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Prankster Busted for Eating Pancakes IN. THE. MIDDLE. OF. AN. INTERSECTION!!!

3/24/2017 9:01 AM PDT

0324_guy_eating_pancakes_in_traffic 2So it's true -- you're not you when you're hungry ... as this guy showed by setting up shop IN THE MIDDLE OF TRAFFIC to gobble some syrup-soaked pancakes!!

Lakeland PD in Florida say this 21-year-old man confessed to setting up reservations for 1 in the middle of an intersection. The incident went down Tuesday but video's just surfacing now after the LPD posted it on its Facebook page.

According to cops, the man pulled off the stunt before cops arrived. He was later identified as Kairon Thomas, who lives about 100 yards from the incident. He was arrested and charged with placing an obstruction in the roadway and disrupting traffic flow.

Quite the flap ... jack.

Ashley Graham Bagel Bra is a Pro-Breakfast Message

3/23/2017 12:10 AM PDT

Ashley Graham made breakfast more fun for everyone when she used 2 bagels to cover up in a topless video, and it turns out ... that was precisely her mission.

We got the supermodel at LAX and asked her about the bagel bra ... she said she was just enjoying her morning, as we all should. As for what food she'll cleverly pose with next ...

Or maybe she'll just ditch it all and go full frontal.


Harry Potter Yuengling Moves to Own Harry Potter's Butterbeer ...For Ice Cream!!!

3/23/2017 12:00 AM PDT

0322_yuengling-ice-cream_harry-potterYuengling is using Harry Potter's famed butterbeer for its ice cream ... but it took a legal shortcut that could backfire in a huge way.

Yuengling's rolled out its new "butterbeer" flavor this week ... even though it never secured the legal right to market ice cream.

Yuengling's prez, David Yuengling, tells TMZ his company filed docs to trademark butterbeer ice cream 8 months ago, and he's hopeful he'll win approval.

Here's the problem ... J.K. Rowling created the fictional drink in her Harry Potter books, and Warner Bros. secured all the rights and produced the movies. So it's pretty clear ... Warner Bros. will be extremely territorial over one of it's most valuable franchises.

So far Yuengling's application for the right to use the name hasn't been decided ... but if it's rejected the company has a big problem on its hands, and Warner Bros. could go after it for all the loot its made selling the frozen delight.

We've reached out to Warner Bros. for comment ... so far, no word back.

Cat Deeley's Server Mistakes Were Made, But ... She Handled it Like Trump!!

3/21/2017 3:59 PM PDT

The guy who waited on Cat Deeley at Tom George Restaurant on Sunday thinks she totally overreacted by publicly bashing the L.A. eatery ... and leaving him a $0 tip.

Joseph Vasko-Bezenek admits the restaurant flubbed the "So You Think You Can Dance" host's order, but claims he provided great service and the manager went above and beyond to comp her. He particularly takes issue with Cat angrily ranting on Twitter afterward to ruin the restaurant's reputation -- to him ... that's Trump-like.

What's worse -- as any server knows -- Joseph got a big fat zero for a tip ... so he didn't want to let Cat get off scot-free for that.

On the bright side ... he also told us he'd welcome the chance to serve her again. Olive branch?


Catch Restaurant Gun Suspect Tased By Cops

3/20/2017 7:19 AM PDT

A man faced off with at least 4 cops outside of Catch Saturday night ... and lost hard when they fired their tasers.

Law enforcement sources tell us cops were called to the famous WeHo restaurant to deal with a man with a possible gun. Things escalated quickly when the suspect didn't follow orders ... so they fired.

It's pretty gnarly -- you can hear the guy screaming out "What did I do?!" before he's taken down. Even crazier ... he's got a dog right next to him that's in the mix of the scuffle.

Cops did not find a gun. The man was booked for resisting arrest.

Floyd Mayweather's Ex-Chef Out Of TMT 'I Don't Think He Saw Me As More Than a Lesbian'

3/19/2017 12:50 AM PDT

Floyd Mayweather's ex-personal chef -- the woman who famously said she was paid $1,000 a plate -- is no longer part of Floyd's crew ... and says the fact she's gay may have played a role. 

We spoke with Chef Q who is now backtracking on her $1,000 a plate claims ... saying there was no REAL set rate for her. Sometimes she would get paid fat. Sometimes nothing. 

But sometime after the Manny Pacquiao fight, Chef Q says her relationship with Floyd fell apart and she doesn't really know why ... but she has her theories. 

"I don't think he's ever looked at me past as just a gay person or a lesbian." 

Chef Q says some comments that were made during her time with TMT were hurtful and felt homophobic. 

Still, Chef Q says she wants to have a relationship with Floyd moving forward -- she considers him family ... but knows they have to work out their issues.

We reached out to Floyd's camp. So far, no word back. 

Pierre Garcon Ponders Pizza Pie Proliferation

3/19/2017 12:35 AM PDT

For Pierre Garcon, a new city means new opportunity ... to grow his pizza business!! 

The NFL star just signed a new 5-year contract with the 49ers ... and tells TMZ Sports it might be the perfect chance to take his Spinfire Pizza company bicoastal!

Garcon (who spent 5 seasons with the Redskins) already owns several pizza joints in the D.C. area -- and says business has been so good out there, expansion seems like a natural move. 

Hear that, Peyton?? That's pizza baron competition, baby! 

Auntie Fee Dead At 59

3/18/2017 6:38 AM PDT

Auntie Fee, the viral video sensation also known as Chef Sista Girl, has died nearly a week after suffering a massive heart attack ... according to her son.

Fee's son Tavis posted late Friday night, "god made the decision to take my mother home where its peace & Joy and im okay with that."

TMZ broke the story ... Fee was rushed to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center Tuesday after feeling ill with chest pains. She suffered a massive heart attack at the hospital and had been on life support since.

Auntie Fee, who's full name was Felicia O'Dell, went viral in 2014 after posting her recipes for "good ass chicken" and "sweet treats for the kids." She went on to appear in the movie "Barbershop 3." She also came to TMZ to hook us up with her recipes.

She was 59.


Wisconsin Sued Hate to Badger Ya ... But We Want Our Irish Butter Back!

3/17/2017 1:34 PM PDT

0317_Kerrygold-butter_compositeSome butter-hungry Wisconsinites are yelling Erin go Bragh, and suing the state just to get their fave Irish spread back on shelves!

The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty is suing the state's Dept. of Agriculture on behalf of 4 pissed off consumers and a grocery store, claiming the Butter Law of 1954 is depriving residents of enjoying Kerrygold butter.

The old law requires butter to be graded by U.S. or Wisconsin inspectors ... which isn't possible for Kerrygold because it's made and packaged in Ireland. The advocacy group claims the law's true motive is killing competition for Wisconsin's dairy industry.

According to docs, the butter 5-0's been cracking down, and violators risk jail time and hefty fines.

The butter lovers want the court to overturn the 1954 law. A rep for the Dept. of Agriculture tells us "enforcement action has been limited to notifying retailers of what the law says."

So, no arrests yet, but also no Kerrygold. Sláinte!

McDonald's Hold the Hate ... Attack On Trump Was Hack Job

3/16/2017 8:09 AM PDT
Breaking News

0316-donald-trump-mcdonlads-tmz-01update_graphic_red_bar3:48 PST -- A rep for Mc D's tells us they've determined the hack was from an outside source and not from within the corporation.update_grey_gray_barDonald Trump can safely order Big Macs again -- McDonalds' vicious Twitter attack against him was the work of hackers ... according to the burger giant.

Micky D's verified account tweeted Thursday morning, "You are actually a disgusting excuse of a President and we would love to have @BarackObama back, also you have tiny hands."

It was posted for at least 30 minutes before McDonald's deleted it and said Twitter confirmed the company's account was compromised. McDonald's says it's now investigating.

Bottom line: No McDonald's beef with Trump ... although he does enjoy their burgers.

Kathy Hilton So Sorry, Jen Aniston For Pregnancy Tweets

3/16/2017 10:16 AM PDT
Exclusive 360 Video

Kathy Hilton has some words of regret for falsely impregnating Jennifer Aniston.

Kim Richards and Kathy were out Wednesday night at Craig's with Kyle Richards and Kris Jenner ... along with a sea of paps.

Kathy -- who turned 58 and was out celebrating her birthday -- eats crow after her cake for the Jen tweet.

Kim also gives us her take on Ben's recent rehab stint. You'll recall ... she's completed rehab herself a time or two.


Melania Trump So, I Have My Own Wine Back Home ... But I Haven't OK'd It!

3/15/2017 12:32 PM PDT

03114-melania-trump-wine-fun-art-tmz-getty-2Melania Trump already has a line of fine foods and wines for sale in her homeland of Slovenia, but the problem is ... she never signed off on the deal.

Slovenia's Sevnica Castle -- yup, a real-life castle -- is now hawking fancy products that are clearly trying to profit off Melania, because the brand is called First Lady.

Some of the goods they're selling include salamis, chocolates, beauty creams and, of course, vino ... the latter of which sells for around $30 a bottle. The first 300 sold out in 3 days.

Melania isn't officially tied to the First Lady campaign, and has reportedly hired Slovenian lawyers to stop the exploitation of her title -- but the castle's steward told Decanter he wasn't ashamed to offer it because the products were "good" and "the best."

Sounds like a very Trump-ish sales pitch.



Tupac Was Crazy for ...

3/15/2017 7:13 AM PDT

Tupac had a habit he just couldn't kick, and we can't blame him!

We got Young Noble out -- a member of 'Pac's group, Outlawz, and we asked him to drop one secret about Makaveli people don't know yet.

We don't know if this tasty factoid will be in "All Eyez On Me" ... the movie about Tupac coming out this summer.

Who knew 'Pac was hittin' up this fast food joint???

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