Arnold Schwarzenegger The Hot Blonde Dinner Date

2/25/2013 10:45 AM PST

Arnold Schwarzenegger -- The Hot Blonde Dinner Date

Looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger may have officially moved on from estranged wife Maria Shriver ... 'cause the former Governator was spotted having dinner with a hot mystery blonde in Santa Monica over the weekend.

Ahnold and the unidentified lady friend were all smiles as they dined alone at Babalu restaurant on trendy Montana Avenue.

Although Shriver filed for divorce in 2011, last month the former Governator told a German newspaper he was still in love with Maria and hoping to reconcile.

As we've been reporting, Arnold was trying to get Maria back for a long time, but our sources say months ago they both threw in the towel and all that's left is settling money stuff.  So the whole, "I'm in love with her and I want her back" thing doesn't really ring true.

FYI -- Arnold had a date with another hot woman back in July and they were making out in the restaurant.

Case closed.