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NBA's Cliff Robinson I Suffered Brain Hemorrhage ... But I'm Getting Better

3/14/2017 11:51 AM PDT
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0314-cliff-robinson-GETTY-1Ex-NBA star Cliff Robinson has finally revealed the medical condition that left him hospitalized in Oregon ... saying he suffered a brain hemorrhage, but he's on the mend. 

The 50-year-old former Portland Trail Blazers star was hospitalized on March 8 and is still receiving treatment at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center ... but he just released an update on his condition.

"I had an unfortunate incident with a minor brain hemorrhage which means I’ll be in rehabilitation for a while. But I’m excited about trying to get past this speed bump. I’m improving every day."

He added, "I want Trail Blazers fans and friends to know I’m doing well and in the process of getting better. My family and I appreciate the prayers and well-wishes for my recovery."

Le'Veon Bell Calls B.S. On Lavar Ball Michael Jordan Would WRECK You!

3/14/2017 9:51 AM PDT
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0314_leveon_bell_Lavar-Ball_tmz_compositeLe'Veon Bell says Lavar Ball is OUT OF HIS DAMN MIND for saying he could've beaten Michael Jordan 1-on-1 back in the day ... and brought out stats to make his point. 

Ball -- who played college hoops at Washington State and Cal State L.A. -- has been making headlines (again) after saying, "Back in my heyday, I would kill Michael Jordan 1-on-1."

Le'Veon ain't havin' it. 

"lol man, Lavar Ball really will say anything for youu can beat Michael Jordan 1 on 1 in both y'all primes man?! 😩😂 I'm done."

"Lavar Ball, you have to understand you averaged a whole 2 points per game at Washington State...youu know damn well Jordan would TORCH you!"

"Lavar Ball, in '88 when youu averaged that whole 2 points a game at Washington St, Michael Jordan averaged 35 a game with the Chicago Bulls."

Think Bell's reality check will stop Lavar from speaking his mind? Yeah, neither do we. 


Dennis Rodman Street Performing In Vegas

3/14/2017 6:39 AM PDT

Dennis Rodman put in WORK on the streets of Vegas Monday night ... teaming up with a bucket drummer outside Planet Hollywood ... and the people loved it!

We're told it all went down around 10 PM ... when Rodman was walking around the strip and saw the dude murdering the bucket drums.

Rodman grabbed the mic and busted out James Brown's "Get On Up" ... and it wasn't bad.

Shout-out to the guy in the background trying to put down one of those giant slushy drinks from Fat Tuesday. Enjoy the hangover, pal.

Shaq Freestylin' Behind the Scenes ... At 'Inside the NBA'

3/13/2017 9:41 AM PDT

How does Shaq get amped up for "Inside the NBA"? ... He freestyle raps about his co-workers!

The Diesel was spittin' bars over Mobb Deep's "Shook Ones Part II" beat as he walked through the TNT offices before a show.

Shaq rapped about everyone he encountered ... including Kenny Smith and a guy he calls "The Light-Skinned Jermaine."

Barkley was nowhere to be found ...

Biggie Smalls Honored At Brooklyn Nets Game ... Diddy Holds Court

3/13/2017 6:59 AM PDT


The Notorious B.I.G. got his very own banner at the Barclays Center during the Brooklyn Nets' "Biggie Night" ... and Diddy, Lil Kim and Biggie's family showed up to witness the honor in person.

Instead of a moment of silence, Diddy asked for 10 seconds of "Brooklyn Noise" to commemorate the 20th anniversary of his friend's death.

Faith Evans, Voletta Wallace -- along with Biggie's daughter and son -- were there. Ice Cube, Charles Oakley, Offset from Migos and his GF, Cardi B, and A$AP Ferg were also in the crowd.

By the way, Sunday night's game was the 1st home game the Nets have won in 2017.

Might wanna do Biggie Night every night ... or play the Knicks.

Joel Embiid to Rihanna 'I Love You ... Hit Me Up'

3/13/2017 6:10 AM PDT

Joel Embiid is taking ANOTHER shot at his celebrity crush -- this time, professing his love in a video message to Rihanna ... "I love you."

Embiid's been after Rihanna for a while ... ever since she allegedly shot him down in 2014 and told him to come back when he's an All-Star.

Well, he killed it this season and could win Rookie Of the Year ... and clearly, he's got the confidence to double down on his efforts to court the pop star.

Still, Embiid's staying humble ... and told our photog, it's his 76ers teammate, Dario Saric, who should get R.O.Y. 

Lindsay Kay Hayward I Thought of Shaq During My Ambulance Ride

3/11/2017 1:46 PM PST

Lindsay Kay Hayward had one specific person in mind during her ambulance ride to the hospital after a health scare ... fellow giant Shaquille O'Neal!

We got the "My Giant Life" star and 6'9" pro wrestler Friday in Vegas after she was hospitalized last week -- for what she thought was a blood clot in her lung -- and she's got a funny way of remembering her time on the stretcher.

Good to see Shaq helped Lindsay stay positive in what could have been a serious problem. Big folks gotta stick together ... in sickness and in health. 


Jim Calhoun I Spoke with Cliff Robinson 'He's Resting & Recovering'

3/10/2017 7:58 AM PST

Finally, some news on the health of ex-NBA star Cliff Robinson -- and it's good -- courtesy of Cliff's former college basketball coach Jim Calhoun

We spoke with the former UConn coach who tells us he spoke with Robinson yesterday ... following a medical emergency in Portland earlier this week that left him hospitalized. 

Information on Robinson's health has been minimal -- but Calhoun tells TMZ Sports he's confident the 50-year-old is on the road to recovery. 

"He's resting and recovering," Calhoun said ... "But he had something sitting on the couch, something happened to him medically. They're working on that now. Yesterday he was on the improvement side, which is great news."

Calhoun wouldn't reveal specifics about what caused Robinson's condition but says, "Very simply, he had a situation that came out of nowhere. For a young man, very unusual."

We asked if the prognosis was good ... he replied, "Yes, it is. But like I said, what he had was very unusual for a young guy."

Get well soon, Cliff. 

Steph Curry Busts Out Dance Moves, Toilet Paper ... Best Roommate Ever

3/10/2017 7:30 AM PST

Steph Curry's in a rap video now ... dancing, high-fiving, seasoning food and swapping out toilet paper.

Why? Cause money.

Curry hooked up with YouTube superstar/actor King Bach for a "dream roommate" commercial for those Brita water filters. It's kinda funny.

Steph seems like a lot of fun to have around ... but we all know who he REALLY wants to hang with these days ... Kevin Durant.

DeMarcus Cousins Fined $50,000 for Cussing Out Fans

3/9/2017 11:14 AM PST
Breaking News

0309-demarcus-cousins-getty-2DeMarcus Cousins lost his cool ... twice ... and it cost him.

The NBA has fined the New Orleans Pelicans star $50,000 after footage surfaced showing him telling a fan to "suck my d**k" during Sunday night's game against the Lakers.

The league also references an incident where he told a heckler the following night to "sit your fat ass down."

On both occasions, Cousins was being heckled by rival fans. Both were away games.

Don't cry too much for DeMarcus ... he's making $16.9 MILLION this season.


David Hasselhoff German Props to Dirk Nowitzki ... Let's Duet Together!

3/9/2017 8:47 AM PST

Germans love David Hasselhoff. And David Hasselhoff loves Germans ... especially Dirk Nowitzki.

The Hollywood legend was PUMPED his favorite NBA star scored 30,000 career points this week -- and gave the 38-year-old a little German message to congratulate him! 

By the way, Hoff says he loved when Dirk covered his famous song, "Looking for Freedom" a few years ago ... and says it's about time they got together for a duet! 

DO IT, DIRK!!!!!

NBA's Cliff Robinson Hospitalized In Portland

3/8/2017 3:41 PM PST
Breaking News

0308-cliff-robinson-gettyFormer NBA star Cliff Robinson has been hospitalized in Oregon ... this according to the former All-Star forward's family.

50-year-old Robinson is currently at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland, although no further details about what caused the hospital stay were made available.

Cliff played for five different NBA teams, but was a star for the Portland Trailblazers in the early to mid 1990's, where he was an All-Star and a defensive standout.

He later opened a marijuana shop called Uncle Spliffy.

Story developing ... 

NBA's Ty Lawson Tested Positive for Booze 3 Times ... Officials Say

3/8/2017 9:43 AM PST

0308-ty-lawson-tmzTy Lawson broke the terms of his probation by testing positive for alcohol THREE TIMES over the past 7 months ... this according to court docs obtained by TMZ Sports.

As we previously reported, the Sacramento Kings star is on probation stemming from his 2015 drunk driving case in Denver ... and part of the terms required Lawson to stay completely sober and submit to alcohol testing. 

But officials say Lawson tested positive for booze on 9/27, 9/29 and 2/7.

FYI, the Kings had the day off on 2/7 in between two home games.

Lawson spoke with reporters at Kings Media Day on Sept. 26 ... giving interviews about his troubled past, including the drunk driving arrest ... and vowing to move forward.

The next day, officials say he tested positive for booze.

Officials want the judge to revoke Lawson's probation and subject him to harsher punishment -- which includes jail time.

A court date has been set for March 22 -- the same day the Kings play the Bucks -- and if he doesn't show, a warrant will be issued for his arrest.

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