TMZ Live: Beer Time with Prince Von A-Hole!!!

12/22/2010 5:12 PM PST

TMZ Live: Beer Time with Prince Von A-Hole!!!

Prince Von A-Hole was a riot today on TMZ Live -- pounding beer as he explained how he managed to glue his eye shut ... and fought back against the "A-hole" nickname we lovingly bestowed on him. Plus ... we answered all your burning questions.

He's officially the most hilarious guest ever -- TMZ Live was graced with the glorious presence of Prince Von A-Hole today, who described his recent eye-gluing accident in graphic detail ... while SLAMMING A BOTTLE OF BEER!!

And if that wasn't entertaining enough, we also took your questions on everything, including ...

-- Lindsay Lohan losing control in the Betty Ford assault case
-- Prince Von Anhalt's nickname
-- Lisa Marie Presley's Oprah interview about her marriage to Michael Jackson
-- George Lopez mayoral flip-flop
-- Tiger Woods and Rachel Uchitel invited to the same NYE Party ... at Donald Trump's place
-- Photos of Mel Gibson's baby daughter Lucia ... showing a mark on her chin
-- Hugh Jackman not suing Oprah over the zipline accident
-- ... and TMZ Fit Club's favorite soup!!!