Paris Hilton My Stalker Came Back He's Tatted Up with Me

2/10/2014 7:30 AM PST

Paris Hilton -- My Stalker Came Back -- He'sTatted Up With Me


Paris Hilton is freaked out over a German guy who flew to L.A., and made a beeline for her house --  and when cops arrested him, his body told a very scary love story.

Sources familiar with the incident tell TMZ ... the guy took a cab from LAX Thursday night and went right to Paris' house. He got to the guard gate and appeared "extremely drunk."

The man told the guard he was in love with Paris and had to see her.  He was turned away but came back the next day ... again, looking extremely wasted. 

This time guards called the cops and the guy was arrested for possession of coke.  When cops took a close look it was downright freaky -- the guy had tattoos of Paris all over him -- tattoos of her face, her full body and another angle with angel wings coming out of her back.

The guy is in custody.  We're told Paris will get a restraining order.