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Divorced since Valentines 04. Single mother of with Full Custody and ex partner of a dead beat father . He is more than 30 G behind . Survivors of domestic Violence. Volunteer with local School District and events for less advantaged and Humane Society. Animal lover . I particalurly love cats and birds as well as wild life such as Pandas and Tigers or Elephants . My heart more than anything is the children. I am simply a midagged Mother Goose and advocate for disabled and women's needs ,domestic violence advocate . I am for women taking the alpha and leading in our government.I am today focused on proamericanism (producing and buying American products) and choosing and marrying only american citizens for our mates . Though we need to follow our hearts . I personally married a south vietnames raised from age of 9 by an american G.I.with all of his siblings but honey there is still a big difference apparently . Needless to say I would not ever advise one to marry any one to marry anyone that is not an american born or raised from childhood citizen . Preferable only american born of your heritages and ethniticity after experiencing the cruelty of other which caused us a lot of our marital strife though by all means his own meaness and dishonesty and cheating caused the break of our marriage . More than anything I am for one marrying for real love not the purse or benefits . Its about the total person and happiness and safety that makes a relationship . Without friendship your relatioship cannot thrive . Keep in mind love at first site does happen. Angels do exist and every one has a right to personal likes and opinions. Children do learn even if disabled and adults can learn from children and disabled and we can all learn from each other world wide so please keep an open mind and be decent and good to each other. If you disrespect me I will delete you.You dont have to agree with me but you do have to respect me as an individual . Rude and leud I will not tolerate . I will not put up with control freaks nor domestic violence .I am a believer and I do not push religion nor will I put up with one that does . Religion is ones personal right and choice . I am more of a pro nonsmoking and nondrinking and agaist recreational drug usage . Though I believe for chronic pain relief do what one legally can do and it should be available. I am prolife believer but I think it is a woman's right to choose and its a safety issue both mentally and physically as well as long term emotionally . We need to put ourselves in that persons position before we pass judgement which all know is only God's right . Who are we to say how life lands us in mishaps and what is right for others . Rest assured I will always be myself regardless of what anyone thinks or says , I hate bullies ! So just know I will give my honest opinion though you can try to show me your view and maybe I may agree later or maybe n ot. But I will give that possibility. Please keep in mind to keep calm ,cool and respectful and lets respectfully share our views.Hugs and God Bless
too busy being a great Super MOM of 4 (2) @ of which are Autistic and Schizophrenic with ADHD . LOL getting in a bit of rest is my hobby . My girls are very bright and very busy academically with Quiz Bowls ,Honor Studies SPCA ,their school Choirs and Art Department ,Debate Team and Drama Club , as well as my eldest daughter and I volunteer in the community especially with with to help animals and homeless .We enjoy everything as a family . This includes my boys participation and my girls and I volunteering with the local special olympics and me volunteering in the school district and their school events and chrch events. There nothing I love more than children and helping the less advantaged help themselves but not let scammers get in more crime scores and pro stopping domestic violence . We are survivors of domestic violence.I suppose driveing the kkids to events and school or medical means I am MOM the Taxi DRiver LOL!I love finding decent great friends and interneting with them.Reading and working with children is awesome. I love taking scenic trips if we have funds. The best ever was cross country from Alaska through Canada to south Florida and back up the east coast to North United States then finishing summer through midwest down through to the middle of Mexico and back to Alaska.We experienced everything from the hoods to Brooklyn to Amish Country to to the reservations of our Native Americans . My heritage is Cherokee and Irish . I love exploring the cultures of all ntions and religions as well as fully enlightening us about our heritage . This includes Cherokee and Irish and for my children South Vietnamese.

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