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Lonzo Ball: I'm Cool with Isaiah Thomas ... No Hostility

2/16/2018 2:39 PM PST

Lonzo Ball tells TMZ Sports there's no animosity whatsoever with new Lakers teammate Isaiah Thomas -- despite the fact they might be competing for the same job.

Lonzo -- who was at a Big Baller Brand pop-up shop in L.A. -- is sidelined right now with a sprained MCL and Thomas is playing the point guard spot while he's out.

Thomas' agent has made it clear Isaiah is demanding a starting role -- meaning he won't surrender the job to Lonzo without a fight.

Could make for an awkward relationship ... but Lonzo says the two are "cool" and he's excited to play with the guy.

NBA's Timofey Mozgov Blows $1,300 On Gucci Fanny Pack

2/16/2018 10:19 AM PST

You know you've got WAY too much money when you drop $1,290 on a Gucci fanny pack -- just like Brooklyn Nets center Timofey Mozgov!!

Remember, the L.A. Lakers signed Mozgov to a $64 MILLION contract back in 2016 -- so, why the hell not blow some of that cash on a ridiculous, unnecessary fashion ... right, Timofey? 

We spotted the 7-footer rockin' The Rock's favorite '90s accessory at LAX on Thursday ... and later found out Gucci's flippin' 'em for almost $1.3k on their website!!

As you can see, it's technically sized to be a "belt bag" -- but not for a behemoth like Tim.

Still ... wonder what he keeps in there? 

FYI, that's a thousand-dollar Philipp Plein backpack he's got on, too. 

Tim also used to play for the Cleveland Cavs ... so we got his take on LeBron's new-look squad before he bounced (probably to Rodeo Drive).  


Nipsey Hussle Bros Down w/ James Harden ... You're an L.A. Legend!

2/16/2018 8:25 AM PST

You can tell James Harden was genuinely touched when Nipsey Hussle called him out in the middle of an L.A. street last night ... and bragged about his success right to our cameras. 

Hussle is an L.A. native -- loves the city -- and couldn't be more proud that Harden grew up here too. 

In fact, Hussle called out one of the schools Harden attended growing up -- Audubon Middle School -- which is located in the Crenshaw District, near several businesses Hussle owns. 

"The n**ga that broke the NBA records for the highest motherf**king contract ever went to Audubon," Hussle says proudly!

Hussle is referring to the $228 million deal Harden signed in 2017, the highest ever at the time. 

The video is just cool to watch ... 

LaVar Ball I'm Not Afraid of Lakers ... Or Magic Johnson

2/16/2018 6:17 AM PST

LaVar Ball is back in the U.S. -- and he's digging in his heels on his threats to the Lakers ... sign my other sons or I'm taking Lonzo Ball somewhere else. 

"Man, who don't want they sons to play all on the same team?" Ball told us in front of his reality TV show crew at LAX ... "Name one father who don't want they sons to play on the same team?"

We asked if Lonzo would REALLY leave if LaVar doesn't get his way -- he looked at the camera and said, "I'll let y'all figure that out."

When it came to Magic Johnson, LaVar tried to deflect -- but ultimately told us he's not afraid of the Lakers' President of Basketball Operations. 

The comments come in the wake of reports Magic was upset with LaVar over Ball's criticism of Lakers' head coach Luke Walton

In the end, Ball says he still believes Lonzo will be the NBA's Rookie of the Year and even gave us a mid-season grade for his son. 

Shocker -- it's an "A."

NBA's Festus Ezeli Stoked About 'Black Panther' Will Show the Real Africa

2/15/2018 4:25 PM PST

Nigerian NBA player Festus Ezeli says it's about damn time the REAL Africa was depicted on a movie screen, and tells TMZ Sports he's excited that Marvel's "Black Panther" will do just that.

We got Festus at LAX and asked him just how jammed up he was about a superhero movie set completely on his home continent, and that's when he told us how important the film is to him.

"It's great to have a movie that depicts the REAL Africa."

Ezeli goes on to tell us he's sick of the perception that Africa is a poor, backwards continent, and he thinks BP, and it's portrayal of the resource-rich, fictional nation of Wakanda, can change that perception.

"Africa is a very rich continent, and people don't know that. I think it's great we having a movie like that coming out."

WAKANDA FOREVER! (Go see it, and you'll understand).

LeBron James Racists Don't Care About My Money 'N-Word' Graffiti Was Proof

2/15/2018 12:22 PM PST

LeBron James is letting the world know the disgusting, racist words spray painted on his home in 2017 were no fluke ... 'cause despite all his money and fame, he's still a target for racists.

We broke the story ... LeBron's old Brentwood home (he's since bought a new place in the neighborhood) was defaced back in 2017, with someone tagging the home with the n-word while the family was away.

LBJ took a ride with Kevin Durant & Cari Champion for Champion's show, "Rolling With The Champion," and talked about the incident, saying it was a reminder his status doesn't insulate him from racists.

"I'm a black man with a bunch of money, and having a crib in Brentwood and having the word n***** spray painted over my gate, that lets you know I ain't too far removed."

You can hear the sincerity in LeBron's voice, and he spoke at length about the fact that he still feels like bigoted scumbags don't care about what you have, just what color you are.

"They will always try to figure out a way to let you know you're still beneath them."

Lonzo Ball Drops Emotional Tribute Rap Song ... About LaVar

2/15/2018 9:34 AM PST
Breaking News

Tupac had "Dear Mama." Kanye had "Hey Mama."

Lonzo Ball has "LaVar."

The Lakers rookie (and part-time rapper) just dropped his new mixtape, "Born 2 Ball" -- and it ends with a brand new heartfelt song called, "LaVar" ... a lyrical tribute to his father. 

During the 3 minutes and 15 second track, Lonzo calls out the haters and professes his love for his dad. 

Lonzo says his dad is one of the hardest working people he knows who's always had his back since day 1. He also shouts out the Big Baller Brand and mentions that LaVar has been busting his ass to make the brand blow up. 

He also says he doesn't get why so many people hate on BBB. 

Ball also shouts out his brothers -- saying they're all three "killers" on the court. 

To be honest, the track is pretty touching. 

There's more on the mixtape -- including a line where Lonzo calls out Nike saying, "Man, Nike couldn't pay us. Man, they really tried to play us."

Mavs ManiAACs Murder Sidewalk Dance Routine ... For All-Star Weekend

2/15/2018 8:25 AM PST


Prepare yourselves ... 'cause you are about to see the greatest all-male, big-belly-havin' dance troupe in all of professional sports BREAK IT THE HELL DOWN -- at the pick-up curb at LAX. 

Meet the Mavs ManiAACs ... the hip-hop dynamos who have been killing it at the Dallas Mavericks home games since 2002!!!

The guys -- Big Rob, Big B, Black Rhino, Juice and the rest of the gang -- are so excited to be in L.A. for All-Star Weekend, they broke us off with a little sample right on the sidewalk!

They busted out the beatbox. They slapped a little ass. They got downright funky. The whole thing is pretty awesome!!!!

Watch, enjoy, and remember ... YOU'VE BEEN SERVED!!!! 

Giannis Antetokounmpo Check Out My New Sex Bell 'I'm a Freak in the Sheets!'

2/15/2018 7:15 AM PST
Breaking News

Here's NBA superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo proving "Greek Freak" ain't just a nickname ... showing off his Valentine's Day present from his GF -- an on-demand oral sex bell!

And boy, is he happy about it.

"The Freak, he can be a freak on the court and on the sheets, you know what I'm saying?! WOO!!!" Antetokounmpo said.

Yeah, it's a gag gift (no pun intended) -- but we've never seen Giannis so pumped up about anything before! 

His GF, Mariah, wasn't a big fan of him showing off their new toy to all his fans -- especially the kids and her fam -- but we're pretty sure she'll get over it.

After all, no doubt Giannis used some of his $100 MILLION contract to hook her up, too.

Charles Barkley I Played One NBA Game Drunk As Hell ... Here's Why

2/15/2018 6:57 AM PST
Breaking News

Charles Barkley says there's one game in his NBA career he doesn't remember -- because he was SO drunk, it's a miracle he even got on the court. 

It all went down in the late '80s after Barkley had been told he was being traded from the Philadelphia 76ers to the Los Angeles Lakers. 

Chuck told "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" he was so happy to be getting out of Philly, he got "blasted" drunk around 11:30 AM that day ... shots, chugging, the whole deal. 

Problem is ... about 3 hours into the booze sesh, Chuck's agent called back and said the deal was off and he needed to be ready to play for Philly THAT NIGHT. 

What ensued, according to Barkley, was a mess. 

Barkley says it's the only time he ever played drunk -- but he played HUNGOVER a bunch of times.

BONUS: Chuck also talks about how many times he's smoked weed and why it's just not his thing. 

Lamar Odom I Wanna Play in BIG3 This Year ... to Honor Rasual Butler

2/15/2018 12:40 AM PST

Lamar Odom says his return to the court could happen this summer -- telling TMZ Sports he wants to play in Ice Cube's BIG3 league as a tribute to Rasual Butler.

Lamar and the BIG3 have been circling each other for months. We were told Odom spoke with league honchos about a comeback last August ... and Cube told us he was 100% down if L.O. got in shape.

Unclear if Lamar's heeding Cube's advice -- he was spotted drinking and partying a lot in 2017 -- but Odom seems serious about giving it a shot ... 'cause now that he can't play with Rasual, he wants to play for him.

FYI, Odom considered Butler -- who was killed in a car crash on Jan. 31 -- his best NBA friend. He was among the stars who attended his funeral over the weekend.

There's still no official word from the BIG3 on Lamar. Stay tuned ...

Dr. J Markelle Fultz Will Be Fine ... Here's Why

2/14/2018 2:10 PM PST

Great news, 76ers fans -- Dr. J's got faith Markelle Fultz is gonna fix his broke ass jump shot ... and he's telling TMZ Sports exactly why.

We got Julius touching down at LAX for All-Star week ... and the doctor gave his official diagnosis on why it looks like the #1 overall pick's been talent-zapped by The Monstars.

"Clearly it's some sort of physical thing that's causing him the problems that he's having, more than mental," Erving explained.

Essentially, Dr. J's saying Markelle's shoulder injury is to blame ... and the kid can get back to ballin' out with proper R&R.

FYI, there have been reports claiming Fultz's personal trainer is to blame for screwing with his jumper ... but no one really knows.

We still like the Monstars theory.

Blake Griffin Dumped Baby Mama 1 Week Before Wedding ... Over Prenup

2/14/2018 10:00 AM PST

Blake Griffin's ex, Brynn Cameron, claims the NBA star dumped her ONE WEEK before their wedding date because she wouldn't sign a prenup ... and then jetted to Vegas to party without her.

In her lawsuit, obtained by TMZ Sports, Brynn claims the NBA star made an oral agreement with her back in 2013 that she would quit her job to raise their kids so he could focus on getting a max NBA contract, worth more than $170 mil.

In exchange, Brynn says Griffin "promised explicitly that, whatever the future might hold, he would take care of [Cameron] financially and provide her a home for the rest of her life."

Brynn says she and Blake were slated to tie the knot in St. Barth's on July 28, 2017 -- but one month before the wedding, he demanded she sign a prenup.

Brynn shut him down -- claiming the prenup contradicted the oral agreement they made in 2013.

Blake then called off the wedding 1 week before the date -- and Blake sent a note to guests saying, "Brynn and I take this commitment to each other seriously and want to ensure it is done in the right way."

Instead, Brynn says ... Blake "immediately embarked on a high-profile affair with [Kendall Jenner]. The next weekend, on what would have been his wedding day, he was partying in Vegas."

Byrnn says she and Blake began couples therapy -- but he was still seeing Jenner on the side. 

It was then Brynn says Blake stopped paying her "full financial support commensurate with her lifestyle and her share of their joint property."

She's now suing Blake for palimony and she wants millions. 

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