said the only reason the book title needed the word "if" was so O.J. could have deniability with his children.

And for bad measure, Simpson also says he loved Nicole but didn't like her at the time of her death.

The Fox special airs Sunday at 8 PM. Gripping and, at the same time, nauseating. 

Chris Brown Vegas Battery Accuser Records Single About Settlement

3/10/2018 12:30 AM PST

The woman who accused Chris Brown of punching her in the face in a Vegas hotel has turned her experience into a single that takes a ton of jabs at Chris. 

We've got audio from Liziane Gutierrez's "Seventy Grand" -- and while Gutierrez never names Brown specifically -- the song's lyrics are an exact recount of Brown's alleged attack. 

"What is that you've been smoking? Does everybody know that you been getting high, getting high? I guess that's why you wanna fight. I end up with a black eye."

TMZ broke the story ... Gutierrez sued Brown in 2016 after she claimed he punched her in the eye and took her phone after she tried to snap his pic during a private party in his Palms Hotel suite. 

The two settled the case privately, and we're told preliminary amounts were as high as $70,000 ... but a source to Brown told us it eventually settled for much less.

As far as Liziane's new single is concerned, $70k seems to be the magic number. 

Heather Locklear Told Cops ... My Boyfriend Choked and Tried to Kill Me

3/9/2018 9:57 AM PST

Heather Locklear's sister told cops the night Heather was arrested she and her boyfriend were arguing ... and the boyfriend tried to choke and kill her.

TMZ has obtained the search warrant cops got days after Heather was arrested for felony domestic violence. We were told cops were looking for a gun, but it turns out they were on the hunt for other items, including Rx pills.

According to a Ventura County Sheriff's deputy, when cops arrived the boyfriend, Christopher Heisser, was standing on the side of the bed leaning over Heather and holding her wrists while she was on the bed.

Cops said they observed Heisser bleeding from the bridge of his nose and redness on his chest. He told deputies Heather attacked and repeatedly struck him -- and he defended himself. He said she bit his face as she acted "crazy, angry and wild."

She told cops the fight started after he lied to her -- she did not elaborate on the lie -- and she threw a can of Red Bull at him. She told cops Heisser choked her to the point she couldn't breathe, but also claimed she had no marks on her neck.

She then became belligerent with the cops, telling them, "Get out of my f****** house," charged at them, grabbed one on the arm and later kicked him in the shin. 

Cops say they eventually grabbed her and cuffed her on the ground. But, officers say she was still so belligerent, they had to put a hobble on her to prevent her from kicking them.

Cops got her outside, pinned her against her car and she screamed, "You f****** deserve your kids to die! You f****** deserve it! And when you find yourself in that position, think of me!"

She went on ... "I hope no one f****** burns your entire department down, your f******* police department ..." She then said what triggered the search warrant ... "Get the f*** off my property. Don't ever come on it. All of you are not allowed ... I will shoot you if you come on my property and take that as a threat and f****** put another count against me."

Heather's daughter, Ava, was present when cops were there and said Heather had been drinking. Heisser was arrested hours afterward for DUI.

During the investigation cops discovered she had a .38 Smith & Wesson revolver registered in her name.

When they went to her home with the search warrant, they were looking for the gun, but also ammunition, holsters, paraphernalia related to firearms, prescription bottles, diaries, clothing, mail and various other items.

The search warrant notes Heather had a history of drug and other alcohol-related incidents, including a call in 2012 where she was reported to be suicidal.

Cops did not find a weapon.

As we reported, Heather is now in a medical treatment facility getting help.

Martin Shkreli Sobs to Judge ... Gets 7 Yrs in Prison

3/9/2018 11:08 AM PST
Breaking News

Martin Shkreli's gonna be separated from his $2 million Wu-Tang album for at least 7 years ... that's how long he's going away to prison.

A judge sentenced the former pharmaceuticals exec to federal prison Friday morning in his securities fraud case. Shkreli will also have to pay $7.4 million in restitution to the victims of his fraud. That also means the legendary "Once Upon a Time in Shaolin" album might be gone when he gets out of prison.

The feds have said they will seize Shkreli's property to cover the restitution if he can't cough up the cash.

Shkreli was emotional in court, sobbing while he addressed the court and saying ... "I'm here because of my gross, stupid negligent mistakes." The judge handed him a box of tissues in the middle of the hearing.

Big difference from the guy who boasted online about having the only copy of the Wu-Tang album, and also that he a leaked copy of Lil Wayne's "Tha Carter V" record.

O.J. Simpson Confesses Murders To Book Publisher

3/9/2018 6:57 AM PST

O.J. Simpson had his lawyer call Judith Regan, the woman who published his book, 'If I Did It,' and said flat-out Simpson murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman ... this according to Regan herself.

This is the most damning part of the special, "OJ Simpson: The Lost Confession?," which will air Sunday on Fox. TMZ got this exclusive clip. BTW, the clip is an outtake ... it will not appear on the show.

It's really stunning ... Regan says Simpson's lawyer said the book couldn't be titled "I Did It" because Simpson needed cover in dealing with his children.

FYI ... Simpson left Nicole's almost decapitated body right by the front door of her condo as their 2 children slept. Had Nicole's dog not led a passerby to the condo after the murders, O.J.'s children would have awakened in the morning and found their mom's mangled, bloody body. 

O.J. Simpson I Met Nicole While I Was Still Married

3/9/2018 12:50 AM PST

O.J. Simpson was still married when he first laid eyes on Nicole Brown Simpson, but that didn't stop him from pursuing her and asking her out.

TMZ has obtained an exclusive clip from O.J.'s upcoming two hour sit-down on FOX where he says he met Nicole while she was working at a restaurant called The Daisy. 

The Juice didn't get her digits the first time but, as they say, second time's the charm, and plus he had some help.

O.J. says he had to explain to Nicole he was still technically a married man, although it sounds like he was already separated from first wife, Marguerite Whitley. Their marriage ended in 1979. 

The special "O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession?" airs this Sunday at 8 PM.

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