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Dave Matthews Band Rocked the Pier at Pre-Super Bowl Party (VIDEO)

2/5/2016 11:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Dave Matthews Band rocked San Fran Thursday night at a killer pre-Super Bowl party.

Direct TV & Pepsi sponsored the concert on Pier 70 to kickoff the 50th Super Bowl weekend. 

The party was aptly titled "Super Thursday Night" and it will continue through Sunday featuring Pharrell Williams and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

As if free booze wasn't kind enough, the party was catered by celeb hotspot steakhouse STK offering sweet corn pudding cups, candied bacon cones, and Captain Crunch Cookies. Captain Crunch Cookies!  


Future Finally, I Get to Be A Doting Dad

2/5/2016 9:11 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Video

Future arrived in L.A. with some adorable carry-on -- his 1-year-old son, Future Jr. ... a clear sign his war with Ciara's cooling down.

Future arrived at LAX Thursday night with his son clinging to him as they walked outside. Our sources tell us dad and son have been together for about a week now.

We're told this is the first time Future's had the kid since he and Jr.'s mom, Ciara, had a blowout about custody issues during the holidays.

While Future's getting QT ... Ciara's on vacay with Russell Wilson. Looks like a win-win.


Hines Ward SNOOP FOR NFL COMMISH? ... Hell Yeah!!

2/5/2016 8:27 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Commissioner Dogg? Maybe. 

We got Hines Ward out in San Fran last night and asked if Snoop -- a hardcore fan who runs his own youth football league -- could ever be an executive in the NFL. 

Turns out ... Hines is all about it! 

"Snoop would be a great commissioner in the NFL," Ward said ... "He keeps it real. Keeps the fan base excited. Snoop's the man! I think he should run for commissioner!"


Snoop Dogg Uhhh, Cops Say Your Equipment Really was Jacked!!!

2/5/2016 6:48 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0205-snoop-dogg-tmz-01Snoop Dogg insists he was never a victim of a theft that put his Super Bowl week concert in jeopardy, but a police report suggests otherwise. 

According to a San Francisco Police Dept. report, on Monday at 9:52 PM, someone called the cops to report an auto burglary.

The caller said Snoop's silver suburban was vandalized and "all the band's equipment, luggage, laptops were taken, their entire show for tomorrow was in the van." 


The report continues, cops spoke with another person involved with the equipment and that person "is standing by the van, freaking out about the magnitude of the loss -- they might not be able to perform tomorrow night."

Snoop insisted none of his stuff was jacked. Whatever happened, he was able to perform the following night.

A video posted by chris n (@poor_hobobo) on

Diddy New Story He Killed Tupac Sounds Like Old, Bogus Claim

2/4/2016 3:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0204-diddy-tupac-tmz-01New stories are circulating that Diddy was out to kill Tupac Shakur. Well, a similar story was published in a big newspaper years ago ... and the paper was forced to eat crow and retract it.  

There's a film Netflix is about to release based on a book with the premise ... Diddy hired hit men to murder Tupac in 1996. The author of the book -- a retired LAPD investigator -- claims Diddy hired a Crip to kill Tupac for $1 million. 

Turns out the L.A. Times published a similar story in 2008, claiming 2 years before the murder Diddy's boys shot Tupac 5 times in NYC outside a recording studio, but failed to kill him. The paper relied on FBI files and Diddy's own people as sources.   

The Times published a major retraction, saying, "The Times has since concluded that the FBI reports were fabricated and that some of the other sources relied on -- including ... a 'confidential source' cited in the FBI reports do not support major elements of the story."

The paper concluded it believed the story was no longer credible.

As for the documentary, which purports to chronicle the 1996 murder in Vegas, the author relies on a confession from a Crip gang member, who said Diddy hired him to kill Tupac.  

Diddy has denied involvement in both the '94 shooting and the '96 murder.

Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa Tongue n' Cheek Again ... Thanks to Kanye?

2/4/2016 9:32 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa are back in each others arms and damn near each other's mouths -- call it a possible silver lining to their epic Twitter beef with Kanye West.

Amber showed up in NYC to support Wiz at his album release party. It looked and sounded like they were putting up a united front ... mostly for their kid. Wiz gave his "baby mama" a shout-out from the mic, and Amber posted a pic captioning it, "supporting Sebastian's dad."

Things went from PG to PG-13 in the back of their ride home from the party.

Can't help but notice ... the two weren't getting this physical before the Kanye feud, which means maybe 'Ye was right -- he's got the power to bring exes back together

Justin Bieber Take Your Grandpa to Work Day!

2/4/2016 8:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0204-justin-bieber-x17-01Justin Bieber may have started a new holiday by pulling a late night recording session with his grandfather!

Biebs hit up a studio in Santa Monica on Wednesday with grandpa in tow. Justin's done stuff with gramps on social media, but this is the first time we've seen them hang together at work.    

Here's a couple of the dynamic duo's greatest hits ... so far.

A video posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

Taylor Swift Suspicious Man Arrested Outside Home

2/3/2016 8:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Photo

020316-taylor-swift-stalker-WMCops swarmed to Taylor Swift's L.A. home Wednesday afternoon when a suspicious looking man was seen wandering at the foot of her driveway. 

LAPD officers took the man, decked out in fatigues, into custody around 4 PM. Law enforcement sources tell us police got a call from someone in the neighborhood ... reporting an individual lurking "around Taylor Swift's house." 

020316-sub2-taylor-swift-stalker-WMTMZ obtained shots of the man getting cuffed and placed in a police car. He didn't put up a fight and showed no outward signs of violent behavior. It's unclear if Taylor was home at the time.

We're told, after questioning the suspect ... officers determined he needed evaluation at a hospital. He has not been booked for any crime at this point.


Mariah Carey White Billionaires Who Can't Dance ... And the Women Who Love Them

2/4/2016 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mariah Carey may have to get a restraining order against her billionaire fiance ... to keep him in his seat during her concert.

James Packer joyously and (arguably) adorably celebrated Mariah's return to her Vegas venue Tuesday night, busting a move that can only be called ... unique.

He's been her number one fan from the day they met ... blasting her music from the speakers on his gigantic yacht, and following her from concert to concert.

James is pretty much the only one rocking out as Mariah owned the audience, but hey ... who's gonna tell a multi-billionaire to chill?


Waka Flocka Flame That Blonde Chick & I Tricked Everyone

2/3/2016 4:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Waka Flocka Flame is not just a rapper, he's a comedian and accidental sociologist who's now copping to pulling one over on the Internet with a viral video.

We caught up with Waka at LAX and he confessed that viral video of a random blonde chick -- who also hosted the AVN Awards --  twerking on him ... was a total hoax!

He explained why he and his crew staged the whole thing, and says it confirmed everything you probably think about people on the web. Props to Waka though for having a good sense of humor about all the idiots.

The Game 10 Million Reasons To Get His Ass to Court!

2/3/2016 2:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

0203_the_game_tmzThe Game's been M.I.A. from a sexual assault case he's facing in Illinois, and as of Monday his absence could cost him millions.

As we previously reported, Priscilla Rainey sued the rapper for $10 million last summer, claiming he had sexually assaulted her on his reality show, "She's Got Game." 

Game never answered her complaint, so the judge just entered a default. We're guessing this might finally get Game's attention, since he'll likely have to cough up some cash if he doesn't respond.

The next hearing is set for the end of February, which could be Game's last chance to fight back.

Kesha Mom Beats Dr. Luke in Defamation Suit ... At Least in NY

2/3/2016 1:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

0203-pebe-sebert-dr-luke-tmz-getty-02Kesha's mom did not engage in a smear campaign against famed producer Dr. Luke -- his lawsuit which claimed that has been dismissed.

A judge in NY State tossed the case on Wednesday. This legal battle's been going on since October 2014, when Luke sued Pebe Sebert, saying she fueled Kesha's anger over her contract with Luke. He also claimed Pebe attempted to extort him if he didn't let Kesha out of the deal.

The judge dismissed the matter for a few reasons -- including jurisdiction issues and because Luke's lawyers couldn't prove Pebe had "control" over Kesha.

However, Luke has a backup plan: He filed a similar suit against Pebe in Tennessee, which is still active.

Luke and Kesha's lawsuits against each other are also ongoing. Kesha and her attorney Mark Geragos will be in court later this month as she fights to get out of her contract.

Justin Bieber Sing Us a Song, Piano Man

2/3/2016 11:08 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0203-justin-bieber-tmz-01Justin Bieber was slinging tequila and charming ladies with his piano playing and singing. 

Monday night Bieber rolled into The Nice Guy in L.A. and was the nicest guy as he perched at the piano to sing two of his own songs and covered One Republic's "Apologize." 

If that wasn't enough love to spread to the unsuspecting patrons, Biebs looked at a table of girls and dedicated a song to the birthday girl then bought all of her friends tequila shots. 

We're told he made the rounds, asking people how they were doing as if he was the maitre d'. 

Free impromptu concerts seem to be his thing lately.   


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