Sam Champion Doctors & Weathermen ... Hey, We're Doing the Best We Can

2/25/2014 6:30 AM PST

Sam Champion -- Doctors and Weathermen ... We're Just Doing the Best We Can


Sam Champion just put weathermen on par with doctors, because hey ... sometimes ya guess right, sometimes ya guess wrong.

The Weather Channel anchor was flashing leg this morning in NYC -- shorts WITH a puffy jacket -- when we asked him to defend his profession against critics who say they only get it right about 50% of the time.

Watch this clip for 2 great things: 
- Sam's bold comparison of meteorology to life-saving physicians
- Sam's offer to buy our camera guy a cup of coffee

It's pretty hysterical ... because that 2nd one just sparked rumors in NYC that our camera guy is dating Sam -- another pap actually shot them inside Starbucks.

Sorry guys ... Sam's married -- and our camera guy was just cold and desperate to warm up.