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NOFX's Fat Mike I Detoxed But I'm Going Back to Drugs and Booze

5/29/2016 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0525_Fat-Mike_tmzNOFX frontman Fat Mike entered -- and quickly exited -- a detox facility this week.

Reports surfaced Monday that Mike entered rehab to get sober -- but sources close to him say that's only half true.

What really went down is Mike voluntarily checked into an L.A. facility to ween himself off a 2x daily Percocet habit after experiencing prolonged stomach pain -- docs treated, then released him 6 days later. 

We're told the punk legend says he has no intention to tone down the punkness. He's not sobering up ... it's just a "mini break" for the sake of his health ... then back to the drugs and booze.

Fat Mike's been open about his vices -- his band just released 'Hepatitis Bathtub,' a book about drug abuse.

Toronto Raptors Stars Hit Cleveland Casino Hours Before Blowout Loss

5/26/2016 9:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

0526-DeMarre-Carroll-Cory-Joseph-getty-02Talking about pressing your luck ...

Two Toronto Raptors players were spotted at a Cleveland casino -- AT 2 IN THE MORNING -- hours before they took the court against the Cavs in a pivotal Game 5, this according to the Toronto Sun

To make matters worse, DeMarre Carroll and Cory Joseph played like crap after the 8 PM tipoff -- with the two hitting a combined 3 of 12 shots for 8 points. 

The Raptors lost the game by 38 points ... leaving many wondering, what the hell were they thinking?!?!? 

Toronto head coach Dwane Casey played down the alleged casino run when asked about it after the game. "This isn’t why we lost ... This is the NBA, they’re grown men."

This ain't the first time NBA players got ROCKED following a late-night before a game. 

Earlier this year, a bunch of Milwaukee Bucks turnt up at an L.A. strip club ... hours before getting shellacked by the woeful Lakers.

Game 6 is Friday. 

Anyone up for some craps? 

Rick Fox Draymond's Kick Wasn't Intentional ... You Never Punt A Man's Junk

5/23/2016 1:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rick Fox doesn't think Draymond Green meant to go all Bruce Lee on Steven Adams' testicles ... saying ball kicking is one of the unwritten rules of the NBA you just don't break. 

Fox was at LAX when we asked him about the kick ... which might end up costing Dray a game in the playoffs if the NBA thinks he did it on purpose ... so the question is ... did he?

Check out the clip -- Fox says it didn't look intentional to him ... adding he doubts Dray meant to do it because there's a strict no groin kick code in the NBA.

Intentional or not ... you still need ice for that.

Wes Scantlin Cops On Lookout After No-Show In Court

5/20/2016 11:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0520-wes-scantlin-TMZ-01Wes Scantlin's gonna get that familiar feel of handcuffs again ... now that he's wanted for missing court.

Scantlin was scheduled to appear before a judge Friday, but neither the Puddle of Mudd singer nor his attorney showed up, so a warrant was issued for his arrest.

As we reported, Wes was busted in December for driving with an expired registration -- but cops said he also had a controlled substance.

Shouldn't take cops long to find him -- they've done it countless times before, just in the last year.

George Zimmerman Trayvon Gun Sold for Over $120K

5/18/2016 9:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0518-zimmerman-getty-02George Zimmerman's auction for the gun he used to kill Trayvon Martin has closed ... and the winning bid topped $120,000.

We're told roughly 7 verified users participated in the bidding war. Zimmerman has to verify the winner and his or her funds before the sale is finalized. The top bidder is anonymous at this point, due to the auction site's rules.

TMZ previously reported United Gun Group decided to pull the listing due to fake bids driving up the price. The site added a private email verification to sift out the fake bids.

There are reports the gun sold for $138k, but we're told that number is one of those fake bids.

Lamar Odom Courted Back to Nevada Brothel ... 'No Drugs This Time'

5/15/2016 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0512_dennis_hoff_lamar_odom_love_ranch_getty_tmzTalk about a shocking comeback attempt ... 

The man who owns the Nevada brothel where Lamar Odom overdosed last year says he wants L.O. back -- offering free women and booze ... but is adamant, absolutely NO DRUGS THIS TIME!! 

So, why would anyone think this is a good idea?  

We spoke with Love Ranch owner Dennis Hof who says sex and alcohol weren't Lamar's issues -- it was drugs. So as long as Lamar stays clean, why not go back to a place he enjoyed? 

Hof says he has a strict NO DRUGS policy at his place -- and thinks the companionship and some Remy Martin at the Love Ranch could be good for Lamar. 

"First night and 2 girls are on me," Hof said ... "plus all the Remy Martin you can drink." 

Hof says he will personally ensure L.O.'s privacy -- shutting down the security cams and collecting all phones. 

As for people who will be critical of his offer, Hof says -- "Don't forget, the people who work here are the one's who saved his life. We truly care about him."


Justin Bieber Doing Something in a Tree ... That's It, Really

5/11/2016 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

Boston has Justin Bieber going out on a limb ... and we have no idea why.

24 hours after declaring he doesn't want fans treating him like a "zoo animal" -- Justin climbed into a tree in the Boston Commons and started meditating or stretching ... or both. Hard to tell what the hell he's doing.

The fans who spotted Biebs-in-a-tree say they actually talked to him. Remember, Justin griped his fans weren't interacting with him ... so at least that happened.

Something definitely seems off with him lately, but maybe he's just trying to catch up with friends.


Eagles of Death Metal Gruesome Photos Ear Chewed Off During Concert

5/10/2016 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0510_eagles_fo_death_metal_ear_photos_launchAn unlucky Eagles of Death Metal fan got Mike Tyson'd, right in the middle of a concert.

A brawl erupted during Saturday's show at Toronto's Opera House, after a man bumped into the ear biter. The victim lost a chunk of his left ear, running from just above the lobe to the curvature.

The Toronto PD tells us the biter was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

A witness says a concertgoer picked up a piece of ear, put it on ice in the hope doctors could reattach it. We don't know if the surgery was successful.


Steve Aoki Animal Rights Group Goes Apes*** Chimps Don't Like Dress Up

5/10/2016 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0509-steve-aoki-tmzSteve Aoki's new music video borders on bestiality ... or at least chimp-on-woman love ... so claims a very angry animal rights group. 

The brouhaha is over Steve's vid, "Can't Go Home," where a chimpanzee goes bananas over a chick. The girl in the video parades her prize around in various outfits, including a silver chain and gym shorts. 

The North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance is outraged at Aoki and Adam Lambert, who's featured in the song.

NAPSA claims trained primates are poorly treated, often ripped away from their mothers at a very early age and put in training houses where they're abused. Once the entertainment projects are completed, the chimps are viewed as useless and left to psychologically suffer for the rest of their lives.

We reached out to Aoki ... so far no word back.

Minnie Driver Sued She's Blasting My House With Baby Food Jars Full of ...

5/9/2016 3:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0509_minnie_driver_tmz-2Minnie Driver's wreaking havoc on her neighbor by chucking baby food jars filled with black paint against his walls ... according to a new lawsuit.

In the docs, Daniel Perelmutter says Driver's made it impossible for him to finish construction on his home, and her obscenity-laced tirades are stressing him out -- a serious issue, since he says he's had a heart transplant.

Daniel's asking the court to remove the electronic gate he used to share with Minnie because she's cut off his access. He also says she's thrown construction materials on his property and blocked in his workers for up to 8 hours -- not to mention those baby food paint grenades.  

These 2 have been warring for years -- but now he wants a judge to stop her from blocking his construction.

50 Cent Family Wants $10k for Autism Bullying

5/4/2016 11:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0504_50cent_Andrew-Farrells_tmz-instagramThe family of the autistic teen 50 Cent bullied still wants the rapper to open up his wallet, but this time it's for a good cause and far less cash ... the family's attorney tells TMZ.

Attorney Matthew J. Hammer says Andrew Farrell and his family want 50 to cough up $10k for Autism Speaks, an autism advocacy group.

The donation is far less than the $1 million Andrew's stepdad was first eyeing.

We're told Andrew and his family received 50's signed, albeit short apology Tuesday via an email after news broke of Andrew's disabilities and were happy he said sorry.

As we reported, 50 got in Andrew's face at an airport accusing him of working while on drugs, when in fact he's autistic and is also afflicted by Asperger's.


50 has yet to answer back about the $10k donation.

'Sesame Street' No STD Worries For Bert & Ernie

5/3/2016 1:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0503_sesame_street_std_facebook-2"Sesame Street" is threatening a company for suggesting Bert and Ernie may have contracted STDs.

Mately, a company that makes at-home HIV/STD testing kits, used the BFFs in a new campaign aimed at sexual health awareness. Problem is, the 'Street' says nobody at Mately got an OK to use Bert and Ernie's likeness.

A spokesperson for Sesame Workshop tells TMZ, "The Mately ad is an unauthorized, unlicensed use of our characters. We will be contacting Mately and the appropriate parties with a cease and desist letter instructing them to take this down."

Mately got the message loud and clear -- it's removed all Bert and Ernie images from its site and says there was no intent to "tarnish the Sesame Street brand."

Sex keeps getting the famous roommies in trouble. A few years ago "Sesame Street" had to squash rumors about Bert and Ernie being gay. The 'Street' clarified ... they're puppets and don't have a sexual orientation.

This post was brought to you by the letters C and D (cease and desist).

NFL's Takeo Spikes Sexist Advice For NFL Rookies

4/30/2016 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ Sports brings you another edition of "He said it ... WE DIDN'T," this time starring ex-NFL star Takeo Spikes and his sage advice to incoming rookies.

Spikes played in the league for 13 seasons ... so when we saw him out in Chicago we asked how the new kids on the NFL block should act to impress (and survive) their veteran teammates.

Check out the clip ... and remember he said it ... not us. 

Shout out to Susan B. Anthony.

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