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LeBron James 'I Stand With Nike' ... 'Every Day, All Day'

9/5/2018 6:22 AM PDT

How does LeBron James feel about Nike's new deal with Colin Kaepernick

"I stand with Nike ... every day, all day."

It's a huge statement from the biggest athlete in the world -- as Colin and Nike continue to get blowback from people like country star John Rich, UFC star Tim Kennedy and others who have vowed to boycott Nike

But Tuesday night, as LeBron accepted the Icon 360 Award at Capitale in NYC ... he ended his remarks with a statement on Nike (though he didn't mention Kaepernick by name). 

"Last but not least, I stand for anybody that believes in change. I stand for anybody that believes in a positive attitude and a positive matter ... and I stand with Nike every day, all day."

Of course, LeBron is a Nike athlete who reportedly signed a $1 billion lifetime deal with the company. But, it seems he's genuinely proud of the company. 

As for the award, the Icon 360 was presented for Bron's contribution to fashion and philanthropy. 

During the ceremony, LeBron also thanked his wife and daughters and said, "I believe African-American women are the most powerful women in the world."

LiAngelo Ball 'Sh*t I Did' In China Might Have Cost Me NBA Draft Pick

9/4/2018 10:00 AM PDT
Breaking News

LiAngelo Ball wondered if his stealing incident in China was the reason he didn't get selected in the NBA draft ... saying, "the sh*t I did off the court" might have cost him.

It all went down in the latest episode of the family's Facebook docuseries, "Ball In The Family" ... where cameras caught the middle Ball bro's reaction to not being picked to join Lonzo in the Association.

"I don't know, I guess it's the way I play, I guess," Gelo says of why he thinks he didn't get drafted.

"Or the sh*t I did off the court."

Of course ... Gelo -- along with 2 teammates from UCLA -- were detained in China after stealing several pairs of designer sunglasses and other accessories from multiple stores in Hangzhou.

LiAngelo was suspended from the Bruins indefinitely ... and LaVar eventually pulled him from school to play ball in Lithuania.

Ball joked about the whole ordeal in a Foot Locker ad released just days before the draft ... but it doesn't seem he found it very funny after not being picked.

"Sucks that I didn't get drafted tonight," he said on the show.

Gelo's been hooping in the JBA -- LaVar's startup basketball league -- ever since, waiting to catch on with any NBA team that'd be willing to add him to the roster.

Ball has previously told us he's had interest from NBA teams -- but so far, no one has pulled the trigger on signing him to a deal. 

Shaunie O'Neal Kobe Offered To Train My Kids ... For Basketball Greatness

9/4/2018 12:40 AM PDT

File this under:


Here's Shaunie O'Neal -- Shaq's ex-wife -- telling the world that Kobe freakin' Bryant has PERSONALLY offered to train her kids in basketball ... but for some reason it hasn't happened yet.


We got Shaunie at LAX, and asked her about her son, Shaqir, being teamed up on the court with LeBron James Jr. at Crossroads school in Santa Monica.

We wanted to know if LeBron would be personally training the two boys, and while Shaunie couldn't answer that, she did tell us about another Laker great who's offered.

"Kobe always offers ... we're just so far from each other, but he always offers."

33,643 career points (3rd of all time), 2 NBA Finals MVPs, 5 championships. That's what Shaunie won't travel down the 5 freeway to have her kid get trained up by.

We at TMZ Sports demand somebody fix this.

BTW -- It's not like Kobe doesn't give out his tutelage, he just recently worked with NBA star Jayson Tatum ... who had to fly cross country to make it happen. Just sayin'.

Bill Simmons LeBron James Will Win ZERO ... Championships In L.A.

9/3/2018 12:35 AM PDT

Zip, zero, zilch, bupkis ... according to Bill Simmons, that's how many championships the great LeBron James will win as a Laker ... and Bill ain't playing around.

We got Simmons -- an NBA expert -- at LAX, and asked him a couple questions in his wheelhouse about the Association, including when he thought the Lake Show would be back in the finals.

Good news for L.A. fans, he said two years, and he said they'd get there with some combination of Jimmy Butler and Damian Lillard on the team.

The bad news came when we asked how many rings LeBron James would win in a Laker uniform, and Bill said not one, not two, not three, but NOT ANY ... holding up a zero to our camera.

Do the math. That means Bill thinks a team with LeBron, Damian, AND Jimmy Butler can't win a championship?

Cold world.

Zach LaVine Bahamas Vacay with Hot Girlfriend ... Who Needs Seafood, Anyway?

9/2/2018 12:10 AM PDT

Feel bad for Zach LaVine getting wrecked on social media by a seafood restaurant this week??

Well don't ... 'cause the dude is living his best life with his gorgeous girlfriend Hunter Mar in the Bahamas ... and just by looking at the pics, he's the real winner here.

Of course, the NBA star got into a Twitter war with Jimmy's Famous Seafood after the Baltimore restaurant ripped the Bulls for giving him a $78 million deal ... to which LaVine said "I'm allergic to shellfish anyway"

The restaurant clapped back by bashing LaVine's defense ... but something tells us Zach's got bigger fish to fry.


J.R. Smith Surrenders to NYPD Charged with Criminal Mischief

8/31/2018 8:16 AM PDT

NBA star J.R. Smith has turned himself into police in New York -- and has been charged with a crime -- stemming from a July incident where he allegedly threw a cell phone, TMZ Sports has learned. 

TMZ Sports broke the story ... Smith was being investigated for allegedly stealing a cell phone from a person outside of The Park -- a hotspot in Chelsea. Officials believe Smith threw the phone into a nearby construction zone, damaging the item.

Now, we've learned Smith appeared at an NYPD station in Chelsea early Friday morning where he was charged with misdemeanor criminal mischief and issued a desk appearance ticket to appear in court at a later date.

We spoke with Smith's attorney, Alex Spiro, who tells us, "This is nonsense, and we aren't responding to nonsense. He was issued a ticket." 

Huge NBA Stars Hit NBA 2K19 Event ... We're Not Afraid!

8/30/2018 6:55 AM PDT
Breaking News

Ben Simmons, DeMarcus Cousins and Giannis Antetokounmpo were just SOME of the massive NBA stars refusing to be scared away from a video game event in NYC ... in the wake of the Florida tragedy. 

The NBA stars -- along with rapper Travis Scott -- hit up the NBA 2K19 launch event at the Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse in NYC on Wednesday night ... partying the night away while gaming it up. 

The party went down less than a week after a disturbed gamer opened fire at a Madden tournament in Jacksonville, killing 2 people and injuring 11 more. 

Several tournaments have either been canceled or postponed since the shooting -- but the NBA 2K19 event decided to move forward as planned. 

It's a good thing too -- everyone seemed to have a great time without incident. 

Just another reminder ... video games are supposed to be fun. 

LeBron James 'Wasn't F**king With White People' ... Until I Gave Them A Chance

8/29/2018 8:39 AM PDT
Breaking News

LeBron James says white people were an acquired taste for him ... because he didn't always feel like he wanted to be around them.

James' conversation show, "The Shop," premiered on HBO Tuesday night and, while flanked with stars like Jon Stewart, Odell Beckham Jr. and Vince Staples, LBJ talked about life at his mostly white, exclusive, private school in Akron, Ohio.

LeBron candidly admits that when he first got to Akron's St. Vincent-St. Mary, he had no intention of communicating or befriending his caucasian classmates.

"Took me a while to adjust to it ... I was like, I'm not f*cking with white people, that was my initial thought to white America."

James explains where these ideas came from ... telling the guys his upbringing conditioned him to be distrustful of white people, which represented oppression to him since he grew up disadvantaged.

Didn't take long for it to change ... Maverick Carter, James' business partner and bestie since high school, chimed in explaining that by the end of the year everyone was friends, hanging out and going to the same parties.

Bonus? James' white classmates even introduced him to something new ... THE PANTRY ... we know, but you gotta hear him talk about it.

Pau Gasol Ibiza Trip W/ Hot GF? ... Yeth!!

8/29/2018 6:36 AM PDT
Breaking News

Manu Ginobili might be retired ... but San Antonio Spurs star Pau Gasol's clearly still in his prime ... taking his insanely attractive GF out for a romantic trip to Ibiza ... and the pics are straight fire. 

38-year-old Pau is dating Cat McDonnell -- a former USC cheerleader who has a background working for a big-time finance company. They've been IG official since 2016.

The couple looked to be having a great time on Pau's home soil ... going on boat rides, cozy dinners and other mushy stuff.

And also, she looks absolutely INSANE in a bikini. 

Not like Pau can't afford to take amazing trips like this for the rest of his life -- he's currently in the middle of a 3-year, $48 MILLION contract with the Spurs. 

And get this ... career earning for Pau? $199 MILLION!!!!!

That's just about $34 million less than LeBron James has made through NBA contracts (though James has made a TON more in off-the-court deals). 

For comparison, Kobe Bryant reportedly made $323 MIL in NBA contract money. Manu Ginobili made $114 mil over 15 seasons.

So, what's the lesson here? Work on your jump shot, kids.  

Iggy Azalea I'm Not Dating Jimmy Butler!!

8/28/2018 6:19 AM PDT
Breaking News

Cancel your Jiggy Butzalea shirts -- they're not dating!

After Iggy Azalea was spotted with NBA star Jimmy Butler in Malibu over the weekend, some speculated the two were an item.

But, Iggy says that ain't it -- the two just happened to be "standing next to" each other in a restaurant parking lot.

"Can we please stop saying every man who is single you see me standing next to is someone I'm on a date with," Iggy said.

Iggy insist the two were simply having "normal in passing conversation" -- not finishing up a date, as the photo agency who shot the pics suggested.

So, bottom line. He's single. She's single.

Good luck!

Iggy Azalea Hangin' With Jimmy Butler

8/27/2018 8:39 AM PDT
Breaking News

Iggy Azalea had an interesting Sunday ... spending some time with NBA superstar Jimmy Butler in Malibu. 

Soooooooooo ... was this a date???

The photographer certainly believes it was -- saying the two left a restaurant in Malibu together after dining together. 

Buuuuuut ... it's also ENTIRELY possible the two just happened to be leaving the same restaurant at the same time and were being cordial in the parking lot. 

The two seem to be each other's types -- he's a good lookin' NBA superstar. She's smokin' hot. 

But remember, Jimmy was recently out to lunch with ANOTHER really attractive lady -- India Love -- and when we asked if they were a "thing," Jimmy played the whole thing down. 

By the way, Love is an aspiring rapper who's been romantically linked to stars like The Game, Rick Ross and Drake. She's also got 3.7 million IG followers. 

There were rumors Iggy was dating Tyga after the two collaborated on a track earlier this year -- but Iggy recently said the two had a "platonic chemistry" ... kinda killing the whole romantic thing.

Nick Young New Arrest Video 'AM I RESISTING?!'

8/25/2018 8:55 AM PDT

UPDATE 8/26 -- TMZ Sports has obtained new video of the Nick Young arrest  in which the NBA star is screaming, "Am I resisting?!"

During the footage, Young is being taken into custody for refusing to cooperate with officers during a routine traffic stop late Friday night.

You can hear Young screaming out to nearby witnesses -- clearly upset. The witnesses don't seem to care with one man telling cops, "shoot him."

Ultimately, cops ignored the cries from both Young and the witnesses and put the NBA Star in their squad car. He was taken to a nearby station where he was booked.

So far, Young has yet to comment publicly on the incident.

NBA star Nick Young -- aka Swaggy P -- was arrested in Hollywood late Friday night after an incident during a traffic stop with police ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

Law enforcement sources tell us ... the former Golden State Warriors star was pulled over just before midnight for a routine traffic violation when something went wrong. 

We're told the 33-year-old refused to cooperate with the officers on scene, and so he was arrested for obstruction of justice.

One witness tells us ... cops took Young out of his vehicle and ordered him up against a wall where he was handcuffed and taken into custody.

He was taken to a nearby station where he was booked. We're told Young's vehicle was impounded. 

Unclear if he had any passengers inside. 

It's not Young's first issue with cops -- back in 2016, he was cited for bumping his music too loud while driving his car in Hollywood. At the time, Young claimed one of the officers heckled him about the Lakers having a crappy record. 

Young is a pretty famous dude outside NBA circles -- remember, he dated Iggy Azalea back in the day ... but she broke up with him when he knocked up his ex behind Iggy's back. 

Story developing ... 

NBA's Ben McLemore Kneeling NFL Players ... Not Representing America

8/26/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Ben McLemore has strong words for kneeling NFL players ... telling TMZ Sports they're not only disrespecting the nation -- but their message is getting lost in the controversy too!!

The Sacramento Kings guard opened up about the issue outside of Avenue in Hollywood ... saying he believes NFL players should follow the NBA's lead -- and stop kneeling during the anthem.

"You should always represent our nation," Ben says. "That's how I feel. I think you always should."

McLemore also says NBA players are fighting social injustice the right way ... and appears set to give a lengthy explanation on why -- but the dude gets yanked into his car by some friends!!

Next time, Ben. Next time.

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