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Kevin Hart I Didn't Pay at Epic Comedians Dinner But, I'll Tell You Who Did

2/20/2018 5:14 PM PST

Kevin Hart says he's got a foolproof plan to avoid picking up the check at epic dinners like the one he had with Eddie Murphy and Dave Chappelle -- and he also revealed who DID pay.

We got Kev Tuesday leaving the gym in Encino, and had to ask about the all-star comedy summit he attended Monday night at Mastro's Steakhouse -- Eddie, Dave, Chris Rock, Chris Tucker ... and Usher and Dwyane Wade, too. 

Kevin explained why the boss move is offering to pick up the check before anyone else does -- and it's not because you WANT to pay. It's a good tip. Pun fully intended.

But best of all ... he told us which comedy legend threw down his Black Card (we're guessing) to cover the meal.  We got most of the crew right after the meal, when they were all in great spirits, and now we know why -- the person who paid was NOT with them.

Kyle Richards A Freakin' Rat Sat at My Table!!! And I Only Got 50% Off

2/20/2018 6:57 AM PST

Kyle Richards is refusing to turn rat on the NYC restaurant where an actual rat pulled up a chair, and joined her for a meal!

We got the 'Real Housewives' star Monday at LAX and asked about the images she posted of the hungry rodent that ruined her lunch earlier that day in Manhattan. 

Kyle told us the "Ratatouille" experience is by far her worst restaurant nightmare -- even though she's had some doozies -- but the crazy thing is she won't name the restaurant.

And adding insult to her rat-faced injury -- the eatery didn't even comp her meal!! Maybe they have to tip the rat?

Tom Hanks Girl Scouts Hook the Big One!!! His Go-To Cookie Is ...

2/19/2018 5:24 PM PST

Tom Hanks couldn't help himself -- like most of us this time of year, he caved when the Girl Scouts hit him up to buy some cookies, and he's clearly got a fave.

We got these pics of Tom going on a cookie spree Monday in Brentwood. You know the kids must have been pumped when they hooked the famous guy who sounds just like Woody from "Toy Story."

We're told Tom didn't go hog wild though ... purchasing a mere 4 boxes. Gotta admire that kinda will power. Final tally -- 1 box of Thin Mints, and 3 boxes of Samoas.

The lesson here?

Life isn't ONLY like a box of chocolates. Ya gotta have some coconut, too!

Kylie Jenner Tracksuit Mom Back in Action

2/12/2018 11:53 AM PST

Kylie Jenner's wasting no time getting back into her normal routine even though she popped a baby out just over a week ago.

The 20-year-old was spotted with Jordyn Woods grabbing some Starbucks Sunday. Kylie went for casual comfort with an Adidas tracksuit ... a much more covered up look than Saturday's ensemble, complete with black athletic shorts.

Still no sign of Stormi in public ... but you gotta imagine Kylie's got plenty of help at home to let Mom go out and do her thing.

Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin We're 2 Tough Cookies!!!

2/10/2018 8:09 AM PST

You gotta love supermodels eating in public.

Kendall Jenner fed BFF Hailey Baldwin cookies during a grocery store outing Friday in Brooklyn, New York.

The women took a break from New York Fashion Week and hit up City Acres Market, which sells high end, super expensive stuff. It's kind of like a Whole Foods for supermodels.

Kendall and Hailey headlined Adidas's Original Fall/Winter Collection on Thursday. Both women are ambassadors for the brand.

As for what's in the shopping cart, we see flour, Essentia Alkaline Water, organic milk, cream cheese, chips and blueberries. 

Kendall is now the last one standing after a baby rush in the Kardashian fam. Khloe's 29 weeks and counting.

We're guessing they paid for the cookies. Be real ... they probably just split one.

'Duck Dynasty' Star Trump's Sons are Good Hunters ... For City Boys!!!

2/10/2018 12:40 AM PST

"Duck Dynasty" star Willie Robertson's been hunting with Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, and says they're pretty good at it ... considering where they're from.

We got Willie at LAX Friday and asked him for a review of the President's sons' shotgun skills ... and he gives the city boys a passing grade. He also tells us why hunting's the ultimate way to provide food for your family.

Speaking of food -- turns out the Duck Commander CEO enjoys eating deer even more than duck, but there's one animal that's surprisingly delicious ... especially with gravy.

Duly noted, Willie.

The Ivy Gets Bomb Threat Laced with Homophobia 'I'm Going to Blow You All Up!!!'

2/5/2018 12:05 AM PST

The Ivy -- world-famous for drawing in celebs from Jennifer Lopez and Sofia Vergara to Rob Lowe and Magic Johnson -- got a frightening call from a man yelling homophobic slurs and threatening to blow up the joint ... and cops are investigating. 

According to legal docs obtained by TMZ ... the call came 4 days before Christmas when a man said, "You're all pieces of shit, all of you are trash." The maitre d' asked the caller how he could help him, and the man replied, "You're all a bunch of fudge packers, I'm going to blow you all up."

The employee jotted down the guy's number, thanks to caller ID, and called cops to report the incident. LAPD got a search warrant to track down the suspect. 

Cops are on the hunt for the culprit.

'Law & Order: SVU' Caterers Cause NYC Bomb Scare!!!

2/1/2018 3:17 PM PST

'Law & Order: SVU' dished some real-life drama when its catering crew unwittingly served up a bomb scare. 

The bizarre episode unfolded Thursday just outside a Manhattan courtroom, where 'SVU' had just finished shooting for the day. The catering crew was packing up, and briefly left an urn of apple cider wrapped in cellophane on a bench.

A passerby noticed the solitary container, with a wire sticking out the top, and called NYPD. Y'know ... see something, say something.

The NY Daily News says cops shut down traffic for blocks and the bomb squad responded.

Cops quickly discovered it was simply an urn of hot apple cider. Crisis averted.

Cider all around!

Kim Kardashian West The Sweetest Burn Happy Valentine's Day Taylor, Chyna & Wendy!!!

2/1/2018 12:14 PM PST

Kim Kardashian is making sure both her lovers and her haters will get a Valentine this year ... and that list includes Taylor Swift, Blac Chyna and Wendy Williams.

Kim's been on a promo whirlwind for her new Valentine's Day-inspired fragrance, dishing out giant chocolate hearts to some of her VIP friends. However, Kim just revealed it's not just her friends getting some love, it's her enemies too.

Check out Kim's distribution list, she's got her usual friends ... La La, Cardi B, Chrissy Teigen, Paris Hilton and others. But it's the blue notes that are most interesting -- Taylor, Wendy Williams, P!nk, Blac Chyna and Sharon Osbourne -- it includes pretty much anyone who's given her sh*t over the years.

We're told each smashable chocolate heart -- containing the fragrance inside -- was hand delivered.

You gotta hand it to Kim ... it's a pretty sweet burn.

DMX Sucks to Be Back in Prison But At Least I'm Eating Good!!!

1/31/2018 8:49 AM PST

DMX has one good thing going for him behind bars -- the menu is loaded with options ... sweet, filling and healthy ... ish.

Federal law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... DMX is now at the notorious Metropolitan Correctional Center in Lower Manhattan. We broke the story, X was sent back to jail for failing drug tests while out on bail in his tax evasion case.

The MCC's been described as less hospitable than Guantanamo Bay, and it's also home to El Chapo right now -- but on the positive side ... Wednesday's breakfast options include hot grits, pancakes, oatmeal and skim milk!

For lunch -- burger with french fries or baked potato. There's also a healthy soy burger option. When the dinner bell rings ... he'll get pasta marinara, spinach and garden salad.

Good luck fighting Chapo for the garlic bread, though.

Salt Bae Come to My New Steakhouse ... And I'll Feed You with a Knife

1/27/2018 7:47 AM PST

Salt Bae is expanding his restaurant empire ... he's opened a steakhouse in the Big Apple.

The social media celeb opened Nusr-Et Steakhouse in Midtown Manhattan where he did what made him famous ... sprinkling salt in dramatic fashion on grilled steaks.

He interacted with customers including rapper Bryson Tiller who was tucked away in the VIP section. As a matter of fact he even sliced a piece of meat and fed Bryson from a large knife.

It's Salt Bae's 9th restaurant. The reviews are .... mixed.

Meghan Markle Wanted to Be Willy Wonka Before a Royal Princess

1/27/2018 12:50 AM PST

Meghan Markle's on her way to joining the Royal Family, but before that, she had her sights set on becoming queen ... of the lollipop biz.

According to docs obtained by TMZ ... Meghan and a friend filed trademark paperwork back in 2012 for the term "Lali" -- with the apparent intention of selling their own line of lollipops and drops.

It evidently never panned out, because a little more than 2 years later they abandoned their trademark application ... and haven't filed anything since.

Good news for Markle, though -- if she ever wants to revive the "Lali" pops ... Royal protocol won't get in her way.

Waka Flocka Flame Vegans Too Crazy for Me ... But My New Diet's Still Woke!!!

1/25/2018 12:20 AM PST

Waka Flocka Flame's days as a poster child for veganism are as done as a rack of baby back ribs on Super Bowl Sunday -- but that doesn't mean he'll be scarfing down a rib eye steak anytime soon.

We got Waka at LAX Wednesday and he explained why he recently bailed on being a strict vegan. He told us he's still down with healthy diet choices -- but hates that vegans are so militaristic, he can't put on a jacket without them losing it.

The rapper says he's still choosing wisely for his meals. In his words, he's keeping it "conscious."

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