Jordan Belfort Creditor Hunts Him Down In Swank Cali Beach Pad

4/2/2014 12:45 AM PDT

Jordan Belfort Still Owes Money -- Creditor Hunts Down Wolf in Swank Cali Pad

Jordan Belfort's creditors are baffled that the real-life Wolf of Wall Street can still afford to live it up in a SoCal beachfront home -- despite owing nearly $100 million to his bilked investors -- and now, one New York creditor is calling BS ... chasing Jordan's ass down in California.

LR Credit previously obtained a judgment against Belfort in New York for $27,597 stemming from unpaid retail purchases Belfort made during his heyday -- but Belfort fled to ritzy Manhattan Beach, CA ... where he reportedly rents a $4 million mansion.

By moving to Cali, Belfort escaped LR Credit's judgment against him -- but only temporarily.

The collection agency just filed new legal docs to make their NY judgment enforceable in Cali ... meaning Belfort's back in its crosshairs.

With Belfort's ENDLESS list of other creditors, however, LR may have to wait in line.