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Incarcerated Flow Productions CrazyC

1174 days ago
About Me
-*You betta do ya research on me , lol u cant cuz its unexplanable how this shit comes to me. its god nigga , i dnt know bout jesus or da devil , but i know god is with me , the wraft is with me *- (Da Wyte 2Pac) Lifeless Immortal Music Group- 10/17/13 My journey started at 12 years old ! the journey was a big struggle for me an it was that way for a reason . It was that way to mold me into the true devine self that i am . " With struggle come GAIN "!! Better said -"Endure the Pain and Enjoy the Gain"- best way i can discribe my life is the rose tht grew from concrete . My name is Richard Carson Lewis i have two plp in one body the other me is Crazy - c da wyte 2pac . Crazy-c just for how crazy i was growing up , thts allwayz been my nikk name , if you look up my back ground criminal record it has crazy-c for one of my names lol , but Da wyte 2pac , i got tht name for how spiritual i am an how knowledge comes to me , young at 22 , but my knowledge an wisdom is on point .
gaining wisdom an knowledge in this corrupt world

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