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About Me
Ron Lang was born in Hollywood Florida, but raised in Harlem New York, the youngest of seven children. After serving eight years in the military and being honorable discharged he returned to his birthplace of Hollywood Florida, here is when he discovered big budget Hollywood films such as Police Academy 5, Let it Ride and Miami Vice TV series. Lang got the filmmaking bug to become a filmmaker after seeing the potential of South Florida’s growth in the motion picture industry, not just as a shooting location but also as a corporate growth of this billion-dollar industry. He also realized the potential of South Florida talent behind the scenes, as well as in front of the camera. Being a single father of four, Lang couldn’t afford to go to film school cause of his responsibility of providing for his family. He worked two jobs one as a Firefighter for The City of Tamarrac and the other as a DHL Courier. Despite the busy working hours schedule of providing for his family, Lang signed on with local talent agencies, both to gain additional income and to satisfy his growing interest in the motion picture industry. He took on jobs as an extra, using that experience to further his knowledge of behind-the-scenes of movie making. On the set of Police Academy 5 he happened upon a copy of the script and thought, “If they can make this screenplay into a movie, I can write a blockbuster”. Lang then decided to invest in his future by purchasing a word processor. This was the beginning of an exciting journey on the road to becoming a Filmmaker. Despite the fact that none of the top agencies in Los Angeles were interested in either Lang or his screenplays, he continued writing and networking, while still providing for his children. It wasn’t until being on the set of the movie “Any Given Sunday”, starring Al Pacino and Jamie Foxx is when he decided to take that journey to Hollywood California to represent South Florida as a Filmmaker. Lang started his networking strategy hours after landing on the west coast of Los Angeles and never looked back. Needless to say he represented South Florida well and brought South Florida the hit movie “All About the Benjamins”. A movie not only did he write but Executive produced. Since then Lang has worked and written assignment for Jamie Foxx, Mike Epps, R. Kelly, and Clifton Powell as well as many others. Lang has also been recognized and awarded by the IFP (Independent Film Project) of Miami for his prestigious achievement in the Motion Picture industry and also by the Miami Herald as a local Dreamer and Doer and a former Advisory Board member for the Miami Film and Entertainment Board. A job appointed by Commissioner Barbara Jordan. Some say you’re only as good as your last project. During a seven-year gap since All About The Benjamins, Lang has been doing what all-great visionary Artists do, creating a foundation of Hits. He has written five film projects “Rock The Cash Bar”, “Get Money”, “The Dreamers” , “The Council” and “Close Call”. Three of the projects will to be shot on location in South Florida the other two will have a location shoot where Lang spent most of his years growing up NYC. “Rock the Cash Bar” will be Lang’s directorial debut with some of Hollywood best talent and crew supporting him all the way. The film is schedule for Production in South Florida 2013.

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