'Devils Ride' Star White Boi Shoots Sex Tape With 3 Chicks

12/30/2013 12:45 AM PST

'Devils Ride' Star Shoots Sex Tape With 3 Chicks


The star of the reality hit "The Devils Ride" is riding more than motorcycles ... because we've learned he banged 3 girls at once on video and the sex tape is now being shopped.

Chris Boultinghouse -- who goes by White Boi on the show -- is seen in all his glory ... doing 3 chicks as they're watching a sex tape featuring 3 other people. 

It appears the tape was shot on a budget, because at times one of the women is shooting with the camera in the apartment.

Several major porn companies are deciding whether they want to release it.   Based on what we saw ... we're guessing there will be no problem getting sign-offs from all involved.

Oh, another nice touch -- in the video you see a 24 ounce Pabst Blue Ribbon can in the background.

Cold beer and orgies.