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Alexis Arquette David Reminisces 1 Year After Death

9/12/2017 7:23 AM PDT

Alexis Arquette died a year ago on September 11, and her brother, David Arquette, still gets choked up talking about keeping her memory alive.

We got David Monday night at Bootsy Bellows, where he and his fam were holding a memorial for Alexis ... who died of a heart attack and battled HIV for years.

He talked about launching the Alexis Project to support LGBT communities in L.A. He also told us what he thinks Alexis' legacy will be.

Emotional moment, but Dave did laugh when we asked how Alexis would have wanted the party to go.

Charlamagne Tha God Settles Rolling Stone Transphobic Dispute With NBJC Donation

8/31/2017 3:54 PM PDT

Charlamagne tha God and Rolling Stone have settled their beef in a charitable way ... teaming up to make a donation after the magazine printed a headline falsely accusing him of making transphobic comments. 

We're told the money will go to the National Black Justice Coalition. The exact amount is unknown but we're told it's in the thousands.  

The 'Breakfast Club' host had fired off a legal letter to RS demanding an apology and retraction after they picked up his July interview with comedian, Lil Duval. Duval had made headlines by alluding that he'd kill a transgender woman if he discovered he'd unknowingly slept with one. RS then ran a headline saying Charlamagne made transphobic comments, which Charlamagne called defamatory since he never made such remarks. Rolling Stone later changed the headline.

In a joint statement on Thursday, Charlamagne and Rolling Stone explained: "We hope this gesture brings more attention to the very important issue of equal rights and treatment of the LGBTQ community.”

Richard Simmons to Appeal Ruling That Transgender Misidentification Is NOT Defamation

8/30/2017 1:08 PM PDT

Richard Simmons will appeal the devastating ruling on his transgender defamation lawsuit, TMZ has learned, and that could establish whether people are allowed to say someone's gay or transgender without fear of lawsuit.

Simmons' lawyer, Neville Johnson, tells TMZ, if the ruling becomes final he will absolutely challenge by filing an appeal. As we reported, Simmons filed a defamation lawsuit against American Media for a National Enquirer story claiming the fitness guru was transitioning to a woman ... which he says is a lie.

The judge in the case just gave a tentative ruling, saying misidentifying someone as transgender does not inherently expose someone to "hatred, contempt or ridicule," adding "the characteristic may be held in contempt by a portion of the population, [but] the court will not validate those prejudices by legally recognizing them."

Johnson scoffs at the logic, telling TMZ, "Transgenders can't joint the Air Force, they can't go to the bathroom" ... in other words, it's ridiculous to say there is not significant scorn and ridicule in the U.S.

Richard Simmons Big Loss in Lawsuit Calling Someone Transgender Isn't Defamatory

8/30/2017 11:54 AM PDT
Breaking News

Richard Simmons just suffered a potentially devastating loss in his lawsuit against American Media -- which claimed he was transitioning to a woman -- because the judge just said calling someone transgender is NOT defamatory.

The National Enquirer published a story saying Simmons had undergone hormone treatment and was in the process of sexual reassignment. Richard says it's a lie and sued for defamation.

The judge just said being misidentified as transgender does not inherently expose someone to "hatred, contempt or ridicule... ."

The judge went on to say, "While, as a practical matter, the characteristic may be held in contempt by a portion of the population, the court will not validate those prejudices by legally recognizing them."

The judge's ruling is "tentative," but in almost all cases this is the way the lawsuit will go. If calling Richard transgender is not defamatory, the lawsuit is on the shakiest of grounds.

Caityln Jenner Doesn't Know Our Issues, Doesn't Try to Learn ... Says Trans Woman

8/28/2017 6:57 AM PDT

Caitlyn Jenner doesn't know jack about the trans community's most important issues, so she should just shut up ... so claims the woman who got all up in Caitlyn's face. 

Ashlee Marie Preston tells us she took Caitlyn to task because she needs a quick education about how her decisions affect the community. As we reported, Ashlee went after Jenner Saturday night at L.A.'s LGBT Center -- unleashing a rant about why she should stop supporting Trump.

For the record, Caitlyn's already sworn off the Prez. Still, Ashlee thinks she's tone-deaf, and needs to bone up on several issues if she wants to rep the community.

Caitlyn Jenner Chewed Out by Trans Woman Over Trump Support

8/27/2017 1:51 PM PDT

Caitlyn Jenner got ambushed and verbally assaulted by a trans woman at an LGBT event this weekend over her support for Donald Trump ... and the video's intense.

Caitlyn was attending a Trans Chorus of Los Angeles performance Saturday night at the L.A. LGBT Center when she was confronted by trans activist and journalist Ashlee Marie Preston.

In the video -- which Ashlee later posted to her Facebook -- she comes up to Caitlyn, who innocently goes in for a hug ... but then checks her and unleashes a tirade about what she claims is Caitlyn's continued support of Trump ... this 1 day after he officially authorized a trans ban in the military.

Caitlyn remains stoic and still for most of the lecturing, as friends around her try to defuse the situation. But then she tells Ashlee ... "You don't know me," which sets Ashlee off even more.

A little fact check ... Caitlyn isn't down with Trump anymore, despite recently being seen rocking his headgear

Still, Ashlee doesn't seem to appreciate Caitlyn's presence here at all. That much she makes clear.

'Gays for Trump' Prez Defends 'Blacks for Trump' Guy

8/24/2017 12:20 AM PDT

The president of "Gays for Trump" believes Trump and his team allowed the bizarre black guy to sit behind him because they liked the message on his t-shirt and sign but never dug further.

Peter Boykin -- who runs the pro-Trump LGBT group -- essentially says, "What's a President to do?" You see a cool tee and you run with it.  

Here's the problem ... had Trump's people simply logged on to (which was written on the damn sign), they would have seen all the craziness ... comparing Cherokees to the KKK, calling Oprah the devil, and putting Hillary and ISIS in the same boat.

Boykin says he's met the "Blacks for Trump" dude, Maurice Symonette, and says he's a good guy. BTW, we found out he was tried but acquitted of conspiracy to commit murder back in the '90s.

Boykin has nearly 70,000 Twitter followers, though it's unclear how many are members of "Gays for Trump."

Anthony Scaramucci Condemns Charlottesville Violence As for Trump ...

8/15/2017 6:52 AM PDT

Anthony Scaramucci thinks there's no place in our society for neo-Nazi's and white supremacists, but he doesn't take that extra step and urge Trump to cut them from his base.

We got The Mooch Monday in NYC at the Hunt & Fish Club, which he partly owns ... and he joined the chorus, agreeing Trump should have come out earlier and condemned the hate groups in Charlottesville

Scaramucci also confirmed our earlier story ... that he's working with a Hollywood producer on a sitcom idea, with the working title "Attack of the Swamp Monsters" ... a story about a guy from Wall Street who comes to D.C. and gets attacked by political hacks who want him gone ... hmmmm, sounds familiar.

Scaramucci also has a thing or 2 to say about LGBTQ rights.

Aaron Carter Bro's Not Reached Out ... Since I Came Out

8/12/2017 1:43 PM PDT

Aaron Carter says he's received amazing support since coming out as bisexual ... but apparently not yet from his brother.

The singer clammed up at the D.C. airport Saturday morning when he got asked if his bro, Nick Carter, had contacted him since his announcement ... and seemed to get emotional for a second before saying he and Nick are "wonderful."

It was more lighthearted after that, as Aaron considered some hot male celebs he'd like to date ... and picked a fellow singer he says he's been a huge fan of for a long time.

Aaron Carter Breaks Down In Tears at Gay Club

8/11/2017 7:02 AM PDT

Aaron Carter was overcome with emotion after he was embraced by the crowd in a gay bar where he performed ... the first such appearance since he came out as bisexual.

Aaron performed at Hamburger Mary's near his hometown in Brandon, Florida, and dropped the new song "Hard to Love", written about his ex-GF.

It's touching and pretty funny, as Aaron scopes out the crowd for hot guys ... and at least 2 catch his eye. But he sees another dude and takes a pass.

Aaron Carter First Gig Since Coming Out Playing a Gay Bar

8/10/2017 1:21 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

Aaron Carter's back to the grind since coming out as bisexual ... taking his talents to a gay bar.

The singer's headlining Thursday night at Hamburger Mary's near his hometown in Brandon, Florida. The joint's known for its burgers and drag queen shows. While the performance comes just 4 days after announcing he's also attracted to guys, we're told Aaron actually booked the gig a month ago.

Aaron will perform for about an hour ... and the performance will include a compilation of his old hits and newer songs. The VIP ticket package -- which includes a meet-and-greet -- is sold out but limited tickets starting at 10 bucks are still up for grabs.

In case you're wondering ... tonight is NOT drag night.

Charlamagne tha God Threatens Rolling Stone Over 'Transphobic Comments' Story

8/7/2017 12:59 PM PDT

Charlamagne tha God is threatening to sue Rolling Stone if it doesn't apologize for accusing him of making transphobic comments.

The 'Breakfast Club' host fired off a legal letter to the magazine saying its July 31 article on, headlined ... "Janet Mock on Charlamagne tha God's Transphobic Comments," is defamatory as hell since he didn't make such comments.

Rolling Stone has since changed its headline to "Janet Mock Speaks Out Following Charlamagne tha God's Controversial Morning Show." But the DJ is still furious and he's demanding an apology, full retraction and money for damage to his reputation.

You'll recall Charlamagne had comedian Lil Duval on his show, and outrage ensued after Duval said if he ever discovered he'd unknowingly slept with a transgender woman, she would be "dying."

Charlamagne seemed to condemn the remark and reminded Duval it's a hate crime. But Charlamagne says RS took his words out of context to write a fictitious and negative story.

We've reached out to Rolling Stone, so far no word back.

Aaron Carter Split from GF ... Before Coming Out as Bi

8/6/2017 11:32 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Aaron Carter broke up with his girlfriend days before announcing he's bisexual -- and it seems the news might have pushed things over the edge ... TMZ has learned.

A source close to Aaron tells us he and now ex-GF, Madison Parker, broke up sometime last week ... and that it was a long time coming.

His rep tells TMZ the decision was mutual, and Aaron and Madison "love each other and respect one another dearly." The rep also adds ... Aaron's personal statement speaks for itself. He's hoping to refocus his attention on his music.

As we reported ... Aaron announced Saturday night that he's found both men and women attractive since a young age. It's interesting -- we caught Aaron and Madison -- whom he referred to as his girlfriend -- driving around L.A. together early last week ... right after he apparently got out of surgery

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