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Jack Osbourne's Baby Princess Of F**king Darkness

10/4/2013 5:00 AM PDT

Here's Jack Osbourne's baby daughter Pearl on the left ... and the kid's grandfather on the right.

Neither one of them can form a complete sentence.

We're just sayin' ...


9/19/2013 1:30 PM PDT
Kanye West went full "Spaceballs" in Paris today ... sporting an outfit that was an obvious homage to the evil and maniacal Dark Helmet.

Let's face it ... the villain (we mean DH) has a lot in common with the rapper.

Mr. Helmet prefers to be called Lord ... Kanye goes by Yeezus -- and, of course, they both share a fondness for crushing anyone who crosses and/or talks to them.

Just sayin' ...

Anyway ... "May the Schwartz be with you."


9/18/2013 12:15 AM PDT
Here's 70-year-old "Starsky and Hutch" actor Paul Michael Glaser donning a silver beard and shut-in inspired swag in London this week (left) -- while 62-year-old "Mork and Mindy" actor Robin Williams was photographed in New York City with the same fuzzy look back in 2011 (right).


We're just sayin'.

Wintour's Bangin' Look WHAT ABOUT BOB?

9/12/2013 1:30 AM PDT
With New York Fashion Week coming to a close, we're reminded of the one looks that's endured for years -- Anna Wintour's bob.

In fact, it's such an iconic look ... we'd figured we'd try it on a few other famous people.


Kendall Jenner 53 DAYS

9/11/2013 5:10 PM PDT
Until she turns 18.

Not that we're counting.

Alicia Keys' New Look is Dumb... and Dumber

9/1/2013 12:35 AM PDT
Here's 14-time-Grammy-winner Alicia Keys' (32) bowling over a crowd during her performance on a morning show earlier this week (left) -- and Jim Carrey's character Lloyd Christmas in the 1994 classic comedy 'Dumb and Dumber' (right).

"Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?"

We're just sayin'.

Cate Blanchett WHAT A CATCH!

8/31/2013 12:20 AM PDT
Here's 44-year-old "The Life Aquatic" star Cate Blanchett at her movie premiere in Paris earlier this week (left) -- and an old scrap of fishing net filled with sea debris (right).

What knot to wear.

We're just sayin'.

Reese Witherspoon Inspired by Walter White's 'Breaking Bad' Arrest

8/26/2013 12:00 AM PDT
Breaking Bad

This is just beyond ... but turns out Reese Witherspoon's rant during her Atlanta arrest could have been an audition for "Breaking Bad" -- because it's a damn good imitation of a scene where Walter White gets busted.

Way back in Season 3 ... Bryan Cranston's meth-cooking chem teacher character got pulled over for a shattered windshield, and went off on the officer saying ... "This is America and I have rights," and ... "Pepper spray the man who's expressing his opinion under the 1st Amendment!!"

Sound familiar?

Watch the 'BB' scene and Reese's infamous verbal eruption where, for starters, she said, "I'm allowed to stand on American ground and ask any question I want to ask."

Coincidence? Or maybe Reese saw the episode shortly before her run-in with Johnny Law?

At least she avoided the pepper spray ... which would have been "beyond."

Miley Cyrus Goes Bananas In Big Apple

8/24/2013 12:41 AM PDT

Miley Cyrus hit the streets of NYC yesterday ... on some sort of fruitless search. 

BTW ... we think she looks hot ... ripe for the pickin'.

Ben Affleck vs. George Clooney WHO'D YOU RATHER?

8/23/2013 8:55 AM PDT
It's a battle of the most-hated Batmans!

Here's the newly-named caped crusader Ben Affleck (41) with his best Bruce Wayne inspired tuxedo (left) -- and the previously titled worst-winged avenger George Clooney (52) in the same penguin suit (right).

The question is... 


8/18/2013 12:47 AM PDT
28-year-old "Speed Racer" star Emile Hirsch donned a denim jacket and perfectly quaffed hair curl at a West Hollywood party Thursday (left) -- while Jeff Conaway looked very similar in the same slick style as Kenickie in the 1978 musical "Grease" (right).


We're just sayin'.

Beyonce New Hair I Look Like Tori Spelling Now

8/16/2013 7:35 AM PDT
Here's a photo of Beyonce -- sporting either a wig or extensions -- looking like she's ready for a cameo on "90210."


Paula Deen's Husband WE'RE NOT BIGOTS Now Gimme Chick-fil-A

8/15/2013 8:05 AM PDT

Less than two months after Paula Deen went on TV and proclaimed that "everyone should be treated equal" ... her husband Michael Groover was seen walking out of a Chick-fil-A restaurant.

While they do have great food (really great food), is Chick-fil-A REALLY the best place for Paula's hubby to grab a meal ... in the wake of the chef's "I'm not a bigot, please take me back America" campaign?

FYI -- it wasn't too long ago Paula appeared on TV and said, "I believe that every creature on this earth — every one of God's creatures — was created equal, no matter who you choose to go to bed at night with, no matter what church you go to pray. I believe that everyone should be treated equal and that's the way I was raised, and that's the way I live my life."

Just sayin' ...

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