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Al Jefferson NBA Ref Hotline Is Pointless 'Just A Bunch Of Complaining'

12/28/2016 7:32 AM PST

Any NBA player sneaking away to call the league's new hotline for bad officiating is WASTING HIS DAMN TIME ... that's according to NBA veteran Al Jefferson who calls the hotline "pointless."

The hotline was set up as part of the new CBA between the league and the players ... allowing a salty hooper to call up and single out specific refs on bad calls they made in previous games.

We got Jefferson -- a former All-NBA player -- in D.C. and asked him if he thinks the hotline will make one damn bit of difference in the way the games are called ... and guess what, he doesn't.

So put the phone down, DeMarcus Cousins.

Kris Jenner Runs Full-Court Pre$$ On Tristan Thompson

12/26/2016 8:45 AM PST
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It's clear Kris Jenner wants to keep Tristan Thompson around -- because she SMOTHERED Khloe's NBA star boyfriend in expensive Christmas gifts ... and he was all about it!

Kris personally hooked TT up with an unreleased Louis Vuitton bag (aka EXPENSIVE) along with a sick cigar ashtray. Khloe commented that Kris has already fallen in love with the guy (obviously).

But the piece de resistance ... the crazy expensive timepiece Khloe gave to the Cavs star -- a rose gold nautilus by Patek Philippe, which usually runs around $85,000!!!!!!!

One jeweler familiar with the watch told us, "Yeah, s**t ain't a game."

Yeah, this dude ain't going anywhere ... 


Vanessa Bryant No More NBA on Xmas WOOHOO!!!

12/26/2016 7:21 AM PST
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1226_vanessa_bryant_babies_first_christmas_twitterKobe Bryant has a NEW Christmas Day tradition -- one that doesn't involve basketball -- and it seems his wife, Vanessa, couldn't be more excited about it!

FYI, Kobe spent 16 of his last 20 Dec. 25ths playing in the NBA's Xmas day classic -- and became the #1 all-time Xmas day scorer with 395 total points.

But that was before he retired ... because this year it was all about his new baby, Bianka -- and Macaulay Culkin!

In fact, Vanessa seemed PUMPED about her new holiday plans when she posed about it on Instagram ... saying, "No more games on Christmas. 🏀 🎶"For the first time in forever..........."- (Princess Elsa voice)🎶❄️❄️❄️ #PeacefulHoliday #Christmas #FamilyTime 🎁🎅🏽🎄#HomeAlone2."

Kobe also posted, "Home watching a classic and realized this was my face 1 week ago when I realized I didn't have the NBA package LOL #mindblown."

Welcome to your new life, #24. 

Larsa Pippen Hey Scottie, Guess What? I'M STILL CRAZY HOT!!

12/22/2016 5:00 PM PST

1222_Lara-Pippen-Miami-Beach-splashLarsa Pippen is still dedicated to making sure everyone -- including her estranged husband, Scottie -- remembers that she's still crazy, silly fine ... and she's using some bikini pics to prove it.

Scottie's ex and (maybe) Future's current was down on the beach in Miami (sorry, Chicago) in a hot, hot bikini showing off the gifts that God and (maybe) science gave her.

You don't rap ... you don't play basketball ... and you're regretting it now ... us too.

NBA Star Joel Embiid 7 Foot Santa ... Hooks Up Philly Kids With Shopping Spree

12/22/2016 10:37 AM PST

Turns out Santas come in all shapes and sizes ... and sometimes they're really, really tall ... 'cause Sixers star Joel Embiid just laced some kids in Philly with $100 gift cards.

It was the team that copped the cards for 25 kids from the Boys & Girls Club in Camden, NJ ... but Joel was on hand to deliver them, and watch the tykes tear up a Modell's with Xmas glee.

The team also hooked the kids up with some Sixers gear ... and Joel posed for pics and signed a bunch of stuff for the kids.

Great work ... this is possibly the biggest win Philly's had all year.

Kobe Bryant MEET MY BABY ... She's Adorable!

12/21/2016 5:14 PM PST
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1221_kobe_bryants_new_daughter_instagramHere she is ... the newest member of the Mamba family! 

Vanessa Bryant just posted the very first pic of her new baby daughter, Bianka Bryant ... born December 5.

Mrs. Mamba added, "Kobe and I are beyond excited to welcome our newest baby girl, Bianka!!! #BabyBlessing #SweetBaby #AnotherAngel"

It's the couple's 3rd kid.



Charles Barkley I'll NEVER Apologize to Michael Jordan

12/21/2016 3:57 PM PST
Breaking News

Sorry, he ain't sorry. 

Charles Barkley says if Michael Jordan is still waiting for an apology ... he better not hold his breath.

The NBA legend appeared on 97.5 The Fanatic where he talked about the infamous beef with MJ -- which originated when Barkley publicly criticized the way Jordan was running the Charlotte Bobcats. 

Barkley's friend and "Inside the NBA" co-host Kenny Smith advised Charles to suck it up and apologize to Jordan ... but Sir Chuck makes it clear that ain't ever gonna happen. 

Matt Barnes Officially Divorced After Writing Huge Checks

12/21/2016 12:45 AM PST

1220-matt-barnes-gloria-govan-tear-tmz-01Matt Barnes is officially a single man ... and all it cost him was HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS ... TMZ Sports has learned.

Barnes and Gloria Govan broke up in 2014 after 1 year and 11 months as man and wife. They have twin boys together who were born back in 2008. 

Things were amicable between the two at first, but their relationship took a massive hit in 2015 when she rebounded with Matt's ex-teammate, Derek Fisher ... and y'know ... they fought.

Now, we've obtained court docs that show Matt and Gloria are officially divorced -- and they've both agreed on child and spousal support.

For the kids, Matt paid $5,000 per son per month in child support in 2016 ... but that number goes to $10k per kid per month moving forward until the kids are 18.

For Gloria, Matt paid her $20k per month in spousal support from Jan. 2016 to Dec. 2016, totaling $240,000. And that's it. No more spousal support from 2017 on.

One last thing -- Gloria and Matt had to go to co-parenting counseling with the hopes they will be able to get along moving forward ... whether Fisher is in the picture or not.

Craig Sager Immortalized By L.A. Street Artist ... Next To Stuart Scott

12/20/2016 4:57 PM PST

1220_craig-sager-sports-wm-graffitiCraig Sager's legacy just got the ultimate big up from a huge L.A. street artist ... being immortalized on some Tinseltown bricks right next to fellow Jimmy V award winner Stuart Scott.

The artist's name is Jonas Nevers ... who's done art of other sports figures like Vin Scully, Kobe Bryant, and Magic Johnson ... but  made headlines for his Stuart Scott piece last year.

We're told the Sager art -- painted on the brick wall of Melody Bar & Grill -- was finished just moments ago ... and the decision to put him next to Scott was made to honor two iconic voices that cancer took too soon.

Pure awesome ... R.I.P. Craig Sager.


Lamar Odom An Attempted Murderer Inspired Me to Save Myself

12/18/2016 12:50 AM PST

1216-lamar-odom-visiting-his-friend-in-jail-wm-2Lamar Odom was inspired to turn his life around by a prisoner serving hard time for attempted murder.

The former NBA star flew to Delaware back in Sept. to visit childhood friend William Gregory, who's serving a 26 year sentence.

Lamar and William chatted in the visitors' room for 45 minutes ... about Lamar's divorce from Khloe, the demise of his basketball career and the loneliness of losing his support system.

William, who's apparently discovered religion, went in hard on Lamar about the virtue of redemption, telling him the only way to find that road was to clean himself up.

We're told the chitchat inspired Lamar, who mulled it over and checked himself into rehab last week, around the time of his deceased son's birthday.


Ex-Knicks President Dave Checketts If The World Was At Stake Gimme Porzingis Over Carmelo

12/18/2016 12:35 AM PST

One shot for the fate of the world ... which New York Knick gets the ball?

That's the question we posed to Ex-Knicks President Dave Checketts ... and the answer is gonna raise a couple eyebrows up in the Big Apple for sure.

Checketts presided over the Knicks during the early '90's when Patrick Ewing was king ... so we asked the same question the locker room is asking ... who's king now, Melo or KP (sorry, Derek)?

Melo prolly gon' cry in the car.

Kenny Smith Craig Sager Gave Us A Funeral Dress Code ... 'Be Colorful'

12/17/2016 12:45 AM PST

Kenny Smith says his good friend, Craig Sager, gave him marching orders for his funeral in case he lost his battle with cancer ... wanting anyone who showed up to dress as colorful as Sager did.

We talked to Kenny ... who worked with Craig for years as part of the TNT basketball crew ... and asked him if there was any specific way Sager wanted the crowd to look at his homegoing.

"He told us to dress loudly."

Of course, Sager was known for his crazy suit game (and his professionalism and dignity), so the fact that he wanted his service to look a little lively is no surprise at all.

You gotta hear Kenny talk about it though ... clear how much love he had for the guy.


Krayzie Bone Cavs Gotta Stop Resting LeBron It's Not Fair To The Fans!!

12/17/2016 12:25 AM PST

Memphis Grizzlies fans were PISSED when the Cleveland Cavaliers decided to sit their Big 3 earlier this week ... and Krayzie Bone doesn't blame 'em one bit.

LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love took the night off in the Cavs' 93-85 loss to the Grizz ... and the Bone Thugs-N-Harmony member is siding with the fans on this one, despite his love for The Land.

K.B. shares the reception he'd get if he tried to pull the same thing at one of his concerts ... and he's definitely got a point.

Get it together, LeBron ... we're not even at tha Crossroads of the season yet (we had to).

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