'Monster-in-Law' Arrest Woman Jailed For Overdue Video Rental

2/15/2014 9:20 AM PST

'Monster-in-Law' Arrest -- Woman JAILED For Overdue Video Rental

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An out-of-business video store in South Carolina just taught a former customer a very hard lesson -- DON'T BAIL ON RETURNING VIDEOS OR YOU'LL BE ARRESTED!!!!!

Kayla Finley was arrested Thursday when she visited the Pickens County Sheriff's Office on an unrelated matter ... and according to reports cops discovered she had a nearly 10-year-old warrant.

Turns out Kayla allegedly rented "Monster-in-Law" from Dalton Video in 2005 but never returned it ... so the store owner got the police involved before going out of business.

It's unclear when Dalton Video went out of business ... but cops say they've been trying to get in touch with her about the warrant for years and never heard back.

Kayla swore she never got a notice -- but was hauled off to jail anyway ... and released a few hours later on bond.

The charge she's facing: "failure to return rented video cassette."

Fun Fact: "Monster-in-Law" has a 16% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.