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Guess Who This Dimpled Little Dude Turned Into!

12/5/2016 12:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1202_smiling_sweetie_launchBefore this smiling stud became an international superstar and had us fallin' in love with him, he was just another tot growing up in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Can you guess who he is?

Oakland Rave Fire Ex 'Ghost Ship' Worker Warned ... It Was Primed for Disaster

12/4/2016 4:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Oakland fire was 100% avoidable in the eyes of a woman who worked in the building ... and claims she warned the boss about safety dangers for years.

Danielle Bourdeaux volunteered at the so-called Oakland Ghost Ship art collective until 2015, and says she was friends with its director, Derick Ion, and his family. However, she paints a very vivid picture of "dangerous, disheveled" -- conditions she says she warned Ion about multiple times.

She believes Ion is a "hoarder" who blew off her concerns, and added ... that infamous cargo pallet stairway in the building was more like a "treehouse staircase." She revealed there was a more legit one, but explained why it wouldn't have helped first time visitors.

Bourdeaux says she left the collective after a falling out with Ion over his kids. Basically, she felt it was unsafe for them to live in the building, and she claims he disagreed.

We've reached out to Ion, but haven't heard back. Cops have not named any suspects, but say criminal charges are a possibility. They continue searching, and the death toll is now at least 33.


R. Kelly Fan Grabs Handful of Chestnuts During Christmas Concert

12/4/2016 1:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One R. Kelly fan definitely made Santa's naughty list when she got up close and personal with the singer's junk making it a very, very merry Christmas in the D ... Detroit, that is. 

Kelly kicked off his "12 Nights of Christmas" concert Friday night at the legendary Fox Theatre, but this is clearly not a holiday show for the kids. It's a much different take on "The Nutcracker."

Kelly's reaction to the grabby fan is priceless, considering he was kinda asking for it.


Oakland Rave Fire 'Ghost Ship' Concert Vid Shows Clutter, Tight Conditions

12/4/2016 9:21 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Oakland warehouse that went up in flames Friday night was a popular location for underground EDM shows ... and footage of a previous concert shows the set up was extremely claustrophobic.

The Obscura Machina show -- featuring several DJs -- went down in June at the art commune known as the Oakland Ghost Ship. You can see all the equipment and wires packed tightly into the "stage" area.

Antique musical instruments and lamps, mannequin parts and dozens of other tchotchkes are surrounding the DJ and the crowd. This show went off without a hitch, but the danger that was likely present Friday night is obvious.  

The death toll is now at least 24.


Sammy Hagar Old Cabo Wabo Co. Sues One Shot to Stop Using Our Name!!

12/4/2016 1:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1202-cabo-wabo-grill-tequila-gettySammy Hagar's gotta be pissed -- a Cabo Wabo restaurant that doesn't serve tequila sounds like a ripoff, and that's exactly what it is ... according to a lawsuit filed by Sammy's old brand.

Campari America -- which bought the rocker's chain of nightclubs, restaurants and tequila -- says 2 San Diego-based restaurants ripped off its trademark name to confuse customers looking for the real deal.

According to docs, both Cabo Wabo Grill and Cabo Wabo Grill 2 -- opened in 2010 and 2013 -- knowingly used the name's established popularity to attract patrons. What's worse, Campari says the joints don't have proper licences to serve liquor ... so they can't even sell Cabo Wabo tequila shots!

Campari is demanding the grill owners change the names and fork over some dough for damages. We reached out to the restaurant owners ... but no word back.

Sammy's not involved in the suit.

Blink 182's Mark Hoppus Oakland Tragedy Exposes Danger of Underground Music Scene

12/4/2016 8:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Oakland rave fire hit close to home for Blink 182 singer Mark Hoppus, who says he and his band are probably lucky they didn't suffer a similar tragedy.

Mark was at the Grove in L.A. Saturday night when we asked about his experience coming up in the underground music scene. He's played gigs in makeshift venues like the art commune in Oakland -- and admits fire safety just isn't top priority when you're an up and coming act.

Hindsight is 20/20, but after this tragedy ... Mark says the industry has to be better about policing itself.

In other news...

SCANDAL: Fans Are FURIOUS With Nicki Minaj For Making Fun of Mentally Ill Woman

Nicki Minaj just lost a TON of fans & has mental health advocates attacking her after mocking an ill Miami woman... YIKES!


Justin Bieber to Paps I'm Super Normal ... Namaste

12/4/2016 8:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber worked up a sweat in the boxing ring, and then got all zen on photogs waiting for him outside the gym.

Justin was dripping wet on his way out of Ten Goose Boxing -- the Van Nuys, CA gym where he's been sparring lately, and apparently picking up some wisdom.

He's lectured his fans recently about screaming during concerts, and he echoed that for the paparazzi ... begging them to understand he's just a "super normal" dude.

Bigger concern in this video? That's a LOT of sweat on those leather seats.



Oakland Rave Fire Commune Leader Whines About Losing Stuff ... Internet Lashing Out

12/4/2016 7:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

1204-derick-icon-oakland-fire-facebook-status-FACEBOOK-01The new wave of outrage in Oakland's tragic warehouse fire is against Derick Ion -- the guy who ran the art commune that turned into a death trap ... and TMZ has learned he's already had legal troubles.

Ion wrote a Facebook post saying the the fire -- which most likely killed more than 50 people -- has left him "standing now in poverty of self worth." He was grateful his wife and kids were safe, but his focus seemed to be mostly on losing stuff he "worked so hard for"... and now he's getting blasted.

Just a taste of the responses: "What a disgusting piece of s***!" ... "I hope you get charged with manslaughter" ... and "There is a special place in Hell for people like you!!!!!!!"

Ion organized the artists working in the building which was known as the Ghost Ship Collective.

We did some digging, and according to Alameda County court records ... Ion's currently on probation for receiving stolen property. He plead guilty to the misdemeanor in January, and got sentenced to 36 months probation. 

The sheriff's department has said criminal charges for the fire are possible, but no suspects have been named yet.


Hailey Baldwin Yacht Selfie Is a Swing and a Miss

12/4/2016 10:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1204-hailey-baldwin-yacht-booty-selfie-SPLASH-01Hailey Baldwin's cruising around Sydney Harbor with some of her model pals and, naturally, posing for selfies along the way.

We think she missed the best angle on this one. Just sayin' ... 


In other news...

Kylie Jenner Has MAJORLY Pissed Off Her Fans With This Holiday Tweet -- YIKES!

Controversy! Kylie Jenner's holiday tweet has come under fire by her fans who are FED UP with this...


Taylor Swift Alleged Butt Grabber Interview Disappears ... She Denies Strong-arming

12/4/2016 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

12001_David-Mueller_taylor_swift_tmz_twitterThe radio interview with the guy accused of grabbing Taylor Swift's ass was abruptly removed from the station's website -- and there are conflicting stories about who pulled the plug.

Former radio DJ David Mueller went on iHeart's "Mojo in the Morning" show Tuesday and gave his side of the story. It was the first time he had a chance to plead his innocence publicly. But sources connected to iHeart tell us the entire audio clip was deleted from Mojo's website at the demand of Taylor's people.

We're told soon after the interview was posted online, the 'Mojo' crew got a call from iHeart honchos to remove it ... in order to preserve the company's good relationship with Taylor. She regularly performs at iHeartRadio shows.

Our sources say no specific reason was given for why the honchos wanted it down, but it doesn't take a genius to figure it out. Mueller came off as a sympathetic figure as he explained his side of the infamous run-in with Taylor.

1110-taylor-swift-ass-grab-tmzAn iHeart spokesperson denies Taylor was involved. The rep did not provide any explanation for the Mueller clip's removal. Sources close to Taylor tell the same story -- it wasn't me. Ditto for Mueller's legal team.

Whoever wanted it killed has a problem though -- the interview's been recorded, so it lives on.

Bethenny Frankel Get It Together, Girls!

12/4/2016 8:57 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1204-bethenny-frankel-bikini-wardrobe-malfunction-SPLASH-01Here's Bethenny Frankel trying her best to relax poolside in Miami.

Bethenny to friend: Does this bikini make my boobs fall out?

Friend: Yes.

Bethenny: Perfect.


In other news...


You would NEVER guess this is Bella Hadid -- She looks SMOKIN' HOT with her new look and her hair!


Donald Trump Costume Partying with Superwoman (Shhh! It's Kellyanne Conway)

12/4/2016 7:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1204-kellyanne-conway-donald-trump-superwoman-TWITTER-01Kellyanne Conway lifted Donald Trump all the way to the White House, but there's one thing even Superwoman couldn't do -- get the Prez elect into a costume.

Trump's campaign manager slipped into a tight and leggy Super outfit herself for a "Heroes and Villains" bash thrown at Robert and Diana Mercer's family estate on Long Island Saturday night ... which Trump attended too. 

Tight as the Prez elect is with Conway and the Mercers -- their daughter Rebekah's on his transition team -- he wasn't down for playing dress up at the annual event for the super-rich. 

Other guests in costume included a Tonya Harding, a Cruella Deville and at least 3 Ruth Bader Ginsburgs ... according to Bloomberg.

Not a single Kryptonite-colored Hillary costume though. That would've killed. 


Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

12/4/2016 9:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

scramble_launchBehind this freaky face is a sexy supermodel ... put your skills to the test and see if you can guess the gorgeous gal hiding in this not-so-perfect pic.

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