Jillian Michaels Stolen Bentley Wreckage [PHOTOS]

7/8/2012 4:00 AM PDT

Jillian Michaels -- Stolen Bentley Wreckage [PHOTOS]

The moron suspected of stealing Jillian Michaels' Bentley crashed the car so hard ... he knocked a light pole completely off its foundation -- and TMZ has pics to immortalize his epic stupidity.

TMZ broke the story ... Jillian's home was burglarized Monday night/early Tuesday morning while the "Biggest Loser" trainer was sleeping. When she awoke, Jillian noticed several items in her house had gone missing ... including her Bentley.

Jillian filed a police report and hours later, cops spotted someone driving the stolen car. The driver took off and, being the dumbass he was, immediately crashed into a light pole. A second car was also banged up in the crash.

You can see in the pics -- the damage was pretty nasty all around.

As we reported, the driver was arrested on the scene for driving a stolen car -- and has since been charged with a laundry list of crimes ... including first-degree burglary with a person present, grand theft, grand theft auto, unlawful driving of a vehicle, evading an officer, and hit-and-run. He also was charged with two counts of resisting an officer.

The guy pled "not guilty" all around. He's due back in court in a couple weeks.