Chris Kattan Lashes Out After DUI Stop Being Mean to Me!

2/10/2014 2:25 PM PST

Chris Kattan Lashes Out Over DUI Arrest -- Stop Being Mean to Me!

Chris Kattan expects that you can drive your car on the freeway, crash into a parked vehicle, come close to killing someone, get arrested for driving under the influence -- but it's reprehensible for reporters to call him out on it.

Chris just tweeted, "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it at all."

Kattan explains his arrest this way: "I just got back from a 15 hour flight after touring out of the country. I was exhausted. The police were so kind. I'm lucky nobody was hurt."

Our law enforcement sources say ... Kattan confessed to cops he was on Rx meds while driving erratically on the 101 Freeway, before striking a Dept. of Transportation vehicle that was inside a coned area.

Kattan also says he "passed all the tests" -- an odd comment, because he flunked the field sobriety test in spectacular fashion.

We'll stop on this one ... hard to find something nice to say about it.