Jake T. Austin Cops Plea In DUI Case

11/20/2013 2:24 PM PST

Jake T. Austin -- Cops a Plea in DUI Case


Victory ... ex-Disney star Jake T. Austin has escaped DUI charges stemming from his arrest last month ... but he's not completely off the hook.

Austin was popped for drunk driving in October just blocks from his devastating 4-car crash this week.

Austin was initially charged with two counts of DUI, but his lawyer, Jay Jaffe, got the two charges dismissed in exchange for a measly speeding charge ... to which Austin pled no contest.

Austin was subsequently sentenced to 24 months probation ... a pretty steep punishment for speeding, but at least he won't have a DUI on his record. Austin is also prohibited from driving with even a teensy-weensy amount of alcohol in his system. 

And get this ... the judge didn't utter a peep about the most recent accident.

One crash at a time ...